10 Cool As Hell Toys That Will Keep Kids Entertained And Going Back For More

by Dana Baardsen
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Lego Shark Toys

Choosing the right toys for your kids is harder than it sounds— especially when they ask for every single thing they see during commercial break. You want something trendy so they’ll want to play with it, but engaging enough that they won’t be bored in five minutes. Bonus points if the toys are educational, and extra bonus points if they also allow your kids to entertain themselves (preferably quietly) without you having to worry about them getting into trouble.

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Their attention spans can be short (god knows), but when you find just the right toy— magically they get taken away into the toy-land we all dream of. The one that keeps them busy, independently using their imaginations, and keeps them going back day after day after day.

Whether your kids love dolls, get energized by STEM toys, or get entranced by some random thing they watched being unboxed on YouTube, we’ve got the inspiration you need. Ahead are 10 cool toys for boys and girls that’ll keep them entertained long enough to give you a break.

Cool STEM Toys

Cool Dolls & Plush Toy

Cool Building Toys

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Cool Tech Toys

Cool Arts & Crafts

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