The Best LEGO Storage Ideas To Save Your Feet & Sanity 2021

The Best LEGO Storage Ideas To Save Your Feet And Sanity

September 21, 2020 Updated September 2, 2021

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Lego storage containers, bins, and organizers can help prevent some of the most common parent ouchies … and that’s putting in nicely. “Ow &[email protected]#!” We’ve all said it — especially when we’ve just stepped on a Lego. Legos are amazing building toys! They teach kids of all ages and abilities to create and imagine. They can occupy our kids for hours, giving us parents a well-deserved moment to ourselves, so thank you Legos! But, these cool toys are also miniature torture devices used to torment tired adult feet. If you have ever dropped the F-bomb after stepping on a Lego land mine while your child looks on stunned and scared — then you know Lego storage is a serious matter.

Yes, Lego storage solutions should be cute and functional, but it is absolutely imperative to find the Lego storage your child will actually use. Lego tables are a popular solution since they offer a contained place to build with the bonus of storage. As expected, all the Lego brand storage containers are practical to use and adorable decorative additions to a child’s bedroom. And then there are all those other Lego storage ideas that aren’t specifically created for Legos, but they do the trick in taming the mess.

For a Lego storage option that could actually work with the style of your home, we asked Alexandra Parrish, CEO and founder of interior design company Revolutionized by Design, for her go-to solution.

“As a designer, a huge part of my job is creating beautiful spaces that have functionality for real life,” Parrish told Scary Mommy. “For toy and Lego storage, you can’t go wrong with the IKEA KALLAX shelving units. They come in various sizes and colors (can even be primed and painted if you want a custom look), can be added together to fill out a space, and they even offer all sorts of perfectly fitting bin options that will work with different design styles, from modern to boho and just about everything in between.”

Regardless of what Lego storage solution you choose, save your feet (and the embarrassment of hearing your little one repeat your obscenities) and clear the Lego minefield once and for all.

Lego Tables With Storage

Utex 2-in-1 Lego Storage Table And Chairs

Looking for a comfortable place for your little ones to build while keeping the Lego clutter contained? The Utex 2-in-1 Lego Storage Table is a perfect work place for your little creator. With 2 kid sized chairs that match the stain of the table (white or espresso), this functional Lego activity table is a stylish addition to any room. “This has been one of the best bangs for my buck as far as kids items EVER. I bought it for my 8 year old daughter’s birthday. The plan was to give her someplace to not just play with Lego, but store them, so we never have to step on them. It’s brilliant at that. The Legos never leave the table,” reviews one Amazon customer. Plus, “the tiny little chairs are still sturdy enough for big grown up butts to sit in.” Simply flip the table top between Lego panels and a flat top to use the table for any other activity from remote learning to arts and crafts.

$135.99 AT AMAZON

Play Platoon Kids 5-in-1 Lego Activity Table

Brighten up your playroom with the colorful Play Platoon Kids 5-in-1 Lego Activity Table. Available in 3 colors (primary, blue & green, and pastel), the multi-purpose table can be used as a water table,  sensory table, lego building and storage table (it does come with 25 extra large blocks to get the building started), a craft table, and as storage. Perfect for the younger littles in your life, the Play Platoon Lego Storage Tables comes with 2 vivid toddler chairs in coordinating colors. One mom reviews on Amazon, “Love this thing! I got this for my 2 year old and she LOVES it. It’s perfect for Legos, sensory playing and normal table function. Even the little chairs are great and easy for her to move around because they are super light. This is a great, multi-functional activity table and I love it. Price for the quality and function is definitely a great deal. Totally recommend it!”

$67.97 AT AMAZON

KidKraft Wooden 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board

Keep the Lego clutter fully contained with the KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table. This Lego storage table is especially loved by parents for the pinch-free hinged wooden storage table in the center. It’s containment will stop your worrying about their little fingers getting ouchies (or pinching your own digits and dropping the f bomb). Lego, Duplo, and major building block brand compatible, the KidKraft Play N Store Table comes with 200 building bricks and a 30-piece wood train starter kit to get your little builder going. One reviewer said, “My 5 year old was so happy when he saw this Christmas morning ! This was easy to put together , came with simple introductions . Great storage for legos . My son has been spending hours building legos !”

$79.99 AT AMAZON

Lego Storage Containers & Bins

Room Copenhagen Lego Brick Storage Box

Nothing says Lego like the famed brick itself. So when looking to tackle your overflowing lego problem, it seems obvious (duh) to consider a giant lego to solve this storage problem. But seriously, these Lego Brick Storage Boxes by Room Copenhagen are rad! Available in 4 brick sizes (1, 2, 4, & 8 studs) and 18 cheerful colors, these Lego Brick Storage Box are the Lego storage solution for every decor. You don’t even have to have kids or need Lego storage to add some of these to your home. Best part – you can actually build with these storage bricks, yup, they are working Legos that actually stack on top of each other like the originals. The Room Copenhagen Lego Storage Box is totally compatible with other Lego brand storage bricks too – so you can create large scale builds (and save space with them stacked) while conquering your storage needs. One Amazon customer reviewed, “I love them! Whether you buy them for your kids, or you buy them for yourself, they are great for storage and stack just like giant Legos and are SO WORTH THE MONEY!!”

