Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021: 60+ Best Gifts, Picked By Moms

The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts We’re Giving & Hoping To Receive

April 16, 2020 Updated April 9, 2021

Scary Mommy, Amazon and Merci Maman

You’ve found it: The ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide for moms, grandmas, spouses, mothers-in-law, even hard-to-buy-for moms who have you stumped. After all, the whole purpose of the day is to show that you care, and different moms prefer to be appreciated in different ways. There are gifts for the sentimental mom who holds memories dear or the practical mom who’d take function over clutter any day. There’s Grandma, who plays a maternal role for both you and your kids, expecting moms with a bun in the oven, and there are other moms in your life — sisters, friends, even doting dog moms — who you’d like to recognize, even if it’s just in a small way. From the best Mother’s Day gifts on Amazon to unique picks from luxe retailers, we’ve got the goods, and then some. And BTW, this list was curated by moms, meaning it’s the stuff we actually want, so the mom in your life will, too.

Since we’re all about moms here at Scary Mommy (obvi), we’ve also got Mother’s Day round-ups for the best gifts for sending (including virtual gifts), the best mom jewelry, the best delivery boxes, and thoughtful presents to give, even if you’re in a hurry. But first, a few answers to your burning questions…

When is Mother’s Day 2021?

Mother’s Day this year is Sunday, May 9. Mark it in your calendar, or else.

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated on different dates?

The exact date of Mother’s Day varies each year. Here in the US (and in many other countries) it’s always on the second Sunday in May. Fun fact: In some countries, like the UK, they celebrate Mothering Sunday, which always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This is a Christian-based holiday that dates back to the middle ages.

What is the origin of Mother’s Day?

Did you know Mother’s Day as we know it is a relatively recent holiday? While celebrations of mom can be traced back for centuries, the official holiday as we know it was established in 1914 by Anna Jarvis, according to History.com. The founder wanted to honor her late mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. However, she was later so disappointed with the commercialization of the holiday, she tried to have it removed from American culture.


You learn something new every day, eh? So without further ado, scroll on for our extensive list of Mother’s Day gifts for every Mama, Grandma, and belvoed mother figure in your life.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts

HOME SMILE Ceramic Jewelry Dish

The perfect trinket to gift with a shiny new piece of jewelry (found elsewhere on this list … hint, hint), this dish keeps gems safe and provides a sweet daily reminder that Mom is loved. It’s made with ceramic and trimmed with gold paint for an extra special touch.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Wine Condoms

Alright: It may be a little awkward to gift this to *your* mom (or maybe not?) but your “Mommy juice”-drinking sister or your kid-toting BFF (who swears she won’t have another) will get a kick out of ‘em.  And yes, Wine Condoms are good for more than just a laugh. They’re wine stoppers that provide an airtight seal and prevent spillage, too. While corks can shed pieces and traditional stoppers add height, these thin rubber shields allow you to effectively keep out oxygen and store bottles upright in the fridge. Plus, they are stretchy enough to fit over different-sized bottle openings. This set comes with six reusable Wine Condoms so your favorite wino can keep the party going long after Mother’s Day is over.

$14.97 AT AMAZON

Scary Mommy The Best Shit For Mom Candle Gift Set (3 count)

We hope we’re not being too forward, but the fact is, moms deserve the best sh*t. This trio of candles, straight from the Scary Mommy Shop, definitely fits the bill. In addition to flickering ambiance, Mama will get candles that say “This Mom Is Lit,” “I Can’t Talk Right Now. I’m Doin’ Shit,” and the “S.O.S Candle (Straight Outta Shits).” They feature fragrances like flowers (my second favorite F word), mimosa & chill, and sage against the machine to really suit Mom’s many (very colorful) moods.


Papier Notebook & Notecard Set

In this digital day and age, Mom still knows the importance of a handwritten note. But why scribble on a scrap of paper? Instead, a gorgeous stack of notecards from Papier is much more suitable for penning her heartfelt sentiments. This set includes 20 notecards plus envelopes as well as a matching hardcover notebook that’s pretty enough to keep on her desk in her home office. Both the notecards and notebook can even be customized with her name or even a special title or message that’s meant just for her.


