8 Best Jewelry Trays And Dishes, According To Stylish Moms

8 Jewelry Trays And Trinket Dishes To Keep Your Rings & Ish Together

June 11, 2020 Updated July 8, 2021


How many times have you told your kiddos to put their laundry away or organize their sock drawer? Too many to count, amirite? We’re not trying to point any fingers, but when was the last time YOU cleaned off your dresser or nightstand? Practice what you preach by turning that heap of tangled necklaces into organized chaos. If you don’t already have one in your possession, then a jewelry dish or tray could be the answer to your prayers (or your partners).

Raise your hand if you have a habit of taking off your jewelry in the most obscure places and then forgetting where you put it? Same, mama, SAME. When a grown-up jewelry box is too much of a hassle, a set of space-saving stackable jewelry trays will allow you to see all your precious baubles so that you know exactly where everything is at any given moment. Just think: You’ll never have to fumble around to find a statement necklace for a Zoom meeting again… ‘cuz everything will be neatly organized and in view. From personalized jewelry pieces to rings that you wear every single day, allow one of these 8 mom-approved jewelry trays (or ceramic ring dishes) to help you get your ish together.

Umbra Geometric Plated Prisma Jewelry Tray

This modern brass Prisma Tray from Umbra (designed by Sung Wook Park) is not only easy on the eyes but it’s a great way to put your baubles on display. Bonus: The minimalist aesthetic won’t clash with your bedroom decor. If you’re prone to taking your jewelry off anywhere/everywhere (the bathroom sink, your kitchen, etc.), then this eye-catching tray will be the perfect landing spot. Keep it by your nightstand and you’ll inevitably use it as a safe haven for your reading glasses, a tube of your favorite miracle cream, you name it. 

Shhhhhh… just between you and us, it can also double as a perfume or skincare tray so don’t underestimate the versatility here, ladies. Raves this buying customer, “This is a great size and has good weight. I LOVE the design and the gold/brass finish. It looks so good on my industrial wood west elm table. I love that it’s also lined with some suede material on the bottom to prevent scratching on the wood. It holds more stuff than I imagined. Plus adding an air plant to it just takes it to the next level. So glad I got a beautiful tray on Amazon at a more reasonable price than you’d find with other products at other stores.”


Clare V. for Anthropologie Maisonette Jewelry Tray

Oui, oui! If you’re already a fan of Clare Vivier’s functional yet stylish cross-body bags and fanny packs, then you won’t be able to resist this decorative handpainted stainless steel tray (available in two sizes, sold separately) that can serve a variety of purposes. The entire collaboration is as chic as you’d imagine with inspiration stemming from “the life and artwork of Pablo Picasso when he resided in Cannes with his wife Jacqueline Roqueas” as well as Clare’s summer travels to Île de Ré. With phrases like “souvenir of the party” and “the freak is chic,” you’ll be channeling your inner Francophile in no time. One Anthro shopper chimes in, “This is one of those small luxury items that really pays off! As so many are at our desks, this tray has been the perfect “jewel,” under my monitor, holding the essentials, lip balm, a pen, bobby pins, and a small face oil bottle. Also perfect as a coaster or to place a candle on to protect the desk.” Another shopper used hers to spruce up a bar cart 😉


Ceramic Cactus Ring Holder

You’re not just in the market for any old jewelry tray—no, you’re in search of a tray that won’t look out of place on the marble table in your bedroom. (Yes, you also have one of those influencer-approved shaggy rugs and a cute garden of succulents on your windowsill. #DoItForTheAesthetic) This functional and fabulous ceramic cactus ring holder is just the thing for pieces that you wear 24/7, whether it be your wedding ring or a trio of stack rings that you’d feel naked without. We love that this holder also has a small tray to place your everyday hoops or even a dainty initial necklace that you almost never take off. Take it from this hubby, “My wife always leaves her wedding rings and bracelet in random spots around our apartment. Once, we even thought the rings were lost. Just purchased this product and instantly fell in love with it. Simple, elegant, and useful. Just what we needed.” Well, dang, if that isn’t all the reassurance we need.


