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Case Closed — These Are the Best Gifts for Lawyers

December 3, 2020 Updated March 24, 2021

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We’ve come up with a list of 28 of the best gifts for lawyers if you’re on the hunt for a thoughtful and non-boring gift that’s tailored for someone who’s studying law or has already graduated law school. Whether you’re shopping for a seasoned professional or an aspiring attorney, we’re sure they won’t have any objections to the gifts in this roundup. 

Gifts for Law Students 

Getting into law school ain’t easy, and getting out is even harder. Give your favorite law student a bit of motivation by gifting them something that’ll take their mind off of exams for a bit. From RBG coffee mugs to Elle Woods prints, here are 10 gifts for law students.

“My Own Words” Paperback by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t just an associate justice of the Supreme Court, she was (and still is) an inspiration and cultural icon. RGB was the second woman (ever) to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Throughout her career, she made it her duty to give a voice to minority citizens. She pushed for gender equality, women’s interests, civil rights, and liberties. 

In her New York Times Bestseller, My Own Words, Ginsburg touches on high-level topics, such as gender equality, her Jewish ethnicity, and the workings of the Supreme Court.


‘I Dissent’ RGB Coffee Mug

Sadly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away of complications from metastatic pancreas cancer at the age of 87. But she still lives on in the hearts of many. So much so, that there’s merch honoring each of her iconic bench styles. Following Trump’s election, RGB wore her “dissent collar.” Shortly after, the phrase “I Dissent” (and various depictions/illustrations of her collar) became a fashion statement. RBG truly was the GOAT

This mug features an illustration of RGB (in her dissent jabot) giving the double-bird.

$13.29 AT AMAZON

‘Is You a Lawyer?’ Soy Candle

This handmade, 100 percent soy wax candle is non-toxic, soot-free, dye-free, and burns 30-50 percent longer than traditional paraffin wax candles (according to the product’s description). Choose from a variety of scents including Whiskey, Lavender, Banana Nut Bread, Blueberry Cheesecake (yum!), among others. Perfect for a law student who needs a little light as they study into the night, or even an attorney who needs some zen after a long day in a deposition.

“Ordered as a gift for a friend who recently graduated from law school; I got the peach nectar and it smells amazing!” one Etsy reviewer writes.

$21.97 AT ETSY

Lawyer Hanger for New Graduate or Soon-to-be Lawyer

Similar to the “bride-to-be” style hangers, this handmade hanger makes for a perfect graduation gift. Available in Cherry, Mahogany, White, Walnut, Oak, or Black wood, “The Law Suit” hanger measures 17.5” wide and can be customized with your grad’s last name (as long as it’s 17-19 characters long). 

“Got this as a gift for a friend in law school,” one Etsy reviewer writes. “The design is lovely and looks just like the pictures!”

$28.95 AT ETSY

Unicorn Mug for Lawyers

This mug is pretty cute, tbh. On one side, there’s a pole-dancing unicorn depicted underneath the word “Me” and on the other, a normal-looking horse is standing underneath the words “other lawyers.” 

“I bought one of these for each of the lady lawyers in my office (and of course, one for me),” one Amazon reviewer writes. “They loved them! One told me she uses it every morning.

$18.97 AT AMAZON

‘First the Makeup, Then the Justice’ Lawyer Makeup Bag

Perfect for everyday use or travel, this beige canvas bag is ideal for storing makeup, feminine products, chapstick, or whatever else you may need when on-the-go. It also features a vibrant design that reads, “First the makeup, then the justice.” 

“Exactly as described!” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I can’t wait to see what my sister thinks! The zipper is good. The bag is [made of] canvas and the writing, I think, is printed on but seems like it will last a very long time!”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Lady of Justice Statue

Themis is an ancient Greek Titaness. She’s known as the “lady of good counsel” or the “goddess of divine law, order, and customs.” Here, she’s depicted (in statue form) blindfolded and holding the balanced Scales of Justice and a sword (to cut fact from fiction). 

“Bought this for my daughter in law who’s in law school,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “She LOVED it. The white looks like marble, but without the marble pricing. The gold accents really set her off.”

$62.90 AT AMAZON

‘What, Like It’s Hard?’ Elle Woods Print

Elle Woods is the iconic character from Amanda Brown’s novel Legally Blonde. In 2001, Reese Witherspoon played Ms. Woods in Legally Blonde the movie. Woods is portrayed as a super-girly and persistent sorority girl who loves pink and her dog Bruiser. Although her peers think she’s ditzy, Woods is actually a genius and is admitted into Harvard Law School. (Just in case you’re unfamiliar with ‘00s pop culture.)  

This Elle Woods print, which comes in four different sizes, is perfect for any law student who’s determined and ready to show the world what they’ve got.

$28.79 AT SOCIETY6

‘Will Give Legal Advice for Wine’ Tumbler

We’re sure your law student (if they’re of drinking age!) will be happy to see this wine tumbler after a long night of binge-studying or a full day of back-to-back classes or exams. It’s also insulated, so they don’t have to put wine in it to enjoy using it. In fact, it’s ideal for anything that’s hot or cold, such as coffee, tea, or juice. 

