Easter Trees Are Apparently A Thing, And They Are Sparking All The Joy

by Olivia Harvey
easter trees
Pottery Barn Kids/Etsy

Who says holiday trees are just for the Christmas season? According to the internet, Easter trees are most certainly a thing and yes, they’re just as cute (if not cuter) than your run-of-the-mill Christmas tree—there are colored eggs on these ones, people. And just as there are myriad types of Christmas trees on the market, so are there Easter trees. But don’t get too overwhelmed. Picking out your perfect tree for Easter is as fun a process as it gets.

First, you have to decide what will best match your aesthetic. There are both new and vintage Easter tree options out there, including this adorable Doc Holliday ceramic option from Etsy seller TheCeramicsBarn. It stands at about 13 inches tall and has been painted with classic Doc Holliday paints including Periwinkle, Pearl, Buttercup, Coral, Petal Pink, Spring Green, and Duncan’s Clear Crystal glitter—don’t those paint colors sound like Easter candies to you?

And perhaps the best thing about this tree is that it lights up just like its classic ceramic Christmas tree brethren, and for $150, this little guy will become a family heirloom brought out for Easter by generations to come.

But, if the vintage style isn’t your thing, then Amazon has you covered. This best-selling Easter centerpiece tree from EAMBRIGHT stands just over two feet tall and comes with 10 colorful eggs to hang off its many birch-like branches. This modern version also lights up, but is battery-powered so you can place it anywhere.

“What a wonderful surprise when I took the tree out of the box,” one five-star reviewer wrote on Amazon. “The branches were easy to shape and it is really a beautiful tree. The trunk of the tree is made to look birch and it looks authentic…I have had so many compliments on this tree from everyone that has seen it. Prepare to sell out Amazon. Word is getting out this is a winner!”

Plenty of versions exist, like this one from Willway, which is slightly more elegant:

We’re also digging this spring tree, which is less heavy on the Easter decor, but still perfect for the beginning of spring.

And while we have you here, can we just talk about how chic and adorable this pom pom Easter tree from Pottery Barn is? Handmade from polyester yarn and wire, this tree is painted with gold paint, and instead of dangling eggs, it has attached pom poms! Freakin’ adorable.

Just wait until the Easter Bunny sees how you decorated this year—he’ll be super impressed!