Fisher-Price Is Selling A WFH Set For Kids Complete With Spreadsheets And Coffee

by Julie Scagell
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Fisher-Price Is Selling A WFH Play Set For Kids

It’s time the kids start pulling their weight

As some of us gear up for partial or full-time homeschooling while also working full-time, those with little ones can use all the help they can get. Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, Fisher-Price is releasing a new kid-friendly “work-from-home” play set, so we can all work in harmony together. (LOLs forever.)

As the pandemic rages on in the U.S. and the prospect of being home together for much longer than we’d hoped becomes a reality, kids are going to need more distractions to keep them busy while parents work. Enter the eight-piece My Home Office, now available on Amazon. The set is geared toward kids ages 3 and up and equips kids a pretend laptop, four “fabric ‘apps’ that attach to computer screen to ‘work’ on different projects,” a headset, smartphone, and the one item needed the most: a coffee cup.


We know from last spring, working from home while our kids are at home is stressful — more so for moms than dads. The Washington Post actually did an experiment to track each time a child interrupted their work for a stretch of three hours and found “the parent was interrupted 45 times, an average of 15 times per hour,” which comes as no surprise to anyone who has been balancing work and home.

Because kids always seem way more interested in what we are doing than the house-full of toys and games they could play, this set could be the answer to getting at least ten minutes of uninterrupted work at a time. Plus, it gives them an idea of just how boring adult life can be looking at spreadsheets and diagrams and taking conference calls. Why not disappoint them early?


This isn’t the first time Mattel has taken the time to give kids a glimpse into what is happening in the world. The company released a Thank You Heroes assortment earlier in the year that included 16 different action figures of essential employees such as doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and delivery drivers.


“The Fisher-Price My Home Office set lets preschoolers become the boss of their own busy business meetings,” the product description reads. “This eight-piece play set features everything your mini-me needs for important calls with the cat, working on ‘projects’ with the laptop, and enjoying break time with their pretend beverage of choice.” Let’s assume coffee or tea since we are talking about children here. They forgot the peel-and-stick black eye circles, fake tears, pajama pants, and bag of chips but, all in all, it’s a pretty complete set.

Available for pre-order now, the My Home Office is selling for $25 on Amazon and will be available to ship on Aug. 28.

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