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10 Best Chalkboards For Kids — The Alternative To Marker On The Walls

February 24, 2020 Updated March 4, 2021

Best Kids Chalkboard

There are so, so many things out there to make us parents feel guilty. Watching our kids get sucked into screen time is one of those things. Using screen time so you can have “me” time is worth double the guilt.

One thing you’ll never feel bad about is giving into arts and crafts time. Art projects spark your child’s creative side (and maybe your creative side) and allow you to spend quality time together. These projects are great … until the kid grabs the paint, the scissors, or one of the brightly colored markers when you aren’t looking and destroys your newly painted walls.

When you want an art project that keeps them busy but is much easier to clean, try one of our best chalkboards for kids. Whether you choose a chalkboard easel, a wall mounted chalkboard, or another format, kids can draw over and over and over with minimal mess. Some chalk is dusty, but it’s pretty easy to clean compared to some other art supplies (said markers).

And when art time is over, the kids chalk board just gets erased, so you don’t have to feel guilty about throwing out paper artwork. (They know these are not keepers going into it, so no guilt here!)

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Arkmiido Kids Easel Double Sided Chalkboard

This ranks as one of the best chalkboards for kids because it offers plenty of storage underneath for those pesky art supplies. There are three storage cups and two storage boxes.

It has a paper roll at the top of the chalkboard easel, so you can even use paint or crayons — almost like a Crayola chalkboard!

The adjustable height between about 30 and 54 inches is great, as kids can keep using it as they get older and taller.

It even has magnetic letters you can use on the back side of the easel with the magnetic dry erase board. Do you know what this means? You can reclaim the front of your refrigerator. (Sorry, I have to stop. I’m tearing up just a little bit.)


Little Partners Double Sided A-Frame Chalkboard

This Little Partners two-sided easel with chalkboard and magnetic dry erase board has a little higher price than some other options, but its durability and overall build quality are impressive. If your kids seem to enjoy full contact art projects, this easel will stand up to rough treatment.

With two sides, two kids can be using it at the same time. (We can’t guarantee that they won’t fight over who uses which side, but there’s always hope they’ll just play quietly.)

There’s a paper roll across the top to expand the art project options available. It even has a clip on the side, so you can hang and dry paintings. It has plenty of places to store art supplies, as well as a tray to catch errant paint or a dropped dry erase marker.

Best of all, the frame is a stylish espresso color, so you won’t have to feel embarrassed about an ugly gaudy colored plastic easel on display while the kid is drawing.


Delta Children Disney Frozen Double Sided Chalkboard

If you are living in the house of a kid who loves the Frozen franchise, you’ve probably heard every song in the movie — rough estimate — 15 billion times. At some point, enough is enough.

That’s why we like this Frozen chalkboard for kids. It feeds the frenzy that your kids have for Frozen, but it doesn’t make a sound. Doesn’t play a single musical note. #savedmysanity

This is a two sided easel with chalkboard and magnetic dry erase board. It has a couple of fabric storage bins underneath for holding art supplies or all of the tiny Frozen toys your kids have collected.

Across the top, there are silhouettes featuring smiling Anna and Elsa characters. (Neither one of them is singing, we promise.)


Top Bright Adjustable Chalkboard Desk and Easel

If you prefer toys that are versatile enough to remind you of characters from Transformers, this clever kids chalk board design was made with you in mind.

The unit starts as a standing single side A frame easel, featuring a single board with a magnetic white board on one side and a magnetic chalkboard on the other side. You can flip the board yourself, depending which side you want to use.

The frame has one storage tray. You can adjust the height of the easel, so kids of different ages can use it comfortably.

But if you want them to sit and draw at a desk, you have that option here, too. The entire unit folds down to a desk with the chalkboard or dry erase board side as the surface of the desk. Brilliant. (We’re sure the Transformers 7: Chalkboard Edition movie is already in production.)


Schylling Chalkboard Briefcase for Kids

For fun with chalk while on the go, this chalkboard for kids briefcase is perfect to keep the little ones busy when sitting. The entire case will fit in the lap of children as young as 3.

