17 Best Kids' Face Masks They'll Actually Be Excited To Wear

by Yelena Moroz Alpert
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best kids face masks

You already know that telling your kid to keep six feet away from other kids (and stay apart) is kind of like telling them to move away from cupcakes at a birthday party. That’s why kids’ face masks (like the Disney face masks) is the accessory du jour. Regardless of whether your kids are attending school in person or virtually, kids’ face masks are a must in helping slow the spread of COVID-19, according to the Center of Disease Control. Since kids are less likely than adults to show typical coronavirus symptoms, you definitely want to reinforce that wearing face masks, even while social distancing, is a must. As long as your children are over the age of 2 and don’t have difficulty breathing or removing their face mask themselves, you need to invest in a few kids’ face masks, pronto. (Rue the day we thought Snapchat face masks were just for fun!)

Think of fabric face masks as you would think about gloves (or water bottles?). You can’t have too many and need them in every place. It’s not a matter of where but when your kids will accidentally forget their mask. We love to keep a kids’ face mask in the glove compartment of every car, in our purse, and, of course, a spare in their backpack.

When looking for a kids’ face mask, pick a style that will comfortably cover nose and mouth and fit snugly, not tightly, around the ears. Kids’ face mask with two layers are great, but we especially love the masks with an insert for a filter. No need to waste time searching for the best kids’ face masks, we did all the legwork to bring you our top picks—from tie dye to styles that won’t fog up glasses. The CDC also provides tips for how to pick your type of mask and which ones to avoid as new evidence and studies come in.

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Now that you’ve got kids face masks to last you the whole year, see what other kid gear you might need ASAP.


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