This 'Golden Girls' Sophia Planter Is All We Ever Wanted

sophia planter

If you’ve been looking for that perfect something for someone golden in your life, look no further. The Silver Buffalo store on Amazon is selling a ceramic planter of Sophia Petrillo, the wry, mischief-making matriarch on the 1980s-era sitcom The Golden Girls, and you can somehow tell she’s mere seconds away from shouting, “Dorothy!”

The small planter, which sits at 3″ x 3″ x 3″, comes with a lifelike artificial succulent already installed, so no worries if your bestie is lacking a green thumb. However, as the first review of the product notes, the artificial plant is easy enough to remove if you have a plant waiting for a new home.

Sophia’s face is incredibly well done with the perfect amount of attitude—remember, she’s not going to Shady Pines, so don’t even think about uttering the idea. Her iconic ’80s glasses have been done in gold, and Silver Buffalo aptly translated her “seriousness” with those slight mouth wrinkles around those no-nonsense thin lips.

“Super cute and fast shipping!” the first five-star reviewer wrote earlier this month, including a picture of the Sophia planter out of the box. “I did remove the fake plant that came in it and replaced it with a real one.”

The Golden Girls Sophia planter just hit Amazon in mid-April, joining the entire collection of Silver Buffalo’s pop culture-related items (their Central Perk stuff is awesome). And for just $19.99, it’ll become the favorite in your friends’ plant collection (and yes, you should definitely buy one for yourself, too).