“I purchased this as a gift for a recent law school graduate and received it promptly,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It is a beautiful color, made of quality, durable material, and is the perfect gift.”

$18.99 AT AMAZON

Rosetta Stone Subscription

Is your law student studying to be an immigration lawyer or practicing their craft internationally? According to Intercultra Costa Rica being bilingual or multilingual is a “critical” skill for lawyers, especially for those who handle cases overseas. Instead of piling the pressure on with yet another class, give your law student the opportunity to learn at their own pace with Rosetta Stone. Starting at $7.99 a month, you can choose one of several languages to give to your favorite lawyers through a year-long Rosetta Stone app subscription.


Gifts for New Lawyers 

Graduating law school is a major feat and definitely something that’s worth celebrating. Here are a few useful (and funny) gifts your lawyer is sure to love, whether their focus is on criminal, commercial, or another type of law.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine

This isn’t just a coffee maker, it’s an espresso machine. And it’s compact, so it’ll fit just about anywhere (even in the smallest of offices). 

“If you’re currently using a Keurig, then you have never had coffee,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Throw your Keurig away and buy this. Kidding aside, this produces flavors 300% better than the best Keurig.”

$93.98 AT AMAZON

Sweetened Loose Leaf Tea Drops Sampler

If your giftee is more of a tea drinker, consider buying them a tea sampler. This set is available with eight, 15, or 25 different tea drop varieties. 

“I am a tea addict,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “So, when I saw these Tea Drops I was intrigued by them, they’re unlike any tea I have seen before so I decided to give them a try. I was surprised at how much I loved them! Simply drop the tea drop in boiling water and viola, a perfect cuppa. They are perfectly sweetened, not too sweet, just a fun and easy way to make tea. These would make such a cute wedding favor or even to serve them at a tea party. I highly recommend these!”

$16.99 AT AMAZON

3-Pack Mini Potted Artificial Eucalyptus Plants

Did you know that artificial plants have a similar effect on our mental health as live plants do? According to Psychology Today, fake plants can offer the same health benefits as real, indoor plants as long as they look genuine. This three-pack of artificial eucalyptus is ideal for office or home decor. 

“I have tons of fake plants around my house,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I love the look they give with the convenience of never having to water them or worry about keeping them alive. I purchased these and they look amazing in my home! I have one on my nightstand, one in my bathroom, and one on my coffee table. They compliment my decor so well. Would definitely recommend it!”

$24.99 AT AMAZON

‘Freshly Signed Divorce Papers’ Candle

This candle makes a great gift for lawyers and newly-divorced friends. In addition to being funny, several reviewers say that it smells good, too. 

“Bought this candle to celebrate my upcoming final divorce hearing,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Received it well ahead of the date I wanted it. Smell is good, can’t wait to light it with a copy of my marriage certificate.”

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag

Every lawyer needs a durable briefcase (No. We’re not talking about the cinematic square-box-with-handle version). This 18-inch vintage handmade leather messenger bag is perfect for anyone who needs to tote around a laptop, notebook, iPad, etc. without dealing with the hassle of digging through it every time they need something. It also has more than 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, so we’re pretty confident in this pick. 

“This is an exceptional buy for the price,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I love the look of it and with all the pockets and spaces there is room for just about anything you want to keep in it.”

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Business Portfolio with Zipper

If they’re opposed to carrying a briefcase, opt for this affordable alternative. This (vegan) leather business portfolio includes a calculator, tablet pocket, pen holders, card holders, and more, making it easy to carry everything you need without having to tote around an actual bag. 

“Very glad I took my time looking at all the other offerings on Amazon and stumbled upon this one,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “It doesn’t feel cheap at all. I don’t see any defects anywhere and the pockets/zipper all feel very sturdy. I would bring this into any meeting or interview without hesitation.”

$25.95 AT AMAZON

‘You’ve Been Served’ Cutting Board

If you know a lawyer who’s also pretty good in the kitchen, why not gift them a customized cutting board? Available in five sizes and four layouts, this cutting board is perfect for meal prep. It’s also dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean. 

“I ordered this for my niece’s law school graduation,” one Etsy reviewer writes. “I requested a quick delivery and that’s exactly what I got. She received it the day before her graduation and absolutely loves it!”

$36.99 AT ETSY

Cleverfy Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

According to a study conducted by Keystone Law, 67% of lawyers (of the 300 surveyed) felt that they were more stressed than others working other professions, like accounting or banking. And 80 percent of the lawyers surveyed said their workload was the No. 1 cause of their stress. 

Give the gift of relaxation with these aromatherapy shower steamers. They’re all natural (made with essential oils) and available in packs of six. Plus, anyone who orders this gift will receive a free aromatherapy ebook. 

“These are the best shower steamers i’ve ever tried,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Usually they aren’t strong enough or they melt too quickly to even enjoy. They are also bigger than what you can buy at the store. I’d say they are about a hockey puck size. One lasted my entire shower and still smelled amazing even after I was done. These are the best shower steamers hands down. I would definitely buy these again.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Women’s Fleece Bathrobe

On that same note, why not get them a bath robe to match? This particular robe has more than 4,000 five-star reviews. 