Shutterfly Gallery of Five Puzzle

This Gallery of Five Puzzle from Shutterfly is genius. This personalized photo puzzle, consisting of your most cherished photos (you can choose one special family portrait or up to nine individual photos), comes straight from the heart. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it even comes in a matching photo box to display on your coffee table. While we’re always up for a good challenge, you have the option to downsize to a 60-piece puzzle (recommended for ages 6+). Cue the awws.


Hanging In There Gift Set

For the mom who wants nothing more than a little peace and quiet, you can give it to her …. along with this 3-pack of door hangers that humorously tell everyone to buzz off. Yes, they’re funny, but the sentiment is serious: Leave her alone.


Jade Roller

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the hundreds of influencer skincare routines we’ve watched on Instagram, it’s that rolling your face every morning is #necessary. Especially for moms, who deal with more stress, anxiety, and wrinkle-inducing antics than most of us. So chances are she’ll love this jade face roller. Handcrafted with real natural jade, it’s dual-sided (one larger and one smaller) so she can get into all the nooks and crannies of her face and neck to boost collagen production and improve elasticity.

$11.95 AT AMAZON

Scary Mommy Shop "Thanks For Wiping My Butt" Card

So you found the perfect present … now it’s time for the perfect card! Say how much you appreciate her while you say it like it is with this tastefully-illustrated “Thanks For Wiping My Butt” card. After all, she, you know, did.


Haus Sampler Kit

Ah, the days when we could sit and have a nice, refreshing cocktail in quiet. While you may not be able to give your Momma giftee peace and quiet this Mother’s Day (but OMG please, please try) — you can gift her an easy and delicious cocktail from Haus. In this Sampler Kit, you’ll have your choice between seven different spirits. There are blends like Grapefruit Jalapeño for our tequila drinkers, Bitter Clove for those who love whiskey,  or Rose Rosé for those who like something sweet. And before you ask, YES they’re alcoholic (18-20% ABV to be exact) and they taste like they came straight from a pro mixologist! The great thing about Haus is that you can drink it solo on the rocks, or do your own thing and create a brand new cocktail. Mama needs her juice and it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!


Best Sentimental Mother’s Day Gifts

ByCuddles Handwritten Family Recipe Keepsake Towel

Preserve a piece of family history with this personalized recipe hand towel. Here’s how it works: You scan a beloved recipe card and email it to Texas-based maker ByCuddles (click the “contact” button on their virtual storefront). Then, they’ll have it printed on a machine-washable towel where it can be proudly displayed (and referenced, if needed!). This is a unique and thoughtful way to honor a legendary recipe that’s been passed down for generations, and seeing it in a loved one’s handwriting makes it even more special. Online marketplace goimagine donates its profits to charity, and this year, it’s Horizons for Homeless Children. Might as well get a copy for all the moms in your family!


Shutterfly From The Kitchen Of (Mom) Photo Book

Turn your family’s prized recipes into a beautifully bound book complete with photos. Easy to create with predetermined layouts and text plus the ability to group by category, the only thing hard about this will be deciphering the recipes off those yellowed and worn-out index cards. If by some miracle these treasured family secrets are digital (aka Ina Garten or The Pioneer Woman’s secrets), then copy and paste is also an option. This is a one and done: Create it one time and gift it to each mom in the fam.


Currently on sale

Merci Maman Personalized Intertwined Chain Bracelet

Symbolic of the unbreakable bond of a mother and child, Merci Maman’s Intertwined Bracelet features interlocking circles that are hand-engraved for a personal touch. (Fun fact: “Merci Maman” means “Thank you, Mummy” in French.) Whether you choose your family’s names, a special date, or a heartfelt message, this piece is definitely one she’ll cherish. It’s available in 18 karat gold or rose gold plating or 925 sterling silver — there’s a necklace version, too. BTW, this brand has personalized pieces for Kate Middleton and Charlotte Tilbury, so yeah, it’s a good one.



Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

Kids of all ages will have a grand time filling out this precious “What I Love About Mom” journal from Knock Knock. While we already know that mom is the bomb dot com, odds are, we don’t express our love enough. From hilarious to honest and heartfelt, this book includes 50 fill-in-the-blank prompts that will serve as a keepsake for years to come. FYI: Some of the prompts (like this one: “If you were a scent, you’d be…”) are funny. Remember, moms always need a good laugh! For the little ones, you may want to give them a separate piece of paper to jot down their initial responses and then transfer their final thoughts to the book. Voilà! When it’s all done, this journal deserves a spot on the coffee table (or mom can tuck it away for safekeeping). As far as gifts go, this one is priceless. Now, be sure to grab the tissues, ‘cuz you know moms.

$10.00 AT AMAZON

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Wives

UrbanStems Floral Arrangements

There is no mom (repeat after me-NO MOM) who wouldn’t love a beautiful, tasteful, colorful arrangement of flowers for Mother’s Day or any day. UrbanStems has curated so many beautiful choices that even we had a hard time choosing our faves. Special call out to a few including The Firecracker (featured here), The Luna, and The Maia (we love any arrangement with a spring peony). If your bestie likes something a little more posh—choose from the Vogue Collection. Flowers too short lived for your giftee? Wait until you see the orchid plants (ooh…the Chickadee) and the Cairo (towering snake plant leaves). Decisions are hard, and moms don’t have time to spend on big decisions, so know that whichever you pick for the special mama will be a success.



Aris Designs 14k Chevron Hoop Earrings

The only thing better than these beautiful 14-karat solid gold hoops is their story: They’re handmade by in Oregon and each purchase helps support a small business. Even better, the online marketplace goimagine donates its profits to charity, and this year, it’s Horizons for Homeless Children. Fashion never felt so good!


Ostrichpillow Heated Neck Wrap

For the wife who always says you’re a pain in the neck … we kid, we kid, but this heated neck wrap is wonderful for soothing aches and pains. Whether it’s from craning over a computer, bending over to tidy toys, or picking up your toddler (or possibly all three), Ostrichpillow’s newest product is a must-have for any mom. It’s filled with weighted clay beads that can provide hot or cold relief (just zap in the microwave or keep in the freezer), plus it stays comfortably in place when draped across the shoulders. She’ll definitely welcome this addition to her self-care stash.


Gorjana Power Birthstone Coin Necklace

When it comes to gifting your wife with a personal, beautiful piece of jewelry, birthstone necklaces are always a great choice. This pick from Gorjana is equal parts classic and trendy, featuring luxe 18 karat gold plating and a coin pendant set with a genuine stone. Whether you choose her birthstone, your birthstone, or the birthstone of your child, it’s a meaningful piece that’ll become a favorite in her jewelry collection. (P.S. Gorjana even has a gift wrap option so it’ll arrive ready to give!)


Best First Mother’s Day Gifts

Scary Mommy One Strong Mother Oval Bracelet

This wearable mantra is suited for any strong mama (read: all mamas), but it’s an especially sweet gift for new moms in their first year of parenthood. There’s a lot of excitement as well as unknowns, but one thing’s for sure: She’s a strong mother and she’s got this!


Artifact Uprising Baby Book Baby Book | The Story of You

If your fave crafty mom collects memories like stray binkies around the house, she’ll love preserving some of her favorite motherhood moments in this beautiful book. This hardcover from Artifact Uprising comes in 7 different fabric/font color combinations and features fill-in-the-blank pages to record special milestones. Further, each book purchase includes a gift card for a set of high-quality Everyday Prints that Mama can order at her convenience to get started on her memory book-making.


Mom Fuel Mug by HandLetteringLaura

Her morning coffee will taste even better in a gorgeous hand-decorated mug made just for her. Gray marbling with gold accents look endlessly chic, and Etsy seller HandLetteringLaura assures that the design won’t fade, crack, or peel. This particular style is even microwave and dishwasher safe. Think Mom would prefer a different style or sentiment? Check out the designer’s other products, which come in various colors, shapes, and have customizable options.


