These Puzzles Are Beautiful Pieces Of Feminist AF Art

by Madison Vanderberg
Jiggy Puzzles

JIGGY puzzles all feature artwork created by emerging female artists

At the start of the pandemic, when we were all told to stay indoors and stop mingling with literally any other humans, we all went puzzle crazy. Now that we’re a year into the pandemic and life is resuming something close to normal-ish, women all over are realizing that quarantine or not, they’re kinda into puzzles. If you’re in the market for a new puzzle and want something elevated and feminist, look no further than JIGGY.

JIGGY is a female-founded puzzle company that features art by “emerging female artists” who receive a percentage of every puzzle sale.

Also sold in cute and sustainable glass jar packaging, all puzzles come with puzzle glue to frame your masterpieces because “JIGGY puzzles are art — in pieces.”

“The story of JIGGY began 5 years ago, when founder Kaylin Marcotte was working 24/7 at an early startup and fell in love with jigsaw puzzles as her nightly meditation. She was doing a puzzle every week, but found the designs to be outdated and well, a bit lame,” the brand says. “She started dreaming up a puzzle that would be beautiful for both the doing and the decorating, that would look appealing before, during and after completion. She knew she wanted to support and highlight the work of amazing female artists, and after a year of curating the art and reimagining and designing the packaging, JIGGY was born.”

Imagine yourself puzzling at night with one of these art-forward jigsaws, like:

Bathing With Flowers


“The artist, Alja Horvat, based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, finds her inspiration in everything around her and is a big fan of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, which is prominent in her work and illustrations,” according to Jiggy.



Imagined by Maryland based illustrator Zulfa Ishak aka “The Cosmic Feminist” — she’s “inspired by empowerment, spirituality, and vulnerability…and her deep fascination with the galaxies and support for women’s rights on a cosmic proportion.”

Portrait Design 091


This vibrant piece of art comes to us via Jamaican designer and illustrator Natasha Cunningham. “In her popular portrait-a-day series, she combines an ‘exploration of color, elements and photography.'”



Boobs is a fun puzzle and during the month of October, 20% of proceeds from this set will be donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation and select other partners.

Other fun Jiggy puzzles we love include Just A Snack (Seattle, Washington-based artist Emma Repp like to “create whimsical images out of a combination of handmade and digital elements.”)


And Jungle Cat by New York artist Megan Galante, whose art is typically found all over home textiles like throws, pillows, and stationary.


JIGGY’s 800 piece puzzles are all $49 and 450-piece collections will only set you back $40. They also have monthly memberships, if you like to burn through your puzzles collections. Check it all out on the JIGGY website.