Echo Products Are On Mega Sale Right Now, And Arrive Before Christmas

by Phuong Ireland
Originally Published: 
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Not that you needed a reminder, but here it is anyway: Christmas is REALLY soon. Like, really-really soon. Next week soon. You gotta get your gifts like, ASAP. If you’re worried about in-person shopping and all your fave retailers are already telling you they can’t ship until after Christmas, don’t worry: You still have options. Amazon, specifically Amazon Prime, is everyone’s go-to option for quick delivery on presents people actually want.

This year, we’re gifting everyone an Echo product, because it’s the most versatile gift everyone wants but never buys themselves. Echo products are like having mini robot assistants that do a bunch of crap for us, and you don’t even realize how handy they are until you actually have one. Lucky for everyone, a bunch of Echo products are on sale! Here’s what you can get your family and friends this year in the Echo realm:


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