Everyone Needs This Bug-Blocking Mesh Canopy Tent To Create A Lil' Oasis

canopy tent

Everyone who loves a good summertime outdoor kickback knows that it’s all fun and games until the mosquitos show up invited. You can douse yourself in bug spray, light all the citronella candles, and keep the firepit smoking in order to keep the bugs at bay, but there’s no way you’re leaving a backyard barbecue without at least one or two itchy scratchies that just won’t quit. That is, until now—Alvantor sells a top-rated screen house that outdoorsy folks are swearing is the real deal in terms of saving your skin from mosquito welts. It’s easy to set up, incredibly spacious, and the mesh side panels are the best bug blockers in the business.

Available in four different sizes, ranging from 6′ x 6′ to 15′ x 15′, the Alvantor Screen House was designed to be breezy and functional, fitting anywhere from three to 15 adults (plus patio furniture) depending on the size you buy. The waterproof fabric top offers UV protection from the sun and guests can easily get in out with a super-smooth sliding zip-up door.

Plus, the Alvantor Screen House is incredibly easy to install. Simply remove it from the carrying bag and let the fiberglass frame pop up on its own. The tent comes with guy lines and stakes so you can firmly attach it to the ground in case of wind.

“Truth is, I didn’t have to put it together. It unfolded and PRESTO! I had a tent,” one of the 1,600 five-star reviewers wrote. “As you can see by the pictures, my three-seater swing had end tables that are attached and I still have plenty of room! I just turn my fans on and now the mosquitos will have to work to get me!”

“I needed a screened-in portable tent to put in my small sitting area. The bugs used to chase us away,” another five-star customer wrote. “Now I can pop this tent up and enjoy our summer drinks and relax without annoying bugs. I fold it up when I’m done so I don’t have to worry about it being blown away or dirtied from storms. I’m a senior and it is so easy and lightweight.”

Bugs, be gone. Munch on someone else who doesn’t have the Alvantor Screen House on their side.