10 Book Carts That Will Make Your Book Hoarding Super Cute And Organized

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Your inner librarian needs a book cart, and we’ve probably located the book cart of your dreams.

What is it about books on wheels? Why do we find them so romantic, charming and enviable? It probably stems from our youthful days at the library, watching the librarians roll up and down the aisles with their brown wooden and metal carts overflowing with stories and information. Not to mention: a cart of books perfectly holds a good TBR (to-be-read) collection, it can be moved around your house as needed, and it fits in the just a few square feet of room. They also add interest to a room that’s already got a few bookcases (we know you and we see you) Other pros? There are now way more affordable options than the original wooden and metal models, and they’re more stylist and colorful, too—some of our favorites come in, gold, white, pink, and robin’s egg blue.

Below, find our favorite picks, from super affordable plastic options to a few super heavy-duty traditional pieces that will bring you right back to the stacks of your youth. We’ve broken them into three categories for easy browsing: metal, wood, and plastic.

Best Metal Rolling Book Carts

Best Wooden Rolling Book Carts

Best Plastic Rolling Book Carts


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