Super Cute Phone Cases 2021 For Moms On-The-Go

New Tech, Who Dis? Super Cute Phone Cases For Moms On-The-Go

March 20, 2020 Updated January 7, 2021

Best cute phone case

Safety first! And for once, we’re not referring to the toddler-approved bed rails that keep your little ones safe and snug at night. When it comes to tech gadgets, especially your smartphone, you don’t want to skimp on protection. It goes without saying that phones can be crazy expensive to replace and repair. From cracked screens to unsightly dents, scratches, and knicks, it pays to invest in an impact-resistant case that will keep your phone intact and looking pristine from day one.  

Shopping for phone cases isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all experience. Our advice: Browse before you #AddToCart to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck and read up on the specs. If you’re anything like us and are glued to your cell phone 24/7 (Snaps of the kids! Couponing apps! Work obligations!), then your phone is like your BFF in a lot of ways. Treat it right by finding a case that elevates your device… while also providing maximum protection. Sure, OtterBox cases have a reputation for lasting FOREVER (lol, try running it over with a car), but they’re not exactly the prettiest. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of trendy cases—from glittery specks to mesmerizing marble designs—that are sturdy and functional. 

Ahead, we’re sharing a ton of cute phone cases that are big on self-expression. Whether you have the latest iPhone or are #TeamSamsung all the way, look no further than one of these mom-friendly cases. Mom-tip #1— put the case on the phone before handing it over to the kids.

Cute Phone Cases for iPhone

Woman On a Mission

International Women’s Day may have come and gone, but GRL PWR is forever. Seriously, how dope is this Woman On a Mission case from Casetify? The brand teamed up with the nonprofit organization Malala Fund for a charitable collection that supports a damn good cause. At the risk of sounding cliche, we love to see it. The entire collaboration draws inspiration from strong women, including an all-female roster of artists who came up with designs for the cases. Support women (and serve as a role model to the girlies in your life) with a cute AF case that’s tough as hell. For extra protection, we recommend the Ultra Impact Case which contains four extra bumper corners for 10-feet drop protection. Or perhaps you’d prefer a glitter bomb of unicorn pastels (comes in a transparent, hard-shell case with a scratch-resistant finish)—your call! 


Sonix Boba Case for iPhone

“STFU, you have a boba-themed phone case??” We imagine this will be a common response from fellow moms who swear by their weekly (err, daily) Kung Fu Tea run. The kiddos will get a kick out of it, too. Whether you’re team matcha or honeydew (always with tapioca pearls), nothing says customer loyalty like a phone case inspired by your favorite Taiwanese tea-based drink. This Sonix case fits a bevy of iPhone models, including the latest iPhone 11. For extra protection, it has shock-absorbent sides and is Drop Test Certified meaning it can survive a six-foot drop. 

This Amazon customer (and fellow mom) swears by her Sonix iPhone XR case. “They are truly well made and has protected my phone from 2nd story drops (I have kids), daily ‘play catch with mommy’s phone’ game and face up hulk smashes. I’ve always gotten compliments on how perfect my precious iPhones are when I trade them in considering the hell they go through.”


Rifle Paper Co. Hello Gorgeous iPhone Case

Oui, oui! This lovely Rifle Paper Co. case, available for iPhone X/XS and XS Max, is the bee’s knees. Consider it your chicest mommy-approved accessory yet. If you fancy Breton stripes, warm baguettes, and secretly *wish* you had a French accent, then meet your match. A well-dressed Parisian girl with “hello gorgeous” sunglasses appears on the gold foil-accented case. Don’t we ALL need the reminder that we’re beautiful at 5 a.m. in the morning?! (Side note: We’d trade messy bedhead for a chic hair scarf any day of the week.)

Because there’s nothing worse than upgrading to a fancy-schmancy new case only to drop it on the pavement, you can officially breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this baby is made from impact-resistant plastic. Additionally, it boasts a super slim profile, an anti-scratch exterior, and flexible grip sides justttt in case you’re feeling clumsy. 


Best iPhone Case for Moms On-the-Go

OtterBox Apple iPhone X/XS Disney Classics Symmetry Case

Everyone and their brother has an OtterBox phone case, and for good reason. Truth be told: Up until now, we had always found Otterbox cases to be immensely unattractive and bulky… well, consider us converted. This limited edition Mickey Mouse scramble design will make you smile. Whether you have kids or are a Disney-loving childless millennial yourself, you won’t be able to resist this stylish and functional case. The profile is tough as sh*t with a beveled edge to protect the touchscreen. If you’re prone to dropping your phone approximately 3,498 times a day, then look no further. This particular model from the Symmetry Series is so slim that it can comfortably fit in tight pockets. With a 4+ star rating on Target’s website, you’ll find no shortage of happy reviews like this one from Mags, “Love my Minnie. Best purchase ever. People don’t believe it’s an OtterBox.” Dreams DO come true.