Scary Mommy Strong Women Raise Strong Women Hoodie

As if mamas didn’t love sweatshirts enough, all this time at home essentially makes them her uniform for work, chores, and everything else. But she still has standards (obvi), so cute sweatshirts are where it’s at. This “Strong women raise strong women” sweatshirt is suited for any fierce girl-mom in your life, but any new mom will love receiving it on her very first Mother’s Day. It’s made with a cotton/poly blend that’s super soft and easy to wear at home or on the go. It’s available in sizes small through 2x.


MAXMODA Women's Kimono Robe

A new mama has no time to pick out an outfit, and having something cute and comfy to throw on — while offering easy breastfeeding access — is ideal. This lightweight cotton wonder is super soft and thin enough that she can run around in it with full mobility — and even better, it’s available in a whole bunch of trendy colors and patterns. There are pockets, too, and you know she’ll use ’em to keep snacks on hand to fulfill her ravenous postpartum appetite. And even if she already has a robe, it’s always a good idea to have a backup for *when* the new baby spits up all over her.

$30.98 AT AMAZON

Holly & Tanager The Pro Tote Backpack

It doesn’t take long for new moms to realize that their petite little purses are a thing of the past (at least for now). Go anywhere with Baby, and you practically need a suitcase for all the stuff you need. Enter the backpack, which offers a roomy, hands-free solution to schlepping the whole family’s needs. We love The Pro Backpack Tote from Holly & Tanager because it’s super chic, plus it gives Mom what she really wants: Options! With convertible clip-on straps, this bag can transform from a backpack to a tote to a crossbody bag and more. That means it’s great for hauling things for Baby, but she can also use it as a travel carry-on or for stashing her laptop and work gear once the office (or coffee shops) re-open. It’s available in 6 colors to suit any mama’s style.


Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Grandma

Bread Bosses 9" Banneton Proofing Basket

Homemade bread is experiencing a resurgence right now. Anyone who has tried to make their own bread knows that when the loaf deflates as it cools, so does our ego. The secret to perfect crusty sourdough that stays risen is Bread Bosses Banneton. The setup is so simple that it works with any recipe and makes the perfect gift idea for bakers. The Banneton wicks moisture away from the surface of the bread to make for a crisper round loaf more than common bread baking methods. Even if the baking mom hasn’t delved into homemade bread yet, this should provide all the necessary inspiration. The Bread Bosses Banneton comes with a linen liner which can be used to create smooth, perfectly round bread. Or utilize the handmade craftsmanship of the basket without the liner, which creates a ring pattern on the final bread product worthy of a boulangerie in Paris all while in the comfort of our own kitchen.

$16.40 AT AMAZON

Akola Make Your Own Bracelet Kit

For many of us, being away from our moms can be challenging—and vice versa. The good news: They’re always just a FaceTime away. Beyond a pretty bouquet of blooms and boxed chocolate, this Mother’s Day calls for some serious DIY magic. Akola’s newly launched bead kit is best enjoyed in good company… even if you’re miles apart. Send one of the kits to yourself, and one to your mom, so that you can have an epic Mother’s Day bracelet-making Zoom party. What could be more fun? Each build-your-own-bracelet-kit contains all the supplies you’ll need (hand-rolled Karatasi beads, raffia tassels, and stretch cord) to make two bracelets. Don’t fret if you’re not a self-proclaimed craft queen. Easy as 1-2-3, the step-by-step instructions will make following along a cinch. Bonus: With every Akola purchase, 100% of profits are reinvested back into the women they employ.


Beekeeper's Naturals Hive Pharmacy

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of health. In a time when a tiny throat tickle can throw anyone into a panic, any mom will appreciate having a stockpile of Beekeeper’s Naturals on hand. These are natural, bee product-based immunity boosters (that taste delicious!) that soothe symptoms and help prevent sickness. Even better, they’re made with powerful, clean ingredients. She’ll love adding the B. Powered Superfood Honey (with propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen — yes, the real good stuff)  to her tea and spritzing some B. Immune Throat Spray in her throat every time it feels sore, scratchy, or irritated. The B. Smart Brain Fuel vials contain a super-potent blend that’ll give her an extra boost if she’s feeling sluggish or under the weather.