One side of the wooden briefcase slides out of the frame, revealing storage underneath for art supplies. The part that slides has a chalkboard on one side and a dry erase white board on the other side.

Now we can’t guarantee that once they’re bored with drawing, they won’t make a fun game out of sliding the lid out of place and dumping out all of the art supplies, watching you swear under your breath while picking them up, only to dump them out again 5 minutes later. But maybe you’ll get lucky and have a kid who doesn’t tire of drawing after five minutes.


VersaChalk Table Top Chalkboard

When you want art time to be less of a production, you may want something that doesn’t look like a fixture in your home. This VersaChalk chalkboard is just the right size for kids at 13 by 9 inches, and kids can use it as it’s standing upright or laying down.

This is a great size of chalkboard when the kids are sitting at the table and need something to do while waiting for meal time.

With its stylish wooden frame, you can leave it on display in your home all of the time. And when the kids are done using it, you can add cute messages for the family on it. Unless you have a kid who bursts into tears when someone else erases his drawings from a chalkboard. Then just leave the kid’s drawings on it until the next time. Less drama is always better.


Step2 Alert Mobile Chalkboard Easel

This outdoor chalkboard is meant for writing messages that grab the attention of people nearby. But it’s also great for kids to write on outdoors when they’ve filled every square inch of sidewalk and driveway cement around your house with sidewalk chalk artwork, and there’s no rain in the forecast for the next week. (You could turn on the lawn sprinkler and “accidentally” hit the sidewalk, but do you really want to deal with the drama that is sure to follow?)

This kids chalkboard is inside a plastic frame that’s made to look like a little kid. (OK, a green plastic little kid, but you have to use your imagination a little bit.)

The legs of the frame allow it to stand upright, which is a fun and helpful feature. We’re sure kids will find a creative way to add this framed chalkboard into their outdoor play time.


Kenley Chalkboard Wall Schedule Calendar

When you want chalkboards for kids who are a little older, a message board or a board listing chores is a popular choice. We like this calendar wall chalkboard, as it has rectangles for each day of the week, and an eighth spot with a cork board for pinning important papers. Each rectangle has a little sign with the day of the week printed on it.

You can use this calendar chalkboard to help an older child keep track of his or her activity schedule, chore schedule, or homework schedule. (Just don’t tell the kids about those last two uses … or hide the eraser, so the kid can’t do any creative editing.)

There are also eight emoji magnets that stick to the chalkboard, so kids can show off their feelings for the day or highlight important items.


Cedar Markers Framed Chalkboard for Kids

When you just want a simple wall mounted chalkboard, this Cedar Markers unit is an awesome choice. It’s available in four different sizes, ranging from 36 by 24 inches to 17 by 11 inches, so you can find the perfect one for the space you have available.

This is a high quality chalkboard, and it has a dry erase white board on the other side, enhancing its usefulness for kids of any age to create beautiful artwork, mediocre artwork, or anything in between. (It’s the effort that counts, right?)

It has a sharp looking wooden border that should fit in nicely with almost any decor.

Kids can draw on it as much as they want, or you can use it to leave messages for the entire family. It has plenty of potential uses.

It’s even easy to hang. It’s such a great product, other framed chalkboards are extremely jealous.


Kassa Chalkboard Contact Paper Roll

Maybe one chalkboard isn’t enough in your house. Maybe you have multiple kids for whom taking turns is a foreign concept. Maybe you just like chalkboards so much you’ve contemplated painting an entire interior wall of your home with chalkboard paint.

This roll of contact paper that doubles as a chalkboard surface was made with you in mind.

It measures about 18 by 96 inches when rolled out, so you have space for several kids to draw at the same time, whether you adhere it to the wall with the sticky backing or lay it on the floor and leave the backing paper attached.

Now we’re going to assume your kids can all draw together without moving into each other’s “space” or without “touching” each other. If not, you can cut this large roll into smaller pieces and send each kid to his or her separate corner of the house. (Some days, we all feel like boxing match referees.)


We all love toys that spark creativity like chalkboards for kids. But there are also times where you want some mindless toys to keep the little monsters occupied while you relax. We’ve got those in our toy guides.

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