These Grinch-Inspired Christmas Cookies Are The Ultimate Bake Sale Hack

by Christina Marfice
Originally Published: 
Nestlé Toll House

Need a quick, easy Christmas treat? Nestle is here for you with Grinch-inspired pre-made cookie dough

What if we told you you could do your Christmas baking, end up with an adorable, festive treat that everyone in the family will love, and yet dirty almost no dishes in the process? Fam, it’s true. Nestle is giving you dish-and-hassle-free holiday baking as a gift this year with pre-made “Pinch of Grinch” sugar cookies that are guaranteed to make your heart grow at least three sizes when you see how stinkin’ cute they are.


Seriously, if anything is going to spread holiday cheer in Whoville and beyond, it’s these cookies. They’re sugar cookies with a hint of green coloring that makes them the same light, limey shade as the Grinch themselves. And for an added touch of adorableness, they’re topped with a single red candy heart, just like the Grinch’s heart that finally grew when he was invited to Christmas dinner with the Whos. Just like your heart that’s gonna grow when you bake these adorable holiday treats and don’t have to wash mixing bowls, measuring cups, spoons, and spatulas when you’re done. Because we all know how you feel about doing dishes.

Seriously, all you have to do is plop the premade dough onto a baking sheet. It’s so simple, even Cindy Lou Who (or, you know, your kids) could do it. You’re about to be the most popular mom at the holiday bake sale and this is all the effort it will take. You’re welcome.

You’ll have so much time leftover that you won’t have to cancel any important appointments this year. Merry Christmas to you!

Each package makes 20 cookies, and they retail for around $3 each. You can find them at Target, Kroger, and other major grocery store chains, but not til October, so if you’re not quite in the holiday spirit just yet, that’s OK. There’s still time.

And on the off-chance that you can’t find these in a store near you, they’d be super easy to DIY — just whip up a batch of your favorite sugar cookies, mix in a few drops of green food coloring, and then top each cookie with a cinnamon candy heart after baking, so they don’t melt into little red blobs in the oven. Sure, that way won’t help you do all your holiday baking without having to wash dishes, but for these cookies? We’re OK with that.

Now go plan what you’re going to do with all your free time this holiday season, since baking is officially handled. Christmas is right around the corner, whether you’re as excited as Cindy Lou, or, well, not.

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