20 Best Gifts For Expecting Moms 2021: Mother's Day Gifts & More

20 Best Gifts For Celebrating Your Favorite Mom-To-Be This Mother’s Day

October 30, 2019 Updated May 5, 2021

Feature – Best Gifts For Expecting Moms
Malicious Mermaid via Etsy / Merci Maman

The best gifts for expecting moms are ones that remind her how amazing she really is (she’s a baby-growing goddess, after all!).  While she’s undoubtedly having fun folding teeny-tiny baby clothes and nesting in the nursery, the fact is, there are things she needs, too. With pregnancy comes many discomforts; swollen feet, aching backs, and sleepless nights, to name a few. There’s her sudden lack of clothing options that can accommodate her growing belly (and breasts, and butt, and everything else). And no matter how excited she is to meet her little babe, waves 0f stress acc0mpany all that anticipation.

So if there’s an expecting mom in your life, show her she’s loved and help her celebrate what’s to come. We’ve for the best gifts for expecting moms right here, from Mother’s Day surprises to “just because” gifts that commemorate her newest arrival. From self-care treats to sentimental necklaces, these thoughtful picks were chosen for moms, by moms.

Best Gifts For Expecting Moms

Bevvee "I've Waited 9 Months For This" Wine Glass

Ok, so Mama won’t be using this glass immediately (unless it’s to drink mocktails), but it’ll give her something to look forward to. It’s hand-etched in Colorado so it’s dishwasher-safe and the design won’t wear off after washes. Once her babe is born, the mom-to-be will bust this glass out, fill it with her fave vino, then savor her first sip, thinking, “I’ve waited 9 months for this.”


The Malicious Mermaid Pregnant AF Candle

Got a non-glowing friend or family member who’s pregnant AF? This handmade candle is “infused with irrational cravings” in a studio in Florida. While it’s hand-poured with a generous dose of humor and snark, it’s made without phthalates, dyes, and other irritants. Choose from a dozen scents to cater to your preggo loved one’s whims, including Almond + Warm Cookie, Lavender + Lemon, and Teakwood + Tobacco. With so many options, you’re bound to find one she doesn’t have a scent aversion to.

$14.00 AT AMAZON

Leachco Snoogle Original Pregnancy Pillow

If she doesn’t need a pregnancy pillow yet, she will. Only, there are a lot of options out there, and not all pregnancy pillows are created equal. If you want a tried-and-true style (more specifically, tried by me), the original Leachco Snoogle is where it’s at. Because of its shape, Mom can re-position it depending on her comfort preferences, and trust us, those preferences will change. The Snoogle also has a removable, washable cover and over 10,000 Amazon reviews that are overwhelmingly positive. 

But, partners be warned: It may take your place in bed. (We think it’s a small price to pay since your SO is, you know, carrying your child.) Explains one hubby, “Warning to men, your wife is going to be obsessed with this gargantuan pillow. She says it supports her back and is so comfortable that she can’t sleep without it now even though our son is a month old. I give it 5 stars because she is in love with the thing, but just be ready to not see your wife in bed anymore. You may want to think about making some cup and string walkie-talkies so you can still communicate with each other.” Hey, at least he has a sense of humor.

$57.99 AT AMAZON

Scary Mommy Strong Women Raise Strong Women Hoodie

Preggo or not, cute sweatshirts are always a good idea. Get it a size or two up, and she can wear it throughout her trimesters and into her postpartum months, too. This “Strong women raise strong women” sweatshirt is suited for any future girl-mom who’ll raise her daughter to be fierce. It’s made with a cotton/poly blend that’s super soft and easy to wear at home or on the go. Get it in sizes small through 2x. 


Healthynest Cleaning System

Here’s hoping she doesn’t take the gift of cleaning supplies the wrong way … we kid, we kid. In truth, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness; here’s a slew of plant-based, sustainable, chemical-free cleaning products that are safe to use around her growing bump and family. Also, ever heard of nesting? Yeah, she’ll be scrubbing the house from top to bottom in the weeks before BB arrives. The Healthynest Cleaning System specifically designed with ingredients that are non-toxic for Baby’s developing brain. This set includes a 34-ounce container of a multipurpose cleaning concentrate plus stainless steel bottles for baby dish soap, hand soap, and surface spray (yep, it does it all!). It also comes with 3 reusable dishcloths.


