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Adorable UV Toddler Swimsuits You’ll Book Extra Swim Lessons Just to Use


Splish, splash, what’s more fun than taking a bath? Basically anything that allows your little one to wear one of the best toddler swimsuits to the beach, pool, or old-school lawn sprinkler. Our favorites were vetted for quality, style (aka cute factor), and some were even assessed for sun protection.

“When it comes to swimwear for your tots, coverage from the sun is a real concern,” spills Layne Cross, styling supervisor at Stitch Fix, which offers a selection of toddler swimsuits in their expert-curated fashion subscription boxes. “This season you’ll find that a lot of matching rash guard and bottom sets are on trend for both boys and girls. They’re a really great option for parents because they provide a bit of extra coverage from the sun, making this trend a practical one.”

Layne suggests bright colors, mini versions of popular adult swimwear trends, vibrant prints, and board shorts for toddlers deserving of front row NYFW seats. She also recommends doing your homework on the earmarks of quality, because it’s hard for flimsy suits to stand up to repeated wear, tear, chlorine, stains, and poop-related mishaps (yeah, those happen).

“Fully-lined swimsuits for girls are usually better quality. The lining acts as a reinforcement to prevent the suit from losing shape or stretching out. For boys, look for a comfortable waistband with a stretch along with a more substantial hand feel, which will sustain the wear and tear of the beach, lake, or pool all summer long.” Check out our top picks so your tot can be the queen or king of #Summer2019.

Tea Collection Girls Curl Toddler Swim Set

toddler swimsuits, Tea Collection Girls Curl Baby Swim Set


Say hi to sun protection with easy diaper and bathroom access. We can all agree the best toddler swimsuits offer both ‘gram-worthy style and easy bathroom access, because the time between one and three are basically all devoted to aiming for good toilet habits. Factually speaking, your offspring can’t make potty training a thing if they can’t get their bathing suit off in a reasonable amount of time and energy, so this Tea Collection number is a real problem-solver. Did we mention it’s super cute, too? It is.

Stonz Premium Rash Guard Toddler Sunsuit

toddler swimsuits, stonz rash guard


This gender-neutral number will last through your entire litter of kids. Whether you’ve got three kids of varying genders and styles, a set of boy-girl twins, or just one incredibly chic toddler, this Stonz Rash Guard offers UPF 50+ sun protection, runway-worthy coolness, and quality built to withstand years of use. It comes in a few other versatile colorways like aqua and red. Protective fabrics are some of the best sunscreens for kids with sensitive skin, too.

Free Country Space Dyed Halter Tankini Toddler Swim Set

toddler swimsuits, free country space dyed tankini set


Keeping bathing suit straps on shoulders shouldn’t be an energy drain, so save yourself energy all summer long by not yelling “your bathing suit is falling down again, Esme!” across the pool at your otherwise-perfect three-year-old daughter. Halter-style neck straps keep everything in the right place while generous tankini fabric feels appropriate enough for your mother’s social circle. Esme can pick which color she likes, but we’re partial to mermaid-worthy aqua.

Snapper Rock Boys Toddler Boardies

snapper rock boys boardies


Because you haven’t heard enough of the Baby Shark song yet. Is that song killing you slowly but surely? Of course, but it still works like a charm when it comes to getting your little one into clothes in a timely manner. Snapper Rock is known for their durable toddler swimsuits with built-in sun protection, and this piece comes in enough kid-friendly prints to keep him happy even if he changes favorite ferocious animals by the end of summer. (Seriously, it also comes in a crocodile print.)

Carter’s Girls’ Two-Piece Toddler Swimsuit

toddler swimsuits, carters two piece


We know “machine-washable” doesn’t sound that exciting, but when your kid covers their new swimsuit in cherry ice pop juice that doesn’t seem to come out with hand-washing alone, you’ll be grateful for this affordable suit beyond just how cute it is. It’s a budget-friendly favorite that comes in a color and print option to suit every little girl’s fancy.

NUNUNU Circle Collar Toddler One-Piece 

toddler swimsuits, nununu collar one piece


Because she’s your mini! If looking and acting like you is her favorite sport and she’s nearly professional level, she’ll live her best summer life looking exactly like you in this too-chic-to-speak NUNUNU one piece. It’s everything you’re looking for in your own one-piece swimsuit, but made in toddler size. You’re the best mom ever.

Lands’ End Boys Print Toddler Swim Trunks

toddler swimsuits, lands end boys magic print trunks


Nature is really in right now. (Yay!) It’s no secret nature-inspired prints are having a major moment in the sunshine, and these Lands’ End printed swim trunks for little boy certainly deliver and protect with UPF 50. A fully elastic waist band also helps keep changing and potty training a cinch, because nobody has time for re-lacing regular board shorts. The standard versions come in exciting rainbow, palm frond, and water-themed colorways, while the brand also has a “Magic” version that changes color when it hits the water. You can’t go wrong.

OshKosh B’Gosh Little Girls’ Toddler Two-Piece 

toddler swimsuits, oshkosh b'gosh anchor flip two piece


O.M.G. sequin flipping bathing suits finally exist! Your toddlers’ prayers have been answered, because one of the most wished-for toddler swimsuits (a flippable sequined two piece) in the history of everything ever is actually on the market and surprisingly affordable. You’ll love the patriotic colors blending seamlessly with your July decor, and she’ll be convinced she has the best mommy ever. She won’t be wrong.

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