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21 Best Gifts For The Tea Lover In Your Life

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You can’t go wrong with these gifts for tea lovers. Even if you’re a die-hard coffee drinker who doesn’t know a thing about tea, we’ve got you covered. Whether your tea-loving friends or relatives drink tea for relaxation, to get a caffeine boost, or to reap the health benefits (antioxidants FTW!), they’ll be thrilled to receive any one of these gifts. (We’ve also got great gift recs for your friend who’s more of a wine or cocktail connoisseur.)

Since tea lovers come in many different, er, flavors, we’re bringing you a wide variety of suggestions that range from fun to practical to fancy. They include tea-making tools, tea-themed gifts, a subscription box — and of course, lots and lots o’ tea. Whether the tea enthusiast in your life prefers herbal tea, green tea, flowering tea, boba, or a classic English Breakfast, you’ll find the perfect present in our roundup of gifts for tea lovers below!

Best Gifts for Tea Lovers

DecorChiq Animal Tea Infuser Set

OK, this “ParTEA pack” of tea infusers is seriously adorable. If you know someone who enjoys loose tea and only has a standard metal tea infuser, you can correct that with this set. Each little animal figure — cat, owl, platypus, hippo, and beaver — rests on top of your cup while the tea brews (except for the poor owl, who apparently gets a tea bath). The infusers are made from food-safe, BPA-free silicone and are dishwasher safe.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Bossen Bursting Boba Variety Three-Pack

Did you know you can buy boba pearls on Amazon? This assortment from California company Bossen has three flavors of syrup with “bursting boba” — more than three pounds worth! (That means your giftee will have more than enough to share with you!) Lots of flavors are available in different combinations: blueberry, passionfruit, strawberry, kiwi, mango, and pomegranate.


Misby Mug Warmer

As a mom, you’ve probably had many days when you make a hot drink and then never get a chance to finish it (or start it!) before it gets cold. This mug warner from Misby would be a fitting gift for a fellow parent — it will keep their tea (or coffee, hot chocolate, etc.) at one of three temperature settings until they actually get a moment to enjoy it. The gadget is waterproof, has an auto shutoff feature (remove the cup and the heat turns off), and it comes in both white and black.

$21.99 AT AMAZON

Ebros Maneki-Neko Tea Set

The maneki-neko, or “beckoning cat” is a Japanese symbol of good luck, and these cute, happy cats will not only bring good fortune, but hot tea! This bestselling set includes a 20 oz. teapot with a strainer, plus four tea cups. The set is dishwasher safe (remove the wooden teapot handle first), and besides black, the other color options are white, pink, and blue. Your tea-loving giftee will probably like displaying this tea set as much as they like using it.

$30.95 AT AMAZON

Herbivore Jasmine Green Tea Balancing Toner

Maybe your tea-loving friend or family member already has all the tea and tea “accessories” they could possibly need. In that case, you can go with a tea-themed gift like this green tea toner from Herbivore Botanicals. The company makes cruelty-free products without synthetic ingredients, parabens, SLS, or phthalates. The toner works well for combination, oily, or blemish-prone skin.


Toptier Cast Iron Teapot with Stainless Steel Infuser

If your tea-aficionado friend or family member isn’t typically a solo tea drinker, this cast iron teapot could be a great gift — it comes in six sizes with a maximum of a 41 oz. capacity. Several colors are available, including dark green, pink, light purple, and navy (availability depends on the size), and the leaf design would look pretty in anyone’s kitchen. It has an enameled interior and comes with a stainless steel infuser. 

$29.99 AT AMAZON

Now Designs Tea Cozy

Here is one of the most British things ever, the tea cozy (or as they spell it, “tea cosy”). Even “the person who has everything” may not have one of these, and it’s a fun (and useful) gift for the tea lover in your life. Besides this fun and colorful teapot print, you can choose from a sleeping cat, grazing llama, and cute panda face. The tea cozy fits a 4- to 8-cup teapot and has a little hook for hanging.

$15.49 AT AMAZON

Hamilton Beach Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Somehow, I had never used an electric tea kettle until a couple of years ago — even though my husband is from England, where they’re very popular. I don’t know why they haven’t caught on here in the U.S. They heat up water for tea very quickly, which is especially great if you have an electric stove (or of course, if you’re not near a stove at all). Get this for a tea-loving friend who hasn’t yet discovered the electric tea kettle.

$27.99 AT AMAZON

Numi Organic Tea Flowering Tea Gift Set

Flowering tea is beautiful, making this a special gift for a tea lover. The set includes a dishwasher-safe glass teapot and six tea blossoms made from white tea, green tea, black tea, and oolong. Even the names of the teas are pretty — “shooting star” and “dragon lily” for example. Bonus: Numi uses organic, non-GMO ingredients (real fruits, flowers, and spices) from Fair Trade Certified gardens.


Sips by Box Tea Subscription Gift Card

“Sips by” is a woman-founded and woman-led company that’s based in Austin, TX. They offer personalized tea subscription boxes, which make excellent gifts for tea lovers whose flavor preferences you aren’t familiar with. They have more than 150 global tea brands! This gift card gives three months of a Sips by Box Subscription, with four teas each month. You can choose to mail a physical gift card or send one by email. 


