This Mini Fondue Set Is Perfect For A Sweet Valentine's Day In

by Gina Vaynshteyn
fondue set

Are you spending your Valentine’s Day safely at home this year? Congratulations! You’re a good person. My husband and I pretty much always spend the night at home because we hate crowded restaurants and aren’t especially festive people — so this year really isn’t much different than all the others. Still, though, after an entire year of no movie theater date nights, indoor dining, bowling, nothing, it’s made me rethink our V-Day plans. Shouldn’t they be a little special?

Something we both love is chocolate, so instead of getting a standard ‘ole box of chocolates to share, I figured we’d make an event out of it. Behold: the Wilton Ceramic Fondue Set, which is a cute mini red ceramic fondue set that just calls for a tea light to heat up the chocolate. This two-piece melting pot set also comes with four fondue dipping forks, but you do need to purchase the chocolate and tea lights separately. (These Lindor milk chocolate truffles are my fave, and Amazon sells 100 tea lights for just $12.50, which are perfect for romantic nights OR natural disasters).

Have a happy (and safe) Valentine’s Day, everyone!