Knours Be Kind Everyday Mask (5 ct.)

A clean skincare line that’s specifically designed not to disrupt hormones? Sign us up. This pregnancy-safe sheet mask set will encourage the future mama in mind to indulge in some skincare while she still can. The formula is soothing, revitalizing, and relaxing — three things she needs now more than ever. And if there are any masks left over after Baby arrives, she’ll take comfort in knowing that they’re safe to use even if she’s breastfeeding.

$20.00 AT AMAZON

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Gift Set

As a trusted name in products for the whole family, you can never go wrong with Burt’s Bees. Packaged in a giftable tin, this 3-piece set is ideal for giving to any mama, even if you’re sending it directly from Amazon. It includes a tub of belly butter, leg and foot cream, and a lip balm, all safe, moisturizing products that she’ll appreciate (pregnancy tends to zap moisture from the skin). Bonus points if she has a partner who’ll give her a foot or belly massage with her new skincare — maybe you can drop the hint.

$21.97 AT AMAZON

Nunona Mama Balls

Introducing a preggo mama’s version of a box of candy — only better. Nunona Cashew Confetti Balls are made with nut butter, oats, dates, flaxseeds, and brewer’s yeast — all ingredients designed to energize, nourish, and improve the quality of breastmilk. Especially if her due date is near, this is the perfect snack to have on hand to sustain her ravenous postpartum appetite.

$42.00 AT AMAZON

RiLEY Four Layer Robe

Let your fave mom-to-be enjoy the finer things in life before they’re — you know — covered in spit-up and milk. RiLEY’s newest robe is made of soft, airy linen, but four layers of the stuff make it sumptuously thick. It’s plenty roomy for Mama to wear as her bump grows and even after (because when you have a newborn who eats, poops, and cries constantly, clothes are so overrated). This lovely robe is crafted in Portugal and epitomizes spa-quality, so while she’s squeezing in those last precious moments of at-home sheet masks and bubble baths, it’s a self-care must. It’s available in white, silver (dark grey), and port (plum) shades.


Carter's Little Planet Adult Organic Cotton Mama Tee

Part of Carter’s new Little Planet line, which features sustainable GOTS certified organic cotton clothing, this super-soft Mama shirt is one she’ll proudly wear. Paired with joggers and slippers or jeans and flats, it can easily go from lounging at home to running around town. But wait, there’s more — and it’s the best part! There’s a matching Little Planet Mama Onesie so she can have a picture-perfect mommy and me moment with her little bundle of joy. Get both the tee and the onesie for the mom-to-be, and she’ll be ready to have a twinning moment with her babe.

$14.95 AT CARTER'S

Mother’s Day Gifts For Expecting Moms

Merci Maman The Duchess Necklace

As seen on Kate Middleton (!), the aptly-named The Duchess necklace will make any pregnant mom feel like the baby-growing queen she is. This piece is completely customizable, which makes it extra special. Choose from sterling silver or 18 karat yellow or rose gold finishes, add on boy or girl children charms, add a mini heart charm, and decide what special message you’d like engraved on the center disc. This is a wonderful gift for first-time moms or mommin’ pros who already have a kid or two.


Holly & Tanager The Pro Tote Backpack

She probably already has a diaper bag, but for those times she needs to be completely hands-free, a backpack is where it’s at. Get the soon-to-be mom in your life the thing she doesn’t know she needs — yet. The Pro Backpack Tote from Holly & Tanager lets Mom tote her and Baby’s stuff in style, plus it gives her what she really wants: Options! With convertible clip-on straps, this bag can transform from a backpack to a tote to a crossbody bag and more. While it’s great for hauling things for the fam, she can also use it as a carry-on or for stashing her laptop and travel gear in the future. It’s available in 6 colors from neutral black to this sunshiney yellow.