Stock Your Home Stackable Jewelry Trays

When you’re a jewelry hoarder (guilty as charged), sometimes a single tray simply won’t do. But that’s where these stackable jewelry trays from Amazon come in to save the day. These babies come in a set of four (with 18 padded compartments) so you can organize to your heart’s content. Set aside one tray for your bracelets, another for earrings, and then yet another for dainty necklaces… Marie Kondo would be so proud! At the end of the day, you can stack the trays to save space and keep your dresser top clear. This customer shares, “I highly recommend this jewelry organizer. I have purchased 2 sets, 1 for myself and then 1 for my daughter after I saw how well they worked. They are durable, of good quality and are the perfect size to insert and stack in a cabinet drawer. They are lined with a good quality felt and they seem very well made. I would definitely buy these again.” 


Umbra Poise Large Jewelry Tray

Oh, you fancy, huh? Equal parts modern and sophisticated, this two-tiered Umbra jewelry tray is the perfect marriage between form and function. It has a polished, gold-tone finish that would look right at home in most master bedrooms. The minimal aesthetic makes it look more like a work of art or something from the MoMA Design Store (you don’t need his approval, but we think the hubby would appreciate it, too). The top tier is ideal for dainty layering necklaces that you don’t want to get tangled up (err, rather, don’t have time to fuss with on a Monday morning) while the bottom tier is the perfect spot for chandelier earrings, a watch, or cocktail rings that you can’t fit elsewhere. LOL. We’ll leave the organization up to you… this Amazon customer shares, “I love this thing. Nail polishes fit perfectly on the bottom level. I put hair ties and nail clippers on the top level- it’s cute and perfect!”


Draper James Pretty As A Peach Trinket Dish

So cute, y’all! You don’t have to have southern roots to appreciate this gold-trimmed “pretty as a peach” trinket dish from Draper James. If you’re the hostess with the mostess type who swears by a wardrobe of stripes and gingham, then you won’t be able to resist this QT. Beyond your bedroom, it will also be a cute addition to your living room or bathroom décor. If “timeless southern style” is what you’re after, sit it on top of a stack of coffee table books or beside a fresh bouquet of peonies for a hit of charming. Why tuck away your favorite baubles when you can put them on display for a little show ‘n’ tell? In addition to storing valuables like your beloved pearl studs, this catchall tray could also be a spot for the *ones* that got away. And by that, we mean spare bobby pins, missing buttons, and replacement earring backs.


Jewelry as Poetry Mini Jewelry Tray

Less is definitely more when it comes to curating a jewelry collection that resonates with the wearer. From heirloom lockets inherited from your grammie (which you’ll one day pass on to a daughter, niece, or special someone) to “new” pieces that you’ve invested in as an adult (ahem, anything from Catbird), these are the keepsake pieces that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Hence, where this “jewelry as poetry” tray comes in. The brand’s signature pink hue is coupled by a smattering of stars and a moon; dare we say, this just may be the perfect little tray. You may find that you want to use your tray to store more than just jewelry—and that’s okay. From a single baby pearl hoop to a souvenir matchbook to spare teeth that haven’t been cashed in yet, your tray of sentimental things should speak to you.


CHOOLD Original Ceramic Heart Shape Ring Dish

Ah, we heart it! If you’re thinking to yourself “do I REALLY need another trinket dish?” the answer is yes. Yes, you do. This ceramic heart-shaped dish with the word “love” is just the right size for pieces that you wear daily—like a vintage locket or mini studs. One customer weighs in, “I usually don’t like wearing my wedding band in the house, because of cleaning products and such, so I like to have a place where I can put it and always know where it is.” It’s better to be safe than sorry, ladies. We’ve never dropped a ring down the sink, and we want to keep it that way. Another Amazon buyer weighs in, “I really like this. I needed something to put my rings in that I wear daily instead of just sitting them on top of my dresser. My husband got me this and it’s perfect. It’s just the right size.” Once again, #winning.


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