20 First Anniversary Gift Ideas That Are So Much Better Than Boring Paper

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best first anniversary gifts
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The first wedding anniversary gift is a very important one. Whether you’re buying something to celebrate your partner or you’re giving a gift to the happy couple in your life, finding one-year anniversary gifts starts with shopping for paper. Yes, paper! All the significant wedding anniversaries come with a corresponding material that’s supposed to inspire your gift. So, the one-year anniversary is celebrated with paper, and the materials increase in value and quality as the years go by. (P.S. Does the pee stick on a positive pregnancy test count as “paper”?)

You can easily give your partner a 1-year anniversary gift that’s simply a note written on a slip of paper, or even some handmade art to hang in your home (check out this tutorial on how to draw a simple rose). Maybe you’d rather get something funny like a pack of toilet paper, or you’re searching for an anniversary idea that’s a little extra special. With all that being said, you don’t have to give the gift of paper on the first anniversary, especially if you’re one to go against tradition.

We pulled together some paper-themed gift options, as well as some standard anniversary gifts that’ll be perfect to commemorate that first year together. Congratulations to you and your S.O. for reaching this milestone year, and best wishes for many, many more!

Best First Anniversary Gifts

Best Paper Anniversary Gifts


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