13 Best 5-Year Anniversary Gifts, From Wood-Themed & Beyond 2021

No Need To Knock On Wood — These 5-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas Are Perfect

February 26, 2021 Updated June 25, 2021

5th anniversary gifts

Fretting over buying your partner a 5th anniversary gift? Don’t worry – we got you covered. Five years of marriage is no joke, so to congratulate you on a hard-earned anniversary, we’ve done the hard work of shopping wood anniversary gifts for you, compiling a dozen of the coolest, most creative five year anniversary gifts. From hand-crafted art to a bar set to a necklace made especially for 5th anniversaries, the gifts below could be for you, for him or for both of you.

While the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood, you could also opt for the modern take: silverware. Between those two themes, you have plenty of options to shower your beloved with a thoughtful yet useful gift. Most importantly, though, choose a 5th anniversary gift that’s meaningful and gives a nod to your relationship and how far you’ve grown in the last few years. 

Here’s to a happy 5th anniversary and another happy five years to follow. Knock on wood?

Best 5th Anniversary Gifts

Ginko Flatware Roberto 44-Piece Flatware Set

Going the silverware route for a fifth anniversary gift? Good call. This oh-so elegant flatware set has a clean, timeless design that will likely last you until your 15th anniversary. It includes eight five-piece place settings, a solid serving spoon, a pierced serving spoon, a meat fork and a sauce ladle – all dishwasher safe. Next dinner party is at your house!


Then and Now Personalized Embroidery

Yeah, yeah, technically this gift features more cotton than wood, but we still love it. This Etsy artist personalizes embroidered and cross-stitch designs with a before (your wedding day) and now, which is especially sweet if you’ve added two- and/or four-legged family members to your crew since getting married. My, how far you’ve come!

$130.50 AT ETSY

Matouk Milagro Towels

An understated gift we can’t help but recommend is a set of brand new, fluffy towels. Matouk’s towels are the highest quality, and they’re soft and absorbent even after several washes (we tried them out ourselves). Everyone wants to feel like they’re at the spa — make your spouse feel that way after every time they wash their hands or take a shower.


Best Wood Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Wood Cutting Boards

Slicing and dicing has never looked for good. One personal – and on theme! – fifth wedding anniversary gift is a laser-engraved cutting board. This one allows you to choose from 19 patterns, as well as different sizes and wood tones. It’s made to last and made quick: they’re shipped within 24 hours of placing an order. As one Amazon reviewer said, “I never expected such beautiful quality and craftsmanship from a purchase that arrived at my door in two days.”

$37.99 AT AMAZON

Wood Heart Necklace

How sweet is this delicate – but not too dainty – wood heart necklace? Five silver dots are inlaid in the wood, to represent your five years of wedded bliss, or um, five years of “that was hard, but worth it.” Choose from a 16” or 18” chain, and to save yourself from a disastrous wrapping situation, be sure to add on the complimentary gift wrapping. Keep in mind, all you last-minute gifters out there, that this necklace is made to order, so buffer in extra time for processing and shipping.

$96.41 AT ETSY

Mountains Wooden Wall Art

Even if you live nowhere near the Rockies or Appalachians, this modern geometric wall art set will make you dream of the fresh mountain air. If your partner loves minimalist, modern art, this could be the perfect fifth anniversary gift for them – and for you too, since it’ll be hung prominently and proudly. This set comes in four different sizes, and all the hardware required to hang them is included. 

$158.90 AT ETSY

Zinus Deluxe Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

If, five years into marriage, you’re still sleeping on a hand-me-down bed frame, it’s time for an upgrade. This Zinus wood platform bed provides you with a sleek look and style without having to put down too many pretty pennies. Bonus: it comes with a worry-free five-year warranty. Reviewers rave that it’s easy to assemble, high quality, and as one says, “How is this not more expensive?” It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway!) that this type of anniversary gift should be a discussion, not a “oh look, there’s a new bed on our doorstep!” surprise.

$355.00 AT AMAZON

Complete Home Bar Set

If your partner has spent the last five years stirring and shaking you up cocktails, elevate their bar situation (and skills!) with this home bar set. It includes 19 tools, such as a stainless steel jigger, a paring knife, a Hawthorne strainer, an ice bucket, a marble cutting board and so much more, all in a beautiful cherry wood box that you’ll want to show off. Our favorite gifts are the ones everyone benefits from, so two margaritas, coming right up!

$374 AT FOOD52

Wooden World Wall Map

Someday we’ll get back to traveling the world with our partners and bickering about who’s going to sit in the middle airplane seat again, but until then, this wooden map made from handcrafted birch plywood pieces will remind you of all the places you’ve been together. Mark the countries and cities you’ve been to (remember your Hawaii honeymoon? *sigh*) and pin the places on your must-visit list. It comes with special double-sided tape, so no holes necessary. Now, wanderlust away…


Wood Storage Box

After five years of marriage, you’ve likely collected a fair amount of momentos: photos, concert ticket stubs, restaurant matchbooks, love notes scribbled on a Post-It. How about gifting your partner with a place to put all those sweet memories? This white oak storage box features a cedar inlay, with golden hinges and a smell proof seal. Then you’ll never have to harp, “Where did you put that Polaroid from our honeymoon?” again.

$39.95 AT AMAZON

We Took to the Woods Tobacco + Amber Candle

This tobacco and amber-scented candle will make you feel like you’re cuddled up with your honey under the stars – without the sore back. We Took to the Woods hand-pours pure soy wax candles, including this masculine scent, in Greenville, South Carolina. Keeping with the fifth anniversary theme, this one comes in a glass container wrapped with bark. Burn time: 40+ hours.


Whiskey Stone Gift Set

If your husband is the Old Fashioned type, consider gifting him with this engraved box filled with whiskey essentials: two 11 ounce crystal-cut glasses with a weighted bottom, six stainless steel cooling stones, slate stone coasters, a velvet bag for the stones and rubber-tipped tongs. It’s engraved with “To my husband – I loved you then, I love you still. Always have, always will.” Fifth anniversary gift = check!

$54.99 AT ETSY

Sound Wave Art Print

That’s it, we found the best fifth anniversary gift ever. Using a recording – either a song or a voice message – this Etsy seller turns sound waves into a beautiful birchwood art print. Choose your first dance song, or opt to record a short love message. Then, upon arrival, you’ll also receive a small card with a QR code in it; scan that code to play the recording. Take it from the over 4,000 five-star reviews rave about what an ingenious fifth anniversary gift this is.

$35.95 AT ETSY

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