Smartish iPhone X/XS Wallet Case

Hey, multi-tasking moms, hey. It’s nifty little gadgets like this Smartish iPhone case—compatible with an iPhone XR, iPhone Xs/X, and iPhone Xs Max—that make the world go round. For convenience’s sake, it features a floral print wallet slayer, which fits up to three cards and a few loose dollar bills… you know, for “cash only” concession stands and street vendors selling hotdogs. Imagine not having to fumble around in your bag to find your wallet (and hence, a credit card) to charge your Chipotle dinner. Beyond the cool factor, this bad boy has high-grip textured sides for increased security (like when you’re *attempting* to snap a selfie on the ledge of a cliff but don’t want to drop your precious cargo). It’s also incredibly lightweight and contains air-pocket corners that will cushion any blows on impact. Phew.


Bandolier Emma Crossbody Phone Case

Bandolier is known for their vegan leather phone cases, and they have TONS to choose from. The crossbody cases in particular are great for the on-the-go moms who don’t have time to care anything else. This particular Emma style has eight different color options to choose from so you’re sure to find something you like. If you want something a little brighter and bolder, they have that too!


Best Phone Cases for Samsung Galaxy

Tropical Palm Leaves Pattern

Team Samsung all the way, amirite? Channel OOO vibes with Casetify’s tropical palm leaf patterned case (we’re partial to the lavender… it pops). For ultimate protection, we 10/10 recommend any of Casetify’s Impact Cases. Recommended for those who are always on the go, they’re engineered with superior impact resistance and shock absorption qualities. We’re happy to share that they’re also 2x military grade drop-proof thanks to a two-layer construction of a special Qitech material that works to keep your phone out of harm’s way. Do you identify as the mom who is constantly in search of a charging station for your devices? Well, say no more. Each of the impact cases is built to withstand Qi, allowing you to charge away without having to remove your case.  


Velvet Caviar Case Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10

This dreamy cotton candy marble case from Velvet Caviar, fit for a Samsung Galaxy S10, has us wanting to fast-forward to summer. Anyone else feel like they’re on the set of Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” music video? We’re floating with glee over here. The built-in Firm Flex technology helps to distribute shock up to an 8-feet drop. Whether you’re a mom or just a clumsy human, we think this warrants a “boo-yah.” If you’re a mommy vlogger or selfie queen, then fear not, there’s a matching ring holder available for easy grip. The case itself is premium quality: It has a gloss finish and crack-proof screen. We think you’ll love it, but if for some reason you don’t, they offer a one-year warranty for a full refund.


Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed for Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Didn’t think you could find cute phone cases on Amazon? They’re out there—it just takes a bit of digging! See Exhibit A: This rose gold Samsung Galaxy S8 case from Spigen—with over 4K ratings (and counting)—is for all you tech-savvy moms who like to get stuff done. Thanks to air-cushion technology and anti-shock protection, a little whoopsie-daisy will no longer set you back $100+ for a broken screen. It’s also military grade certified (drop-tested and approved) with dual-layer protection to give you a little peace of mind the next time you drop your phone en route to work or on the playground. The ultra-slim profile also makes it pretty difficult to drop if you have fumbly fingers. Call us inspector gadget, but we’re low-key fascinated by the hidden sliding cover that’s in place to conceal two cards. This allows you to leave behind err’thang! Hear that ladies: No wallet, don’t care.


Case-Mate Waterfall Samsung Galaxy S10+ Glow in The Dark Liquid Glitter Case

You need a panache-packed case that makes the kiddos “ooh” and “aah” in delight. Snatch up this glow-in-the-dark case (fits a Samsung Galaxy S10+) from Case-Mate and maybe—just maybe—they’ll start doing their chores. The waterfall of holographic glitter will light up any room like a disco ball. Beyond the sparkle factor, this anti-scratch case can withstand a 10-feet drop (we don’t recommend dropping it from any parking garage decks anytime soon, but hey, TMYK). In addition to being wireless charging compatible, it flaunts a slim design and enhanced grip. Customers on Amazon applaud the case’s durability, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. Juliana C. says, “I’ve dropped my phone a few times, once off the counter, and it protected my phone really well.” Erin P. points out that the buttons respond perfectly. She elaborates, “If you’ve ever had a bad phone case you know what I mean when I say that.” Functional and fabulous.  


Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest gadgets or special keepsake pieces, we’ve got you covered with curated gift guides for every mom (or dad!) on your list!

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