These Black Friday Deals On Toys And Games Aren't Playing Around!

by Valerie Williams
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black friday toy deals

Like you, this story will get better with age. Keep checking back through Black Friday as we add even more great deals.

Listen, you’re going to buy toys no matter what you say. Those damned commercials remind kids of all the new items they *need* in their lives. Well, it’s Black Friday, which means at least the toys and games are on sale. A whole fleet of our favorite retailers have put their best children’s products on markdown — and there’s something on sale for every child, no matter their age or interests.

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Below, we’ve rounded up a list of the best Black Friday toy sales for 2019. From Frozen-themed toys to go along with last week’s release of Disney’s Frozen 2 (it’s going to be around a while, #sorry), to a hoverboard with LED wheels that light up, to majorly marked down gaming consoles.

These toys and games will make great gifts for the holidays or for upcoming birthdays. You may as well stock up on things they will love, even if they didn’t come direct from Santa’s workshop.

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30% OFF (was $49.99)

20% OFF (was $50)

40% OFF (was $148)

20% OFF (was $249)

20% OFF (was $25)

41% OFF (was $17)

40% OFF (was $250)

50% OFF (was $30)

26% OFF (was $23)

60% OFF (was $50)

46% OFF (was $329)

37% OFF (was $60)

47% OFF (was $417)

29% OFF (was $99)

42% OFF (was $130)

40% OFF (was $60)

41% OFF (was $110)

14% OFF (was $14)

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