Aura Carver Smart Frame

When it comes to gifting a digital photo frame, ease of use is key, and with the Aura smart digital frame, the recipient doesn’t need to be tech-savvy to enjoy it. That’s because photos can be added by you via the Aura app and an unlimited number of people can be invited to share. In sum: You can gift this frame to Grandma, and you and your siblings can send pictures to it right from your phones — she doesn’t even need to know what an app is. That said, this frame is also Alexa-compatible, so if Gran already has an Alexa device, she can choose to add voice control. But don’t just take our word for it — the Aura frame has over 1,500 reviews and a near-perfect rating on Amazon.


Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Hard-To-Buy-For Moms

Zimasilk Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Nothing feels quite as luxurious as slipping into satin sheets (so we’ve been told). And while an entire set of said sheets can be pretty pricey (and pretty impractical for a mama with little ones tracking juice and snacks into her bed), you can at least treat her to a silk pillowcase. After all, the trendy shams have been touted for preventing both bad hair days (no more frizz or knots!) and facial wrinkles (we’re sold!). This one—which comes in 27 gorgeous colors from royal navy to blush pink—is made of 100 percent Mulberry silk, which is hypoallergenic and breathable. According to its nearly 6,000 reviewers, the pillowcase is incredibly soft and smooth and looks as sumptuous as it feels.

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Mario Badescu Spritz Mist and Glow Facial Spray Collection

She does the grocery shopping, sends you homemade treats, and hosts Christmas dinner every year. Basically, moms are guilty of spending all their time and money on everyone else. But they deserve something special for themselves, too. Treat the mama in your life to this trio of mists from beloved beauty brand Mario Bandescu. The set will take her from morning to night with a green tea and cucumber facial spray (for when she wakes up), an herb and rosewater spray (for freshening up throughout the day), and a chamomile and lavender spray (for before bed). Each mist also contains aloe for extra hydration and, according to reviewers, is just what Mom needs to wake up her face and feel more refreshed. Bonus: The mists are great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

$21.00 AT AMAZON

Hanacure The All-In-One Facial Set

Your partner has for sure seen the viral social media images of what this does to your face — and it’s impressive! Get her one of these for Mother’s Day and maybe she’ll let you do a mask, too!


Goodfit Puzzles

For the woman still very into the puzzle craze of the last year, this brand is the best. Every puzzle directly supports an artist, a charity they’ve chosen, and our small business.


RiLEY Linen Sheet Set

When it comes to gifting someone who already has everything, a set of luxe sheets are always a good idea. Even if she already has a favorite set (or two, or three), it’s always handy to have another. And, we bet she doesn’t already have an airy set of linen sheets in her collection. Enter, RiLEY’s linen sheet set made from 100% euroflax Belgian linen for a smooth, buttery feel and impeccable breathability. She’ll enjoy slipping under these breezy sheets on balmy summer nights, but really, they’re comfy enough for year-round use. (And BTW, we can tell you from experience they are ah-mazing.) The standard sheet set comes with a fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases — you can choose to add on a top sheet, too. Get them in grey, heathered sand, heathered navy, or classic white to go with literally any decor style (yes, even your ridiculously picky mother-in-law’s). Crisis averted!


Linné Botanicals S C R U B Face Mask

When mom can’t make it to the spa, she can have a luxury face mask right at home with the S C R U B Face Mask from Linné Botanicals. The exfoliating mask will leave her skin feeling smooth and leave her feeling as relaxed as she’s ever been thanks to ingredients like bamboo silica, bilberry extract, and chamomile and turmeric essential oils. Sounds soothing, right?

One reviewer said it perfectly: “I’m so happy I tried this! I use it once a week and it just makes you look a sexy movie star. It’s also so gentle – the particles are perfectly rounded and do not scrape at the skin. It also caused no tingling for me. I was taught to stay away from products containing citrus extracts but this product is formulated so well that you end up really getting solely the benefits of these natural and powerful ingredients!”


on sale!

