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23 Disney Gifts For Adults, Because Everyone Knows At Least One Grownup Disney Diehard

October 30, 2019 Updated November 25, 2020

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On the hunt for the perfect Disney gifts for adults? Every holiday season, there are certain gifts that never go out of style. They’re called: Disney gifts. Straight from the Most Magical Place On Earth, to the magic of your living room on Christmas morning, these Disney gifts are topping wish lists not only for kids, but adults as well. Chances are, if you’re not a Disney obsessive grownup, you know at least one other that is. You know that person. They have a Disney parks membership, and their entire Instagram feed is filled with selfies in front of Cinderella‘s Castle, or Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. They probably own more Mickey-themed items than not in their home, and they know all the words to every single classic Disney film, from The Little Mermaid to Moana.

And it has been a ROUGH year for our Disney lovers, considering Disneyland is closed until further notice and a lot of people don’t feel safe going to Disney World (and if they do, it’s certainly not the same experience). Get the Disney obsessive in your life a special Disney gift for Christmas this year. We’ve got plenty of ideas for ya.

Best Disney gifts for adults:

Disney Parks Exclusive Wall-e and Eve 12 Oz. Mug Set

This is the perfect gift to give to your favorite couple or your best friend or partner (so that you get to keep one yourself, obvs).

$42.68 AT AMAZON

I Wine because I'm NOT at Disney

Who isn’t whining because they’re not at Disney right now? (Obviously we are not at the parks for good reason, but still.) Drink you sorrows away with this Minnie Mouse-inspired stem-less wine glass. Cheers to better Disney days, friends.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Main Street Churros Candle

Missing Disney’s iconic churros? Us, too. That, and Dole Whips. Luckily, Etsy sells a Churro-scented candle (and a Dole Whip-scented one too). Warning: It might make you a little hungry.


ChopSabers Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

These fun lightsaber chopsticks will allow you unleash your inner Jedi when chowing down on some food. The chopsticks come in various colors, and light up via LR41 camera batteries that are easy to pop in and out. Make sure to take the batteries out before washing them!

$10.97 AT AMAZON

Mickey Mouse S'ip by S'well

Everyone is always in need of a high-quality water bottle that’ll encourage them to drink more H2O. With S’well’s double-layered insulation, this stainless steel water bottle keeps cold things cold and hot things hot the entire day. It’s also slim enough to carry everywhere you go. Plus, that Mickey wink!

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Nightmare Before Christmas Natural Burned Wooden Spoons for Cooking

This wooden spoon set is perfect for the Nightmare Before Christmas fan, with each spoon featuring characters Jack and Sally from the movie. A must for any kitchen.

$10.89 AT AMAZON

Minnie Mouse Toon Tee

YouTuber Jenn Im teamed up with Disney and created a super adorable Disney collection for her brand Eggie that’s perfect for teens and adults. You can get yourself this loose-fitting Minnie T-shirt or gift it to the teenager in your life.


The Nightmare Before Christmas Apron

Get this Nightmare Before Christmas apron for the cook and baker in your life.

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Cards Against Disney Game

Think Cards Against Humanity but with super dirty Disney jokes any adult who loves Disney but appreciates a filthy joke will be totally into. Described as “despicable” and “awkward,” we can’t wait to bust this out with close friends.

$29.43 AT AMAZON

Classic Mickey Mouse Cheese Board with Cheese Tools

Perfect for the cheese lover in your life who’s always searching for the perfect cheeseboard, this Mickey shaped wooden board comes with all the necessary cheese slicing tools for guests. The wooden board itself has a thoughtful carved moat to prevent brine or juice run-off from snacks like jam or sliced fruit.

$54.96 AT AMAZON

I Love You I Know Star Wars pillow cases

One of the most romantic phrases in the history of romantic phrases, get someone you love these matching “I love you” and “I know” pillow cases if you want to channel Leia and Han’s love.

$31.25 AT ETSY

Mickey Mouse Mug Warmer

Some of us like to sip on our coffee slowly, which unfortunately means that it gets colder, faster. But that’s why every coffee and Disney lover needs this Mickey mug warmer (which includes the adorbs classic Mickey mug).

