It's Almost Summertime! Here Are The Best Gifts For Anyone Who Loves To Host Potlucks

by Team Scary Mommy
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Everyone has that one friend who lives to host and entertain guests. They love to invite people over and can put up a party for 10 in under an hour. You love going to their house for a potluck because they’re your good friend but also, because they understand the beauty of a half-a** dinner party. And if you can’t think of anyone that fits the description, surprise Mama, it’s probably you.

Potlucks and dinner parties are meant for quality time with friends and family, hilarious jokes, and maybe a competitive game or two. It’s truly an event that brings people together, and it’s usually the job of one person to make it all happen. Well, it’s time to give back and say thanks for all the happy memories.

If you’re looking for potluck gift ideas for your favorite party hostess or home chef, this list will help you find something they’ll love (and will actually use). From utensil organizers and casserole dishes, all the way up to portable bar carts (because who wouldn’t love that?). This list covers it all. Ahead are 18 summer potluck gifts for someone that loves food, hosting, and entertaining. Get ready to bask in the credit for making future gatherings even better, because these items are on every hosts’ potluck checklist.

Best Potluck Gifts

You reap the benefits, she does all the work and she loves it. It’s a win for all so why not give her a gift this year that will make her already amazing gatherings even better?


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