10 Best Chalk Sets For Kids 2021: Art Chalk For Indoors & Sidewalk Chalk

Best Kids Chalk For Outdoor (And Indoor) Artists

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Kids’ chalk may be a simple art tool, but with it, they can make magic. Kids can explore their creativity and turn the sidewalk into a work of art for all the neighbors to see, which is easily erased or sprayed away with water for a fresh canvas. (No more burning through reams and reams of paper!) Plus, it gets little ones to go play outside. In short, chalk is so beloved is because it’s cheap, keeps little hands busy, sparks their imaginations, and can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. So yeah, kids love chalk — but so do parents.

Chalk isn’t just a summer activity — it can be used year-round and not only on sidewalks or driveways. It’s also great for school assignments on poster board (see it pop on black or dark paper), doodling on a canvas set on an art easel, or of course, scribbling on the good ol’ fashioned classroom-inspired chalkboards they use to play school.

So, whether your child wants to jump in on the mosaic sidewalk art trend, loves doodling, or needs some chalk for school, you can find the best of the best right here. We rounded up the highest-rated chalk and sidewalk chalk, all of which are available on Amazon for the quickest and easiest shipping. Take a look at the fun, colorful, and 100% erasable options below.

Best Chalk For Kids (Indoor Art Activities)

Crayola Drawing Chalk - Box Of 24

It doesn’t get more classic than this box of Crayola chalk. The chalk can be used on any chalk-friendly surface, and the colors are vibrant. Reviewers say the pieces break easily, so it’s probably best for ages 5 and up. You know, unless you don’t mind finding tiny chalk pieces all over your house.


Crayola White Chalk - Box of 12

Okay wait, maybe it does get more classic. This white chalk is what dreams are made of, at least according to teachers (or tiny teachers-in-training). Plus, you can’t beat the price of this 12-pack. Less than a dollar? We’re all about cheap school supplies. One teacher reviewer wrote, “I’m happy to find a REAL chalk that gives me a thicker and dense white line that my students can actually see.”


Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers - 8-Pack

Chalk markers are great for kids who aren’t thrilled about getting their hands all chalky. This 8-pack is full of fun colors and the markers have reversible tips. They work great on windows, poster boards, paper, and chalkboards — especially if you want the design to last a while. Pro tip: Always test the marker on a surface before diving in to make sure it erases. Some chalkboards aren’t primed for chalk markers.


Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk - 12-Pack

Okay, this is the good stuff. Whether you buy it for your kids or to use professionally, this chalk set is all about keeping things clean and artsy. It’s durable, dustless, non-toxic, and washable with vibrant colors. Serious chalk artists love this chalk, as it writes smoothly, doesn’t drag or ghost, and it erases easily. Who knew there was a chalk hierarchy?


Best Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk - 136 Pieces

You might not think you need 136 pieces of sidewalk chalk, but considering how long it takes for chalk to go missing/broken (two minutes, maybe?), buying in bulk works out —especially if you have multiple kids who tend to fight over everything or neighborhood kids who tend to congregate at your house. You’ll basically be the neighborhoods chalk dealer. The chalk is non-toxic, washable, and it comes in 17 different colors.

$19.95 AT AMAZON

Block Party Square Sidewalk Chalk - 32-Piece

If your kids consider themselves amateur chalk connoisseurs, they probably appreciate square chalk with tips, as it helps with sidewalk chalk art precision. Square chalk is also easier for little kids to hold in their tiny, chubby hands. Plus, it doesn’t roll away, which makes life much more enjoyable if your driveway is on a slant. (Are we speaking from experience? Yes, yes we are.) This pack offers 32 pieces with 12 colors, including four glitter pieces — obviously for all the unicorns and sparkly things that need drawing.


Regal Sidewalk Glitter Chalk - 20 Count

We’re partial to any art set or toy that comes with its own carrying case. Anything to make cleanup and storage easier on kids. Lol just kidding, it’s easier for us. (When’s the last time your kid actually cleaned up chalk?) With this set, kids get 20 pieces of washable glitter chalk to spice up that sidewalk. But if you aren’t a fan of glitter (we get it), don’t worry — it’s not the type that’ll end up all over your house where you’ll end up finding miscellaneous glitter pieces on you face for the next week.


Creative Kids Chalk Play Set - 30-Piece

The first thing to note about this super fun chalk set is the bucket. Your kids can just throw all the chalk inside and put the lid on when they’re done — they won’t have to organize piece by piece to make it all fit. That’s a winner in our book. Also, this set comes with 30 pieces of chalk in fun shapes like eggs and bunnies, three chalk holders, and five stencils. The stencils might be hard for little ones to use at first, but all the various-sized chalk pieces are definitely helpful for their little hands.

$24.98 AT AMAZON

Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Shop Chalk Set - 33 Pieces

Your kids are going to love this ice cream play set from Melissa & Doug, and you will too! It’s a little tricky, because the pieces look like real ice cream and popsicles, so just make sure your toddlers know they aren’t edible. The set also comes with several regular chalk pieces with fun designs, ice cream stencils, a cute activity menu, a sprinkle stamper, and a chalk menu board and holder. Just don’t be surprised if your kiddos come in begging for ice cream sundaes when they’re done playing.

$19.86 AT AMAZON

Jar Melo Sidewalk Chalk With Holders - 24 Colors

Chalk is chalk, right? Wrong. Some chalk is prettier than other chalk, and that’s just the way it goes. This 24-pack includes a whole bunch of special colors and designs your kids probably haven’t seen in chalk before. There are stripes, polka dots, and marble designs. The set comes with two chalk holders for kids who’d rather not deal with a chalky mess on their hands. Who are those kids? We like them.

$16.59 AT AMAZON

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Crayola Drawing Chalk - Box Of 24
Crayola White Chalk - Box of 12
Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Markers - 8-Pack
Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk - 136 Pieces
Block Party Square Sidewalk Chalk - 32-P...
Regal Sidewalk Glitter Chalk - 20 Count
Creative Kids Chalk Play Set - 30-Piece
Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Shop Chalk Set ...
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Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalk - 12-Pack