$13.99 AT AMAZON

Alice in Wonderland Print

Don’t we all feel this way? This Alice in Wonderland print is perfect for the artsy thinker in your life.

$12.95 AT AMAZON

Oh Baby Yoda! T-shirt

For the Mandalorian fan in your life, get them this cozy and soft Baby Yoda T-shirt that The Child resting right in your pocket. Make sure to order in advance, as the seller warned that it may take an additional 10-16 days of delayed shipping time.


Mickey Mouse x Keith Haring Sweatshirt

Mickey and Keith Haring is the perfect artsy, fun combo. Uniqlo has offered several separate Disney and Keith Haring collabs in the past, and now with this mashup, it feels like two rad worlds have collided. Uniqlo is known for comfort, durability and budget-friendly price. If we were you, we’d get your winter gear shopping on at Uniqlo *and* get this sweatshirt for someone you love (or just yourself).


Mickey Mouse Oval Slow Cooker with 20-Ounce Dipper

This 5-quart Micky-themed slow cooker (it can fit an entire chicken) comes with a 20-ounce dipper which keeps warm appetizers like spinach dip warm for guests, while you can use the slow cooker for stews and slow-cooked meals.

$51.99 AT AMAZON

Best Disney gifts for women:

The Child Eyeshadow Palette

The force is strong with your eye makeup. Give the gift of Baby Yoda in eyeshadow palette form! We know The Child is a pasty green — which does NOT sound like it’ll translate well to beauty products. But we were pleasantly surprised when we discovered Colourpop’s The Child palette, which features gorgeous, shimmery and matte green shades ideal for (Zoom) holiday parties, along with a beautiful mahogany, peach, and white shimmer shade. It’s actually a really versatile set of colors that’ll look fantastic on everyone.


Disney Downtown Mickey Mouse Diaper Tote

Get the mamas in your life this chic diaper bag that nobody will ever even know is a diaper bag. It’s got an interior zip, wall and smartphone pockets, a changing pad, a wipes case, and a removable zip-top coin purse for convenience. It’s water (and breastmilk/formula)-proof, and has a flat base so you can set it down and not have to worry about all your stuff toppling over, because that’s the worst. And yeah, it’s covered in Mickeys.


Loungefly x Classic Mickey All Over Zip Wallet

If you spend most of your money on Disney, anyway, you might as well have your wallet match your purchases. This cute faux leather white wallet features Mickey Mouse and keeps all your goods super safe with a zipper (perfect for those of us who store 5,000 gift cards and end up with a bulging, gigantic wallet). Plus, you get eight card slots and two bill slots, making this wallet roomy and extremely practical on top of it being super adorable.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Mermaid Tail Blanket

Little Mermaid fans will adore this cozy mermaid blanket (available in three other colors!) Bundle up as you drink a cozy mug of tea and binge Disney+.

$21.95 AT AMAZON

Disney Birthstone Minnie Mouse Silver Plated Shaker Pendant Necklace

This gorgeous Minnie necklace makes for the perfect personalized gift. Each necklace (you can choose from 12) features that month’s birthstone. Give your friend who was born in August the pretty green peridot cubic zirconia necklace, or the June baby in your life necklace featuring the the synthetic glass pearl.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Mickey or Minnie Mouse Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings

Choose from silver, role gold, and two-toned (with Minnie’s bows) when you get these pretty hoop earrings for a family member or friend. Made with 925 sterling silver cubic zirconia, these earrings will stay ultra shiny and will never irritate even the most sensitive of earlobes. We also love these Mickey studs.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Barefoot Dreams Disney Frozen Hooded Robe

Barefoot Dreams is known for their luxuriously soft bath robes, and now they come Disney-themed. We especially love this baby blue Frozen-inspired robe that’s made with a microfiber, machine-washable material that only gets more comfy the more you wash it.



For more more holiday inspiration, check out the rest of our gift guides.

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