Brooklinen Waffle Bath Towel Bundle

Adding to the list of gifts you can’t go wrong giving is a set of nice bath towels, and when it comes to nice bath towels, Brooklinen’s are guaranteed to please. Their new waffle knit towels have a luxe texture and are light, absorbent, and quick-drying, which is perfect for the warm days ahead. The Waffle Bath Towel Bundle includes 2 towels, 2 hand towels, and a bath mat and comes in 4 neutral colors. If you’re unsure which hue Mom would prefer, stick with fresh, classic white.


Currently 10% off

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

There’s a reason so many moms are fans of the messy bun or the no-fuss bob—there’s just no time in the morning to mess with their hair. Or at least there wasn’t until now. Meet the cult-favorite Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush. It has almost 40,000 (!!) glowing reviews on Amazon, with busy women everywhere gushing over how effective—and efficient—it is at styling their hair. “My hair looks like I just walked out of the salon and spent $100 every time,” one woman said of the tool, which dries hair while adding volume at the same time. With three different heat and speed settings and detangling bristles, the brush also has an ION generator to give Mom the shiny, silky hair she hasn’t seen since her pre-kid days.

$41.88 AT AMAZON

Nourish Exotic Black Turmeric Mud Mask

“Nourish Mantra Exotic Black Turmeric Mud Mask is formulated with a rare herb Black Turmeric, this Mud Mask adheres to the skin and effectively delivers skin plumping. The moisturizing actives improve the skin’s elasticity and restore youthful luster.” Yes, please.


iRobot Roomba 675

If your ultimate goal is to make your favorite mom’s life easier, the iRobot Roomba is definitely worth the splurge (ps. you can often find special offers). Checking vacuuming off her to-do list will save hours of her precious time, especially if she has kids and/or pets to pick up after. Though pricey, the Roomba 675 is on the more affordable end of the Roomba lineup, but it still offers some impressive features. It glides over both hardwood and carpeted floors, navigates itself around and under furniture, returns to its dock when it’s low on power, and can be controlled with the iRobot HOME app, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. While higher-priced models come with more bells and whistles (optional keep-out zones, scheduled room cleanings, anti-allergen systems, etc.), this automatic vacuum will still get the job done. And if you’re still trying to justify the price, think of it this way: It’s cheaper than hiring a housekeeper in the long run. 

$249.99 AT AMAZON

DW Caffe Mocha Candle

Does your mom/wife/grandma/friend love the smell of freshly brewed, sweet sweet coffee? Does she also love candles? The two naturally go hand-in-hand, which is why DW Home created their new line of coffee candles that smell exactly like artfully brewed coffee and look like it too! DW has several scents in this new collection, including Caramel Macchiato, Matcha Green Tea Latte, Salted Caramel Latte, and Chai Latte. Seriously, heavenly.


Best Mother’s Day Gifts For Practical Moms

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle

Any mom can make drinks more exciting for herself and her family with the SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker. This handy little device can add carbonated pizzazz to plain old water,  plus the whole crew can create their own concoctions with flavorings, too!

The Fizzi is manually-operated (each push of a button adds a burst of CO2),  so those with limited counter space will appreciate not getting tangled up in chords. But for busy mamas who prefer as little effort as possible, the electric-powdered Fizzi One Touch may be the better option.

This bundle is the perfect set for beginner bubble makers and includes two BPA-free bottles, two CO2 canisters, two bottles of zero calorie fruit drops (orange and lime), and of course, the SodaStream machine. In addition to providing a healthy and fun way to keep the whole fam hydrated, moms can feel good about reducing the consumption of single-use bottles and cans. Now, that’s cause for celebration; sparkling cocktails, anyone?

$195.00 AT AMAZON

InnoGear Upgraded Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

For the mom who believes essential oils are the answer to everything (from migraines to insomnia to temper tantrums), a new diffuser makes the perfect gift. This one is a best-seller on Amazon because it has two different misting modes (continuous or intermittent) to choose from based on your preferences and such a large capacity that it can run non-stop overnight (and yes, there’s an auto-off safety feature). Another thing that sets this diffuser apart from the others? It has a color-changing light that rotates through eight soft hues for added ambiance. “This diffuser is amazing—it’s a gift from God himself,” one of the 24,000+ reviewers writes, adding that it’s “easy to control the color/water output, small and compact, easy to clean, and outright beautiful.”