$49.95 AT AMAZON

Lego Storage Head

Who doesn’t want one of these cute Lego Storage Heads hanging around your house? These quirky heads come in different boy or girl faces and special Halloween pumpkin and skeleton heads. Choose how big of a mess you need to tame with a mini, small, or large head. Or just buy all three (the one thing you can count on kids for is getting more and more crap to store, better be prepared.) ”The head that may save feet”, reviewed one Amazon customer. “The storage capacity is quite generous. The kids were excited to receive their brightly colored Lego head and, so far, continue to enjoy filling it up after use. Since Lego bricks are not laying around on the floor, their Mom is happy with the purchase also. It may be a bit of a stretch to say the Lego head saves lives. However, it may reduce foot discomfort associated with stepping on stray bricks.” Continue the building fun when cleanup time is over, and stack the Lego Storage Head on one another or top your Lego brick storage boxes for bigger fun.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Matty's Toy Stop Brik-Kase 2-GO Travel, Building, Storage & Organizer Container Case

This “briefcase” will ensure all of your kiddo’s necessities are in order. On top, a building platform compatible with Lego, Brickteck, MegaBlok, and more. And when open, the case is a multi-cubby organizer’s heaven. One happy customer raved, “We are trying to use less and less electronics with our son – this case is perfect for carting around legos for restaurants, plane rides, play dates and even to store things at home. He feels pretty cool carrying it too! Great buy!”

$24.99 AT AMAZON

LEGO 3-Drawer Storage Rack

If you’re looking for storage that doesn’t take up too much space, but still has room for your little one to play on this 3-drawer Storage Rack by LEGO is the one for you. One reviewer said, “We use the storage drawers to store all the small pieces that have come with the Christmas buildings for the past 10 years,” they said. “The large Lego building base on the top allows our grandchildren to pick out the smaller pieces to create their own Christmas scenes. They change the scene every few days. It has been a bit hit!”

$48.98 AT AMAZON

LEGO Cinch Bucket-Blue

Need a small, easy, and portable bag for you little one’s legos? This one fits the bill. You’ve got the choice between blue or red lego designed bag that features a sturdy handle and drawstring closure. One reviewer said, “I bought 2 of these to give to 2 of my grandsons. They liked them they can put their toys or legos in them and cinch it up and the toys won’t fall out. It makes it easy to bring their toys to my house or on a trip. The colors were great and the quality is good. I would [recommend] this product.”

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Bins & Things LEGO Storage Container

This portable carrying case pulls double duty as a storage box for miscellaneous Legos (all Legos become miscellaneous at some point, right?) and as a play station. The top of the case is built out of a Lego building plate, so your kids can play AND stay organized simultaneously. It’s what dreams are made of.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Lego Storage Ideas

Seville Classics 10-Drawer Storage Cart

Looking for more Lego organization than the standard Lego storage solutions that mix all the pieces together in one large space? Ready to sort and color code? Then the Seville Classics 10-Drawer Storage Cart is the answer to all your Lego wohs. “Fabulous as a Lego organizer,” reviewed an Amazon customer.We’re a precision-build Lego household; not the kind of family that just throws all of the legos into a giant tub and uses whatever rises to the top. We needed to be able to pick out the pieces we need and find what we’re looking for. With 10 drawers you can sort them by color and still have drawers left (for) mini figures, tires and gears, and instruction books. I’ve been through all of the possible options for Legos organization and storage and this is the best one.” Available with 5, 8, 10, or 15 drawers, you could organize the whole playroom (heck, your whole house) with Seville Classics Storage Carts of all sizes and colors.

$64.50 AT AMAZON

FOUR UNCLES 2-in-1 Toy Storage And Play Mat

Stop rogue Legos in their tracks with the FOUR UNCLES Toy Storage and Play Mat. It’s a premium storage bucket that pours toys (or anything else you need to contain) onto a 52” play mat with a 3” lip to prevent overflow. Let your Lego builders sort and create until their heart’s content, without the ever dreaded cleanup. Simply lift the play mat to effortlessly slide all the toys back into the basket. Finally no more yelling at your kids to clean up their toys. Yes this storage basket is the ultimate lego storage basket, but it would be just as fantastic for doll collectors, stuffie lovers, or action hero enthusiasts alike! Too bad we can’t put all our partner’s crap in it too – just kidding. (Kinda.)

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Go mom! You finally conquered the Lego clutter. Take a look at all of our innovative ideas and kid gear solutions to keep your family’s mess in check.

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