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These Are The Best Gifts You Can Give The Wine Snob In Your Life

October 30, 2019 Updated March 4, 2021


We all have that person in our life who’s straight-up wine obsessed — the type who actually understands body and finish, is always on the hunt for a good tasting room, or is often planning a whole meal around vino. But of course, being a wine lover sometimes is as simple as always having some quality bottles on hand in the kitchen so you can enjoy a glass (or three, if you’re a mom) after, or during, a long day.

Indulge a wine lover with a gift tailored around their number one hobby: drinking lots and lots of good wine (no Two Buck Chuck sh*t). From glassware to wine subscriptions, here are eight useful gifts for any oenophile.

Riedel Veritas Pinot Noir Wine Glasses

Every wine lover deserves to sip their guilty pleasure out of high-quality glassware. The Riedel Veritas series is a machine-blown crystal glass collection that’s delicate and lightweight, but is also suited for daily use and dishwasher-safe. The glasses have different shapes that are specific to the varietal you’re drinking, allowing you to enjoy the best notes of the wine. In addition to this Old World Pinot Noir pair, there are glasses for New World Pinot Noir, Champagne, Cabernet/Merlot, Chardonnay, spirits, and more.

One reviewer said, “While in Oregon at Bryn Mawr Winery we had the opportunity to taste one of their Pinot Noir wines in a standard wine glass and then in this style wine glass. There was a major difference in the “nose” and the taste.. Bought a set for Christmas, used them twice so far. Very pleased. They are very eloquent and work very well, as expected.”


Winc Wine Club

The best way to discover what wines you like is to drink lots of different wines (obviously). Do some extra research with Winc, a personalized wine club offers a curated collection of over one hundred wines. You can shop based on your favorite varietal, or discover new bottles based on various categories such as organic, natural, sustainable, vegan, low sulfur, pairs with pizza, and more. As a Winc wine club member, you fill out a short palate profile to assess tastes and preferences, and every month, you’ll receive a shipment of recommended bottles straight to your door. You also have the option to skip a month (or Ship Now, if you need some bottles, stat), pick your own bottles, and rate the bottles you try to improve future recommendations.

One happy reviewer said, “It’s easy and convenient. The wine selection is amazing! I have been satisfied with every suggestion and selection!”


Coravin Model Two Premium Wine Preservation System

If you’re debating about whether or not you want to open an entire bottle of wine just to have one glass, debate no further. Insert the Coravin Wine Preservation System on top of your bottle (with the cork in), and then simply pour out a taste, a glass, or however much wine you feel like drinking at the time. Because the cork stays in the bottle, you can preserve the bottle until you’re ready to drink it again, whether that’s hours, weeks, or months, and the taste of the wine will be unspoiled. The system comes with two Coravin capsules, allowing you to pour 30 glasses of wine.

One reviewer said, “This is a good device for me because I am the only wine drinker in my household. I am not a wine aficionado or a character from the film “Sideways”, but I do enjoy and appreciate a good glass of wine at least two or three times a week, (especially with a meal). I can’t remember exactly how many partially full bottles of stale wine were dumped down my kitchen sink, but it was an awful lot. I just don’t drink all that much at a time, and often several days will pass between glasses. Even with the $20-$40 or so bottles that I normally buy, that is a lot of money poured down the drain. Of course the proprietary Coravin argon capsules cost $10 each which puts the cost of use at about $2.50 per bottle, but it is still cost effective even with a $20 or so bottle of wine. I find though that now that I own the Coravin, I feel the freedom to sometimes indulge in better, pricier wines without fear of them going to waste.”


Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

To enjoy a bottle of red wine to its fullest extent, it’s ideal to let your wine breathe. But let’s be honest, who wants to wait a half hour or more before enjoying a glass of wine after a stressful day of work and/or watching the kids? That’s where the Vinturi Wine Aerator comes in handy. The design draws in the right amount of air based on wine velocity and air pressure to let your wine breathe instantly.

One reviewer said, “Small and effective, this aerator is perfect for accelerating the drinkability of your heavier reds. The original model came with a synthetic velveteen pouch so you could enjoy a red with dinner without the time needed to decant or let it breathe. Because it’s made of glass, it doesn’t stain like the plastic one I bought. Small enough to sit in a drawer of your kitchen until needed. Two-handed operation is a bit of a drawback ( one to hold it, the other to pour the wine), but not onorously so. A useful addition to any oenophile’s toolkit.”