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Instant Pot DUO (8-qt)

Make dinner duty infinitely easier for Mom with the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot Duo isn’t just a pressure cooker (and steamer… and saute-er… etc.), it’s also a slow cooker—and a good one, at that. Equipped with a 6-quart stainless steel pot that’s both durable and dishwasher-safe, the Duo also uses a high-tech microprocessor to monitor the temperature, time, and heat and adjusts accordingly as your food cooks. I.e. you don’t have to worry about checking your food every 20 minutes to make sure it’s actually on track for your 6 p.m. dinnertime.

$99.00 AT AMAZON

Unicook Ceramic Baking Stone

The mom in our life with lots of little mouths to feed will benefit from a baking stone for years to come. This simple yet classic must-have item is often overlooked when developing our kitchen arsenal. Why does the busy mom in your life need the Unicook Heavy Duty Baking Stone? Bake sale cookies and homemade pizza to start. Make mom the envy of every bakesale Betty Crocker out there. Baking cookies on stoneware allows for heat retention while baking and allows for moisture to be drawn away from the cookie leaving them crisp on the bottom (aka perfect, not burned) every time.  Stoneware is one of those kitchen gems that improve with age. The more we use it, the darker and more seasoned it gets, yielding better and better results over time. The best part? This heavy-duty stoneware can also be used on the outside grill, meaning our grill master spouse can take a turn as well!

$39.99 AT AMAZON

enro In Bloom Face Mask

If Mom has to wear a face mask, it might as well be a cute one, right? Enro’s new In Bloom face masks — seen on the likes of Katherine Schwarzenegger and Emma Roberts — will do the trick. This mask is breathable, lightweight, and contains a PM0.1 filter. Plus, it’ll add a bright floral pop to Mom’s outfit, just in time for spring! In addition to coming in small, medium, and large sizes, it features an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops for an impeccable fit.

$16.50 AT ENRO

Best Mother’s Day Plant Gifts

AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360

There is something about the smell of fresh basil that really perks up the senses. One the most versatile and aromatic of herbs, it is a staple in so many classic recipes. For the versatile city chef or the not so green thumbed mama, we’re loving the easy to use AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 herb garden. Designed to grow without soil, this makes the perfect gift for moms who lack outdoor garden space or the green thumb to match. Bonus— this makes for a super fun science project for the kids! Hydroponics is the way of our food future, growing herbs and veggies in water, not soil. Up to 6 plants grow up to 12” in the compact, counter space saving, base. The easy to use control panels provide reminders for food and water, while the automatic timer regulates the light to just the right amount. The only question left is which recipe are we going to make with our first bounty? Even homemade pizza wins here.

$179.95 AT AMAZON

Bloomscape Easy Peasy Collection

A few low-maintenance plants for the low-maintenance mama. Turns out, you don’t have to have a green thumb to add some natural greenery to your indoor space. This trio includes two Sansevieria varieties and a Ponytail Palm, all of which thrive in indirect light so she can enjoy their natural beauty just about anywhere in her home.


Lettuce Grow Hydroponic Farmstand

Whether she’s already an avid gardener or doesn’t want to set foot in a grocery store this year, she’ll love trying her hand at Lettuce Grow, an indoor/outdoor all-in-one container farmstand system started by mama and actor Zooey Deschanel. Imagine having a 40-square-foot farm in her backyard—all in the footprint of a 4-square-foot vessel? Help her choose from more than 200 varieties of leafy greens, veggies and herbs, with only a 5-minute commitment per day—the Lettuce Grow Farmstand is self-watering and self-fertilizing, meaning she’ll barely have to lift a finger (really!). Hydroponic technology means growing without soil (i.e. no weeding), and increased yields and faster growing. It’s a bit of a splurge, price-wise, but consider that in just three weeks, she’ll have a bona fide bounty to share with the fam.



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