Afternoon Tea At Home by Will Torrent

One of the best things about drinking tea is enjoying afternoon tea goodies! This 2021 cookbook by master pâtissier Will Torrent offers recipes for sandwiches, savory treats, scones, cakes, and more. A few tempting examples are cherry and almond tarts, fruited scones, and smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches. Guest recipes from famous spots like The Ritz, Gramercy Tavern, and Harrods are also featured. (Maybe your giftee will invite you over for a taste test…)

$20.49 AT AMAZON

Adagio Teas Premium Honey Sampler

Tea and honey go together like coffee and creamer. This premium honey sampler contains three 4 oz. jars of raw honey: Mānuka honey, Tupelo honey, and Sourwood honey, each with its own distinctive flavor. (The Mānuka description reads “Characterized as earthy, complex and slightly mineral, it also has a hint of menthol notes.”) If your gift recipient is only used to grocery store honey, they’re in for a treat. 


Teabloom Fruit Blooming Teas

This set contains 12 fruit flavors of beautiful flowering tea. The flowers and Grade AA green tea leaves are hand-sewn (!) to produce interesting blends of flavors. The teas include apple cinnamon, strawberry açaí berry, melon, and mango. Each tea flower makes a full pot of tea and can be reused up to three times (nice!) to make 20 cups total. Teabloom provides a 100% money back guarantee for their teas. 

$21.95 AT AMAZON

The Hemp Division Chill on the Go Tea Gift

You know CBD has gone mainstream when you can buy CBD-infused tea from tea company Harney & Sons. This “Chill on the Go Gift” is made by The Hemp Division, their sister company. It includes 50 sachets of the “Chill” chamomile-mint-CBD blend plus a small travel tin with room for four sachets. The tea has a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating so far, and reviewers have noted that it’s relaxing, calming, and good for drinking at bedtime.


Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box

Does your tea-lover friend or family member have a ton of tea bags shoved into a drawer or stored in boxes that are piling up on their counter? This tea box made from eco-friendly bamboo is a great way to contain tea bags and keep tea fresh. It has eight compartments for your giftee’s favorite varieties. One reviewer noted that eight to 10 bags can fit into each compartment.

$20.99 AT AMAZON

LeafLife Bamboo Hot/Cold Thermos with Tea Infuser & Strainer

This nice-looking tea thermos holds 17 oz. of tea (or anything else!) and is made from organic and eco-friendly bamboo. It’s double-walled for effective insulation and is lined with stainless steel. The thermos also comes with a two-piece detachable tea infuser and strainer. It’s great for taking to work because it keeps drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24! It’s also leak-proof and spill-proof.  

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Tea Lovers Gift Baskets

VAHDAM Tea Sampler Gift Box

VAHDAM teas made it onto Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2018 and 2019 and have been featured in lots of gift guides over the years, so we had to feature the brand on our tea-lover gift list. Sourced from “India’s choicest tea gardens,” the teas in this sampler are packaged in six tins inside a pretty gift box. The six varieties are hibiscus, masala chai, sweet cinnamon, English Breakfast, vanilla spice, and turmeric spice.

$39.99 AT AMAZON

K & T Tea Lovers Gift Basket

This gift assortment includes more than just tea! It contains 18 varieties (from Twinings, Yogi, and Bigelow) as well as raw clover honey from Utah, two stroopwafels (a classic Dutch wafer cookie with a caramel filling), and a 12 oz. BPA-free, insulated tea tumbler with a straw. The teas include Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, chai, Darjeeling, chamomile, and peppermint. The description recommends placing the stroopwafels on top of your tea cup to make them even better! 


Tea Drops Deluxe Herbal Tea Sampler

You’ve probably never heard of tea drops, and maybe your gift recipient hasn’t either. So here’s something new for them to try! Tea drops are pressed tea leaves that dissolve in hot water — no bag or infuser needed. (They also contain sugar and spices.) This herbal tea sampler includes 25 organic tea drops in a wooden box, including citrus ginger, rose Earl Grey, and matcha. The individual packaging is recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. 

$35.99 AT AMAZON

Wissotzky Magic Tea Chest

This “Magic Tea” box includes 80 tea bags of eight varieties that include Earl Grey, chamomile, black tea with peach, English Breakfast, and wild berry nectar tea. (Made in Israel, it’s OUP kosher.) This is a great gift for a tea lover who likes to stick to the basics and not go wild with out-there flavors. (I can relate. No blue tea or tomato mint for me.) Everything is presented in a nice wooden gift box.

$37.49 AT AMAZON

Pukka Herbal Tea Selection Gift Box

This is a very “green” gift for the tea lover in your life (and we’re not talking about the green tea!). The herbal teas are organically grown from ethically sourced ingredients and are non-GMO (and also kosher). The packaging is recyclable and comes from renewable sources, and one percent of the sales go toward environmental causes. Now to the tea: The sampler includes matcha, echinacea, lemon ginger, and several more. 


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