8 Best Halloween Costumes For Toddlers To Wear 2019

8 Toddler Halloween Costumes To Turn Heads At The Halloween Parade

It’s true that toddlers are walking, talking miniature humans technically old enough to develop their own interests and form their own opinions. But until your child really understands the concept of a Halloween costume, shouldn’t you have control over what character they portray come October 31st? We think so. Remember, it could be one of the last years they’ll let you dress them in just about anything! So, here’s how shopping for a toddler Halloween costume will ultimately play out: Not cute enough for the ‘gram? Thank you, next.

Check out the following Halloween costumes for toddlers and we’re sure you and your little one can come to a compromise.

Amscan Little Lamb Costume



Mary’s little lamb might have fleece as white as snow, but Amscan’s little lamb costume has a tutu and pink booties, so is there any competition? With this toddler Halloween costume, yours will be the cutest in the herd. Not to mention the warmest trick-or-treater on the block, thanks to the frilly ensemble’s fuzzy hood attachment and pink tights.

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Rubie’s Deluxe Shark Romper Costume



For some reason unbeknownst to parents everywhere, Baby Shark is still bumpin’ through car radios, across television screens, and the voice boxes of Baby Shark toys everywhere. It’s understandable if your patience is wearing fin, but when your baby wants to be a singing shark for Halloween, what’s a mom to do? Compromise, that’s what. Rubie’s Deluxe Shark Romper Halloween costume for toddlers satisfies your kid’s craving for the franchise, and doesn’t make a peep — er, “do, do, do.” Speaking of do-do, this onesie was designed with diaper emergencies in mind. Just unsnap the crotch for a quick change amidst trick-or-treating, and they’ll be back on the candy trail in no time. 

Tonwhar Unisex Pikachu Onesie



Trick or treating with a toddler might sound disastrous, but they can’t get too far on those tiny legs. It especially won’t be a challenge to catch this little Pokemon; Tonwhar’s Unisex Pikachu bright yellow onesie doesn’t exactly blend in with a crowd. The jumpsuit is made of high-quality flannel, so don’t be too concerned if your little one looks a little sleepy after only scouring a block or so. Just cut celebrations short for a nap in the stroller — this toddler Halloween costume is practically pajamas anyway.

Rubie’s Paw Patrol Marshall Costume



Paw Patrol’s Marshall is on the case — the candy case, that is. Rubie’s toddler Halloween costume is an officially licensed Paw Patrol jumpsuit, complete with black-and-white Dalmatian print, fire hat with floppy ear attachments, and a red pup pack (perfect for extra candy storage when their trick-or-treat bag fills up). And unlike a real firefighter suit, Rubie’s costume is lightweight, so your little rescuer can run around with their pals with ease.

Spirit Halloween Cuddly Bear Costume



Even if you haven’t cuddled with a teddy bear in years, you won’t be able to resist stealing a squeeze or two from the toddler donning this costume. Spirit Halloween’s Cuddly Bear Costume for toddlers is so aw-dorable, with black, white, and red plaid bow and ears. Cozy for naps, and classic for photos, this is one Instagram-worthy ensemble your feed — er, child needs.  

Spirit Halloween Toddler Faux Fur Simba Costume



Your little lion cub probably isn’t ready to take the throne just yet, but if they aren’t up to stealing the monarchy, they’ll definitely be stealing people’s hearts in this Lion King Halloween costume for toddlers. Spirit Halloween’s Faux Fur Simba Costume is made up of one mighty jumpsuit, a 3D headpiece, and a waggly tail, to boot.

Party City Child Singing Mommy Shark Costume



We have no doubt that this is the Halloween costume for toddlers will be high in demand because let’s face it, these people know their customer (who, by the way, isn’t you). Bless your soul if you can stomach another “do, do, do” ear-worm, but also sending along a big “f*ck you” from the parents who have to hear your kid’s costume sounding from down the street. We hate you and your (clearly never-wavering) patience.

Pottery Barn Kids Woodland Deer Tutu Costume



Character costumes are cute and everything, but let’s not forget about the fantastical creatures kids can dress up as for Halloween. Pottery Barn Kids’ Woodland Deer Tutu Costume is extravagantly whimsical. Embellished with tulle, luxe faux-fur, a flower crown, and polka-dotted skirt, playing pretend has never been so magically chic.

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.