Snowfox Elegance Collection Insulated Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Love to drink a glass of wine outside but hate when your white wine gets warm? A real-deal wine snob would never add ice to her wine, but she will use insulated stainless steel glasses that look and feel like premium drinkware. These stemless glasses are lightweight and have a thin rim, but most importantly, will keep your wine chilled the entire time you’re drinking it. They’re also odorless and FDA food-grade compliant, and shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up broken glass if you accidentally drop one on the patio.

One reviewer said, “Guys, sparkling wine is my signature drink and I have to say: these are great. They keep your bubbly cooler than a standard flute and, while dentable, won’t shatter on the patio. Best of all- the thin rim is like high-quality crystal drinkware versus the other thick stainless steel drinkware around that feel like toddler sippy cups. So far, I’m super happy and semi-obsessed with the white/coppery color combo. I’ve already bought the Pinot Noir set as well, and I’m contemplating the beer glasses next.”


True Wine Wipes

One unfortunate consequence of being a red wine lover is having red wine stains on the teeth or mouth (aka tannin teeth or Malbec Mouth) — it’s not a good look. These True Wine Wipes were made to quickly remove them. The box comes with 12 single pack wipes, making it easy to grab one for a quick smile cleanup for yourself, toss a few in a purse or bag when you’re on-the-go, and/or share with your fellow wine drinkers at your next event. The wipes also have a mild orange blossom flavor that won’t interfere with the taste of your next sip of wine.

One happy reviewer said, “I LOVE THESE! I honest to God keep them in my purse, at my house and have given them as gifts to MULTIPLE people. No residue or aftertaste. Just a simple product that removes that “koolaid” mustache after a few Cabernets.”


Le Chateau Wine Decanter

A decanter helps aerate the wine as you pour it in and filters the wine as you pour it out. Plus, it’s an elegant way to display wine on the dinner table. This wine decanter is made from hand-blown lead-free crystal and holds your standard 750 ml wine bottle. The slanted spout makes it easy to pour without spills and drips, because while you might not cry over spilled milk, you may cry over spilled wine.

This one reviewer liked the product so much they bought two, saying, “I have purchased or seen other fancy wine decanters. Universally the greater the glassblowing artistry, the harder it is to clean them. These are so straightforward to clean and so functional at such a good price I wrote this review. I normally do not write any reviews. Others in our wine group were very interested in the aeration designed for a 750 ML bottle. The only thing I cannot review is their lifetime warranty. Frankly I hope to never provide a review on this benefit. Love them (bought two).”


HiCoup Waiters Corkscrew

There’s something classic and timeless about a waiter’s corkscrew — it’s an essential wine tool to keep in your drawers. This HiCoup stainless steel one durable to use to remove both natural and synthetic corks. It’s affordable and comes in a variety of wood or resin inlays, including mahogany wood, sandalwood, and moonstone. Simple and effective, it’s a 3-in-1 tool with a corkscrew, serrated foil cutter, and bottle opener.

One reviewer, who works in a wine bar, said, “First day using it was spectacular. The tool itself has the perfect weight. It really feels like you are holding something of quality and craftsmanship. With a nice finish on the wood and a comfortable grip, it works perfectly in a high paced work atmosphere. The double hinge is fast and strong with the first lip usually doing the job if I’m not being lazy. The serrated blade is the best! It cut through even the thickest necks of wine bottles and just *works*. The ‘worm’ is very cool, with an inline groove running along the corkscrew down to the point. i do not know what this feature is for but it makes my open bottles quickly and efficiently.

I would recommend this tool to anyone! I would not spend $35+ on another competitors corkscrew since this one works so well. I plan on owning this for a long time and since the company offers a lifetime warranty on the product, I don’t think I’ll ever need to replace it. Very happy with my purchase!”


hOmelabs 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Here’s a gift that all wine lovers would want to keep their growing bottle collection in the best possible conditions. This wine refrigerator is much simpler, smaller, and cheaper than building out an entire wine cellar. It measures 14.0 x 20.1 x 25.5 inches, so you can store it in the kitchen, dining room, or any other nook like a closet. It has five sturdy slide-out racks, magnetic door closure, runs quietly, and can hold up to 18 bottles. You can customize the fridge for either reds or whites (the range is 54°F – 66°F) to enjoy all your bottles at just the right temperature.

One reviewer said, “This cooler was the perfect five for my wino mother. She now has the perfect place to keep a selection of whites chilled near the dining room table. She has been in awe of its perfect compact size compared to the much larger coolers that seem to flood the market. Another big plus is how quite the cooler is, you don’t even hear that it’s there, great for those big family diners next to it. Overall she is very happy with this cooler which makes me very happy with my investment! Mom approved!”


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