Best Kids Chalk For Outdoor (And Indoor) Artists

best kids chalk
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Kids’ chalk may be a simple art tool, but with it, they can make magic. Kids can explore their creativity and turn the sidewalk into a work of art for all the neighbors to see, which is easily erased or sprayed away with water for a fresh canvas. (No more burning through reams and reams of paper!) Plus, it gets little ones to go play outside. In short, chalk is so beloved is because it’s cheap, keeps little hands busy, sparks their imaginations, and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. So yeah, kids love chalk — but so do parents.

Chalk isn’t just a summer activity — it can be used year-round and not only on sidewalks or driveways. It’s also great for school assignments on poster board (see it pop on black or dark paper), doodling on a canvas set on an art easel, or of course, scribbling on the good ol’ fashioned classroom-inspired chalkboards they use to play school.

So, whether your child wants to jump in on the mosaic sidewalk art trend, loves doodling, or needs some chalk for school, you can find the best of the best right here. We rounded up the highest-rated chalk and sidewalk chalk, all of which are available on Amazon for the quickest and easiest shipping. Take a look at the fun, colorful, and 100% erasable options below.

Best Chalk For Kids (Indoor Art Activities)

Best Sidewalk Chalk