Best Cradle Cap Shampoos, Combs And Brushes

cradle cap

Cradle cap can be extremely big pain — unless you have the right products to remove it without any drama

Cradle cap is a super common occurrence in babies during their first year — and it’s harmless as well. But seeing crusty scales on your sweet kid’s head is tough and the flakey yellow or white patches can sometimes be large, red and itchy.

The bummer is that the scales can be hard to remove (and you shouldn’t pick at them with your fingers), but the good news is that there are a number of products you can buy — both new and time-tested — that can help you remove cradle cap from your baby’s skin gently and easily.

We’ve rounded up the best cradle cap shampoos, brushes, and combs for your baby, keeping both quality, ease of use and price in mind. Pick what looks like might work for you, and start coddling that baby of yours!

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