Artifact Uprising Baby Book Baby Book | The Story of You

If your favorite mom-to-be collects memories like stray binkies around the house, she’ll love preserving some of her favorite motherhood moments in this beautiful book. This hardcover from Artifact Uprising comes in 7 different fabric/font color combinations and features fill-in-the-blank pages to record special milestones, month by month. Further, each book purchase includes a gift card for a set of high-quality Everyday Prints that Mama can order at her convenience to get started on her memory book-making.


The Letter Nest 16 x 20 Alphabet Print

When it comes to beautiful decor gifts for the nursery, let’s face it — the present is really for Mom! After all, she’ll spend countless hours in there rocking, changing, and bonding with her LO, and it’s where some of their sweetness memories will be made. So, help her brighten up the walls with a gorgeous 16 x 20-inch alphabet print from The Letter Nest, made with original designs from artist Sally King McBride. There are different letter styles to go with any nursery, including circus, animals, and Paris themes, plus your choice of a natural or white-colored frame. Or, you can get a letter print of the new baby’s name; head to theletternest.com to create a custom order, which starts at $125. It’s a gift the family will treasure for years, and BTW: We’ve seen these prints in person and they are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S.


Scary Mommy One Strong Mother Oval Bracelet

This wearable mantra is suited for any strong mama (read: all mamas), but it’s an especially sweet gift for an expecting mom with pre-baby nerves. There’s a lot of excitement as well as scary unknowns, but one thing’s for sure: She’s a strong mother and she’s got this!


bloom daily planners New Pregnancy and Baby's First Year Journal

No, you can’t plan everything (maybe not even Baby … heh, heh …) but you can try. Moms-to-be who can’t function without their trusty planner will love this pregnancy planner/journal/scrapbook hybrid to help document this special time. The spiral-bound hardcover book is filled with tabs to plan and record what she expects when she’s expecting; two sheets of stickers make it extra fun. The planner also includes sections for the new bundle of joy’s first year of life, making it a useful, all-in-one gift for any eager mama. 

$34.95 AT AMAZON

Christina Greene AMA Pendant Necklace

Say it loud and say it proud! Mama will be proud to put her new name on display (paired with her adorable baby bump) with this simple but statement-making necklace that goes with anything. It’s available in 18 karat gold or rose gold plating to suit any mom-to-be’s style.


Ekouaer Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set

Come third trimester (and in the months postpartum), she’ll be living in this adorable pajama set. Not only does it accommodate her growing bump — the shorts even feature an adjustable elastic waistband — it offers easy nursing access so she’ll wear it on repeat even after Baby is born. It’s made of soft, lightweight fabric to keep Mama comfy (hellloooo, hot flashes), and is available in 11 color combos.


$18.99 AT AMAZON

Kindred Bravely Hospital Bag Bundle

We love this multi-tasking bundle; expecting moms can start using the items now, and they’ll keep reaching for them in those postpartum months. It also provides some staples she’ll need to pack in her hospital bag. This set includes a buttery-soft robe, a French terry racerback bra, a nursing-friendly tank, a pair of grippy socks, a cute delivery gown, and the brand’s ever-popular Postpartum Panties, which can accommodate padsicles and C-section recovery. You’ll even be able to customize the bundle especially for the recipient by choosing the gown pattern, bra color and size, sock saying, and more!


Decadence Solid 14k Gold Genuine Birthstone Earrings

For the record, birthstone stud earrings are always a good idea, and you don’t have to go to a fine jewelry store to get them. These 6 mm stud earrings by Decadence are available on Amazon, making gifting fine jewelry easier than ever. They feature genuine stones (14 different types — price varies from around $50 to $70, depending on the stone) and 14 karat solid gold settings in white or yellow gold. These earrings have a high star rating and over 800 reviews, and buyers say that they’re quality, affordable, and perfect for anyone with sensitive ears. Get the soon-to-be mama a set of studs in the month she’s due, and she’ll be touched by the thoughtfulness you put into it.

$48.89 AT AMAZON

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