The Best Going Away Gifts To Make Saying Goodbye A Little Easier

by Emily Popp
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going away gifts
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Saying goodbye is never easy, and finding the right going away gift for a friend who’s moving can be stressful. You want a gift that’s thoughtful but personal. You want something that says “I’m really gonna miss you,” but without being cheesy. And you don’t want to just give them some tchotchke that are going to get lost or forgotten in all the clutter and chaos of packing up and moving. So we’ve put together an ultimate list of farewell gift ideas so you can find the perfect present to say “bye for now…but not forever.”

And look, it’s okay to selfishly want your friend to stay but also wish them well on their new adventure. Whether it’s your best friend or a family member who is moving out of state or a co-worker who got a new job or a neighbor who bought a new home, it’s hard to have anyone you’re close to move far away. Simply stated: saying goodbye sucks. So we pulled together the best going away gift ideas to make the whole process suck a little less.

Below, see our picks for the perfect goodbye gift.

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers

Going Away Gifts For Friends


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