11 Best Driving Gloves For Looking Cool AF At Drop Off

by Keri Pina
best driving gloves

By now, your driving gloves have probably seen better days, with all the chauffeuring you do for your kids between school, doctor appointments, social outings. What’s that? You don’t own a pair? Pump the brakes, full stop. The best driving gloves can improve your overall driving experience, not to mention, make you look like an unstoppable badass while you’re out running errands or picking up the kids. Think about it: Because we spend so much time in the car, there are so many must-haves we invest in to make the commute more enjoyable, like car seat toys to keep the kids entertained, or fancy travel mugs to keep your coffee warm (or cold). A pair of sleek leather driving gloves are a tried-and-true driving staple. You can try to debate me, but your car literally has an entire glove compartment, so I think I win?

Why do people wear driving gloves?

Driving gloves are lifesavers in winter months because they keep your hands warm, and driving with numb hands is a huge safety hazard. In warmer months, they not only keep the moisture from your hands from aging your steering wheel, but they also prevent the consequences of a sweaty, slippery grip. Plus, driving exposes your hands to major UV rays (yes, even through the windshield), so throwing on some gloves will protect you from sunspots.

So here are the best driving gloves for casual commuters or road trip junkies. Happy driving, and buckle up!

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