These Knitting Gift Ideas Are Purl-Fect For Anyone Who Gives A Knit

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best gift ideas for knitters

These knitting gift ideas are sure to get the needles clacking. Whether you are a knitter, or know one (or a few), one thing is for certain: knitters are committed to their hobby, and the best gifts for knitters should reflect their love of the craft. It’s said to be therapeutic and stress-reducing (once you get the skill down, that is) and can make you feel super accomplished. If you ask any of the knitters in your life what they want for Christmas, they won’t hesitate while handing you over a list of all their favorite smushy yarn, latest needles, and knitting books. Not to mention, knitters like the world to know they knit, so paraphernalia is key.

If you are looking for some of the best knitting gift ideas, we are here to help. Scary Mommy has made a list of the best gifts for knitters regardless if they’ve been knitting for a month or twenty years. And if you are a knitter yourself, don’t forget to snag something to put under the tree or tuck into your own (hand-knit) stocking.

Best Knitting Gift Ideas


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