8 Best Breastmilk Storage Bags 2021: Lansinoh, Medela, & More

Hassle-Free Breastmilk Storage Bags You Should Own, Because F*ck Crying Over Spilled Milk

October 20, 2020 Updated June 30, 2021

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Newsflash: Choosing the right breast milk storage bags can make life as a new mom just a little bit easier. While the task of pumping isn’t exactly pleasant, having the right equipment can make the process of extraction, feeding, storing, and cleaning slightly less tedious. In addition to a great breast pump, hands-free pumping bra, and baby bottle for your little one, you’ll want to have the right breastmilk storage freezer bags to preserve any extra milk. But not just any bag will do; the vessel holding your precious liquid gold should be durable, seal-able, and most importantly, safe — because yes, we mamas cry over spilled milk, considering how hard we work for it. 

And believe it or not, if you’re looking to pinpoint the best breastmilk bag option for your family, there’s more to consider than quality. Maybe you’d prefer to stick to trusted brands like Medela and Lansinoh, or perhaps staying on-budget is a top concern. If convenience is a factor, especially for pumping at work, there are bags that connect to your flange with the help of a handy little adapter. Then, there are multitasking, reusable containers that create less waste and can grow with your family. And the best part of all? All these options are available on Amazon, so your new favorite pumping product is just a few clicks away (and easy to re-order, again and again.)

We know you’re short on time, Mama, so we’ve done the research for you. Below, we’ve rounded up the best breastmilk storage bags on Amazon for your convenience and sanity.

Best Big Brand Breastmilk Storage Bags: Lansinoh & Medela

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags (100 count)

Ah, old trusty. You can’t go wrong with top breastfeeding brand Medela’s breast milk storage bags, and over 9,000 5-star reviewers would agree. These double-layer bags are made to be durable, and a wide base allows them to stand on their own, especially when filled. A zip closure makes sealing (and re-sealing) easy, and there’s a write-on area on the front where you can record the ounces and date. And, of course, the plastic is sterilized, food-grade, and BPA-free.

“I have purchased several breastmilk storage bags,” says top reviewer K. Johnson.  “I found that Medela bags are superior to the rest, the quality of the bag is high-quality and none of the other brands can compare. Overall, these are my absolute favorite breastmilk storage bags.”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags (100 count)

Another favorite among moms, these Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags have a whopping 22,000 reviews on Amazon with an average 4.6-star rating. They’re guaranteed “super strong” and include a double zipper and reinforced side seams. They also have a write-on panel, lie flat in the freezer, are made with safe materials, and come sterilized. But what really sets these bags apart is the unique shape of the top of the bags, which is designed to be used with the Lansinoh pump adapters on Lansinoh pumps. This allows moms to pump right into the bag, and you can buy a set of 50 plus two adaptors here (again, note that they only work with Lansinoh pumps, but you can buy universal adaptors, too).

“These are perfect for storing breast milk!” says buyer Shaelee Booth. “Easy storage, as they are the perfect size for stacking in any position. Also, great value as they are not as pricey as other brands but do a better job than some of those other brands.”

$13.88 AT AMAZON

Best Budget-Friendly Breastmilk Storage Bags

Dr. Brown's Breastmilk Storage Bags (100 count)

If you’re simply looking for breastmilk storage bags from a trusted brand that do the job at the right price, Dr. Brown has your product of choice.  Although there are no frills, they have all the features you want: a zip closure, thick-trim sides (“that cushions when dropped”), a base for upright standing, a tabbed top to write the date and amount, and of course, they’re sterilized and made with BPA-free materials.

“I LOVE these!” says 5-star reviewer Lbkorz. “I was using the Target or Lansinoh brand before stumbling upon these. They were slightly cheaper so I figured I would give them a shot. They are thick and have an outer plastic layer that helps them stand up. These also have a tight zipper so there is no worry (and no sad surprises) if the bag is sealed properly. They are perforated so just a gentle tug and not a hulk strength rip across the top and you’re in business.”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

DiRose (count 100) Breast Milk Storage Bags

The name may be less recognizable than others on this list, but they are among the most economical. Reviewers say that despite their low price, these bags don’t skimp on quality. The brand guarantees that they’re leak-proof thanks to thick plastic, two zippered closures, and reinforced seams. One difference with these is that the stand-alone bottom is not gusseted; a small detail that comes down to a matter of preference. These bags are also BPA and BPS-free and come sterilized, just like their pricier competitors.