“I love this robe!! I bought one, wore it a day, and immediately knew I needed another one,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I now have two and I love them! They aren’t too thick, aren’t too thin. They’re so soft.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

IMPRESA Stress Relief Balls

If your lawyer friend isn’t into aromatherapy or luxurious shower sessions, opt to get them a stress ball instead. It’s simple and these colorful balls come in a pack of three. 

“These balls are awesome!” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I have extreme anxiety disorder and am always looking for stress toys and squishy toys that will help keep my mind off things. These balls are just the right amount of squishy and the material I can tell is very strong and will last a long time. I received three balls so I gave one to my husband and he took it to work and he loves it.”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Gifts for Attorneys 

So, there is actually a difference between a “lawyer” and an “attorney.” According to Zavodnick/Zavodnick and Lasky, a lawyer is defined as someone who’s earned a law degree or Juris Doctor (JD) from a law school, whereas an attorney is someone who has a law degree, passed the bar exam, and has been admitted to practice in the U.S. Either way, we’re pretty positive any attorney (or lawyer) would be happy to receive one or more of the gifts below.

Blue Apron

Being an attorney is a demanding job, which means there’s less time for tasks such as shopping for groceries and cooking meals at home. Give the gift of spare time (and a full belly) with a Blue Apron subscription. There are several meal plans to choose from and subscriptions start as low as $27.95 per month.


Instant Pot Duo Pressure Cooker

An Instant Pot is another easy way to whip up meals when you’re short on time. The best part? Your lawyer doesn’t need to be a good cook to use this thing. 

“This product is my best friend and I would marry it and grow old with it if I could,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I’ve put pork loins, potatoes, yellow bundt cakes from boxed cake, rice, corn on the cob… I’ve made pierogies, lasagna, apple dump cake, a whole chicken, bone broth, chicken noodle soup… and more. This is all in less than a month. I’m eating healthier. Eating out less. Cleanup is easy. The food tastes awesome.”

$59.82 AT AMAZON

Folding Bluetooth Keyboard

Tech is becoming a necessity in today’s new remote world. If your lawyer isn’t able to carry their laptop everywhere (or they just don’t want to), this is the next best thing. This foldable bluetooth keyboard is small enough to fit in a purse or backpack and it’s compatible with a variety of phones, including iPhone and Android devices. 

“First off, it was incredible how fast this came in, I ordered this late Saturday night and was delivered to my house this morning (Monday),” one Amazon reviewer writes. “This keyboard is definitely worth your money! Looks and does everything that was described.”

$32.99 AT AMAZON

AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Capacity, Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder

It’s no secret that attorneys handle sensitive information. At some point, they’ll need to throw this info out in a safe and secure way. (Unless they’re Saul Goodman.) To reduce the stress of throwing out sensitive info gift your favorite attorney a cross-cut paper shredder. 

“I’m so glad I got this paper shredder,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I’d had a shredder some years ago that was such a dud that I had a hard time imagining one working well for such a reasonable price. It’s swift, efficient, and effective, and unlike the machines I shopped in Staples, it feels very solid. Now I can dispatch in seconds those papers that need to be destroyed.”

$34.23 AT AMAZON

Vegan Leather Laptop Bag

If the other messenger bag on this list is too masculine looking, here’s a more femme laptop bag with 3,000 plus reviews. It’s also available in five colors and two different sizes (15.6 inch, and 14 inch). 

“I am happy to say that this bag holds up SO WELL,” one Amzon reviewer writes.  “I received it as a present four years ago. Since then, I have used it literally every day, about 8-10 hours a day. It is constantly getting picked up, swung in and out of my car, thrown around in my trunk, worn all the time, carried everywhere, and it is just as reliable as the day I got it.”

$48.44 AT AMAZON

Home Euphoria Natural Bamboo Cheese Board and Cutlery Set

Who doesn’t love wine and cheese? And for just 39.99 this is a steal. It even has a slide-out cutlery drawer with stainless steel cheese knives for easy serving. 

“This one is it…the one to buy,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “Everyone who came to my wine and cheese party was asking where I got this fun and well made cheese board. This high quality board sure made the party fun and I created a board of different cheeses, grapes, fresh rosemary, nuts, various crackers, and pepperoni. It comes with high quality serving ware with a handy slide out drawer.”

$39.99 AT AMAZON

Personalized Monroe 18 Karat Gold Plated Gift Pen and Pencil Set

This gold-plated pen and pencil set allows up to 25 characters for a personal engraving. 

“I received these within three days of ordering them, and they look great,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “They’re just as pictured, and the engraving looks nice. They are in a nice little box too.”

$38.84 AT AMAZON

Engraved Name Plate

Available in five finishes, this custom engraved name plate is the perfect gift for any attorney (or anyone who works in an office!).

“Such a cute business card holder for my desk,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I’m constantly getting asked where I got it from. Super fast shipping too! Love the font and the quality.”

$44.99 AT AMAZON


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