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The Best Warm Tights That You Can Wear On The Coldest Days


Show off your gams this winter, but keep them warm, too!

Does tights season have to end with fall? Do we really have to pack away our favorite dresses and skirts when the last leaves fall and snow starts showing up in the forecast? No we do not! From wool to fleece, these leggings and tights will allow you to rock any outfit you want even through the coldest winter months, even if you have to walk or wait at the bus stop for your commute. And don’t worry: we’ve picked looks that are cute and fashionable and that will last way more than a few wears.

What did we look for in our winning warm winter tights? While being cozy and keeping out the wind topped our requirements, we also scoured the reviews for high quality, comfort, and lasting wear. On top of that, we definitely had to have leggings that looked lovely and didn’t just feel like you’re sporting long underwear or long johns. What we found was a big basketful of thermal tights, fleece tights, and lined leggings that will keep you toasty until spring.

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Our picks for the best warm tights

VERO MONTE Fleece Lined Tights

With over 4,000 positive ratings and Amazon’s seal of approval, these fleece lined tights are a time-tested crowd pleaser. These footed, opaque tights come in six different shades and don’t make your legs look bulkier even with their lining. And at about $20 a pair, they’re affordable, too. They come in two sizes and fit bodies up to 190 pounds—and their smooth outer surface makes them resistant to snags and ideal for slipping under pants.


MODNTOGA Fake Translucent Fleece Tights

What if you want to look like you’re wearing some sheer pantyhose, but actually you want to be all bundled up in a pair of cozy fleece-lined tights. These living, walking optical illusions look like they’re translucent but are actually opaque with skin-colored fleece on the inside. Brilliant! Even better, they’re priced to buy and come in a number of shades to go with multiple skin tones. They also come in both footed and stirrup styles, depending on whether you want your feet free or not. 


MeMoi Juneau Diamonds Sweater Tights

These warm tights are made for autumn and winter—and the argyle sweater pattern on them makes them look as cozy as they feel. A blend of cotton and polyester, these tights come in six pretty colors and three sizes, up to extra large. They’re affordable and durable and you can throw them in the washing machine—people who’ve bought them love how high they pull on the waist.


Leggings Depot Fleece Lined Leggings

If you want to pair your tights with warm socks—or if you just like your feet being free—we love this lined legging option from Leggings Depot. Not only are they lined with fleece, but they come in a huge variety of fun colors, including things like hunter green, royal blue, and bright red. These come in two sizes—one size fits most and plus size—and the price is right for buying multiple pairs.


AOMEI Fleece Lined Plus SIzed Tights

Warm tights mean nothing if they don’t fit right, especially if they’re too tight around the waist. These plus-size fleece lined tights come with all the warmth and style but without the pinching. These only come in black and nude, but they also have both foot and footless options, which we deeply appreciate.


CHRLEISURE Women's Winter Velvet Leggings

This is as warm as it gets. These footless leggings are thick with a velvet interior that gets rave reviews on Amazon for both fit and warmth. These are thick and solid enough to wear without much more coverage than a tunic or long sweater and they come in six different colors, including cranberry, grey, navy, and beige. They also sell in four-packs for a reduced price—in some cases you can get them for less than $10 a pair.


Berkshire Cozy Hose

We love these for their inclusive sizing, up to 4X, and their smooth, non-clingy fabric. They’re a little thinner/slimmer than some of the other tights on our lineup, but they still keep you warm and feel lighter on your legs. These footed options come in four colors, and they’re affordable enough that you might be able to talk yourself into a few pairs.


MeMoi Boston Ribbed Sweater Tights

If you’re looking for texture, we are all about these cotton, polyester, and spandex sweater tights, which are ribbed for a flattering and cute look in seven different colors, including black, white, heather, blue, and taupe. They’re thick and warm without being quite as thick as the fleece lined options—and the sweater look gives them a timeless, classic look. We also love the sizing that goes up to 2X.


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VERO MONTE Fleece Lined Tights
MODNTOGA Fake Translucent Fleece Tights
MeMoi Juneau Diamonds Sweater Tights
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CHRLEISURE Women's Winter Velvet Legging...
Berkshire Cozy Hose
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