Over 18,000 People Love This $6 Bath Soak — And So Will Your Aching, Tired Body

by Olivia Harvey
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salt soak
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Let’s face it—the past 12 months have been, well, rough, and implementing a self-care routine has never been more important than it is right now. And if you’re the type to work an hour-long soak in a hot bath into your “me time,” then you need to check out this top-rated Epsom salt soak on Amazon.

The Solimo Store’s Epsom Salt Soak has an overall 4.8 rating with over 22,000 reviews—18,000 of those reviewers gave this salt soak a 5-star rating. One customer wrote, “This is my bath-time go-to for relaxing achy muscles. It’s a great price and delivered to my door so I don’t have to carry 20 lbs of salts up the stairs…Definitely will keep buying and highly recommend.”

The only thing better than the actual muscle-relaxing salt soak itself is the price. For an eight-pound bag of Epsom salt, you only have to pay $5.96.

“This is great Epson salt at a great price!” another customer wrote. “I use it for detox baths for myself and my children when we have an onset of a cold…Sniffles are significantly better or completely gone the next day!” This person recommends using about 1/2 to 1 cup of the Epsom salt soak for kids and about 2 cups for adults combined with a teaspoon of ginger (either powdered or freshly grated) for an aromatherapy session that will calm coughs and soothe sore throats.

And according to several of the Amazon shoppers who purchased, this price is as about as good as it gets for Epsom salt. “I work outside in extreme environments, so at night I enjoy [an Epsom soak],” one 5-star reviewer added. “Good quality product, great price and I don’t have to pay outrageous prices for a 2lb bag anymore. Will be ordering consistently!”

All this talk about salt soak and my muscles are feeling relaxed already.

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