Explains top reviewer Brave, “They are sturdy and the zipper seals work great. I used a name brand bag with my first baby but decided to try these because they are lower cost, and every dollar counts right now. I am happy with them and will be re-ordering soon. No more expensive bags for me when these work perfectly!”


$12.00 AT AMAZON

Best Twist Top / Pump-To-Bag Options

Unimom Twist Top Breastmilk Storage Bags + Universal Adapter (50 count)

Maybe twist tops are more your style, and in that case, you’ll love the easy on-off tops Unimom’s breastmilk storage bags. They’re durable, safe, and sterilized like their competitors, and there’s more: This set comes with a universal adaptor so you can express right into the bag while using most pumps. While this 50-pack is more expensive than most zip-top versions, you’ll be able to skip steps for an overall easier, more sanitary process (particularly if you’re pumping at work). The twistable top also makes these especially travel-friendly, something to think about if you’re hitting the road or heading to daycare with a cooler of fresh milk.

“I’m a full-time working, breastfeeding mama, so anything that makes my pumping time easier is greatly appreciated,” shares buyer Kallie Reed. “Pumping in the office is awkward enough, and what’s more awkward is when people try to talk to you while you’re washing your pump parts; one less thing to wash makes me happy. And skipping the part of transferring milk to bag post-pump is so convenient.”

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Kiinde Twist Pouch Direct-Pump, Direct-Feed Breastmilk Storage Bags

Kiinde’s twist-top pouches are high-quality, sterilized, and come in 6- and 8-ounce sizes. Along with the brand’s universal adapter kit, you can pump directly into the bag for less hassle, dishes, and risk of contamination. Sure, you can stop there. But if you really want to streamline the pumping process, consider investing in the entire Kiinde system. The brand’s convenient twist pouch doesn’t just connect onto breast pumps with an adapter, it can also be inserted right into Kiinde bottles for direct feeding. Snag the Kiinde System Starter Kit for all of the above, plus a refrigerator/freezer tray for keeping your milk pouches stacked and Home Edit-neat.

Despite their higher price tag, Kiinde’s pouches have a nearly perfect rating in over 8,000 reviews. Says experienced pumper Cargilper, “I’ve been pumping and storing milk for 4 years, not to mention making baby purées, and I absolutely swear by these bags! They have a twist cap closure so you have peace of mind that the contents will not spill, unlike the Ziplock closure found in all other bags. These amazing pouches are so versatile you can pump directly into them, freeze and thaw, and feed directly from them, not only breastmilk and formula but baby purées too!”

$11.99 AT AMAZON

Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Breast Milk Storage Bags

With its ability to attach directly to most major pumps via the Pump and Go Adaptor, Tommee Tippee’s twist-top bags help you skip steps in the (tedious) breast-pumping process. To save even more time, insert a filled pouch into the brand’s Pump and Go bottles and skip the milk transfer, altogether. They also have a label panel and are freezer-safe so you can stock up your supply. (Ps. If you want the bags, adaptor, and bottles, make it easier on yourself and just grab the whole Pump and Go Starter Set.)

“This was my third time around using a breast pump and needing storage bags,” explains mom Cassandra Wright. “I love that I could pump into the same bags that I would also be storing my breast milk in. No need to transfer from pump bottle to a storage bag and then from a storage bag to a bottle … this bag does all that They have held up from pumping, to freezing, to thawing, and then to Baby with no leaks or issues. Purchased the adapter so they would fit on my pump and have had no issues.”

$18.49 AT AMAZON

Best Breastmilk Storage Containers

Hegen Breastmilk Storage & Feeding Set (with Pump Adapters)

For a super versatile option that produces much less waste than breast milk storage bags, Hegen’s multi-purpose breast milk storage containers are both convenient and innovative. While you can purchase the containers (and accessories) separately, if you’re a first-timer, you’ll love that this set comes with four stackable containers (that are BPA, BPS, PVC, and phthalate-free) plus their snap-on, interlocking lids. You’ll also get two universal adapters that fit most electric and manual breast pumps and two bottle tops so you can express, feed, and store right from the same containers.

One big thing to note, though: These aren’t the ideal product if you’re looking to build your freezer stash. But even if you only use them for fresh or refrigerated breast milk, you’ll be using them daily. This system can even grow with your family, and you can build your collection with 8-oz containers, snack/water bottle lids, and more.


$80.00 AT AMAZON

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