The Best Kids' Face Masks They'll Actually Be Excited To Wear

17 Best Kids’ Face Masks They’ll Actually Be Excited To Wear

August 11, 2020 Updated September 7, 2020


You already know that telling your kid to keep six feet away from other kids (and stay apart) is kind of like telling them to move away from cupcakes at a birthday party.  That’s why kids’ face masks (like the Disney face masks) is the accessory du jour. Regardless of whether your kids are attending school in person or virtually, kids’ face masks are a must in helping slow the spread of COVID-19, according to the Center of Disease Control. Since kids are less likely than adults to show typical coronavirus symptoms, you definitely want to reinforce that wearing face masks, even while social distancing, is a must. As long as your children are over the age of 2 and don’t have difficulty breathing or removing their face mask themselves, you need to invest in a few kids’ face masks, pronto. (Rue the day we thought Snapchat face masks were just for fun!)

Think of fabric face masks as you would think about gloves (or water bottles?). You can’t have too many and need them in every place. It’s not a matter of where but when your kids will accidentally forget their mask. We love to keep a kids’ face mask in the glove compartment of every car, in our purse, and, of course, a spare in their backpack.

When looking for a kids’ face mask, pick a style that will comfortably cover nose and mouth and fit snugly, not tightly, around the ears. Kids’ face mask with two layers are great, but we especially love the masks with an insert for a filter. No need to waste time searching for the best kids’ face masks, we did all the legwork to bring you our top picks—from tie dye to styles that won’t fog up glasses. The CDC also provides tips for how to pick your type of mask and which ones to avoid as new evidence and studies come in.

Best Kids’ Face Masks That Come in a Multi-Pack

Old Navy Variety 10-Pack Triple Layer Cloth Face Masks

This 10-pack of triple layer face masks from Old Navy are a must-have on your back-to-school shopping list. With a variety in adorable graphic patterns, your kiddo will actually be excited to mask up for the school day.

$25.00 AT OLD NAVY

GAP Family Unisex Face Masks (8-pack)

These masks are made with triple-layer, soft, lightweight cotton so your littles are covered  comfortably. This is a family pack, so cute masks to go all around!

$36 AT GAP

Best Kids’ Face Masks for All Day Use

Janie and Jack Fall Floral Kids Face Mask 2-pack

The pleats on these kids’ face masks open up like a fan, so your kid is protected but has room to talk comfortably. And because these are made from breezy cotton poplin, they can wear the mask comfortably for hours. We also love that for every purchase through September 30, Janie and Jack will donate $5 to Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization that helps struggling children with essentials like diapers and clothes.


Best Kids’ Face Masks With Filter

Tub Cubby Kids Face Masks 3-pack

Not only is the unisex design on these kids’ face masks adorable, but the masks fit perfectly on little faces thanks to the stretchy silicone ear loops. The soft cotton is delicate enough that they won’t keep tugging or itching. We also love that these come with a charcoal filter as an extra layer of protection.

$16.75 AT AMAZON

Best Kids’ Face Masks On a Budget

Carter’s Kids Face Masks 3-pack

The double layer cotton poplin is light to the touch, so your preschooler won’t pay attention to it every single minute. And just because they will likely probably lose it at recess, you don’t have to lose your shit over it—at $3 a piece you can just roll your eyes and pack a few extras in their cubby.


Best Kids’ Face Masks For School

Society of Threads 6-Pack Kid's Face Masks

Adjustable ear loop straps should be a mandatory feature for all kid’s face masks, right? Not all head shapes are made the same; one mask could fit perfect on one kid while your other kid is swimming in theirs. Luckily these masks from Society of Threads allow you to get the right fit. Not to mention they also have a pocket for filters if you’re looking for additional protection. Let your kiddo go wild in finding the perfect school outfit to accessorize these adorable floral masks with.

$25.00 AT MACY'S

Cubcoats Kids Face Masks 2-pack

Your kiddos will love these whimsical designs for walks in your neighborhood. Don these 2-ply masks, with a pocket for a filter, and let them get into character. Goodness knows, we need new ways to get that energy out. Play a game where they are allowed to roar at anyone who’s walking around without a face mask.

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Vistaprint Kids Face Masks

Vistaprint offers 20+ pre-made designs your kid can choose to have their mask made in. From dinosaurs to planets, everyone will find a pattern they love. These stretchy face masks fit just right, like a favorite T-shirt. Brownie points for latex-free straps.


Best Kids’ Face Masks For DIY Project

Springs Creative Fabric 1-yard For Kids Face Masks

Superheroes wear face masks. Your kids love superheroes. This is a no-brainer. Your kids will wear superhero face masks. For the crafty crew (bless you!) stock up on this 100% cotton Kawaii superheros and we guarantee your kids won’t want to take their kids’ face masks off.  If you don’t already know how to sew a face mask, we love this super easy YouTube tutorial.

$15.99 AT AMAZON

Best Kids’ Face Masks For Design Customization

Vistaprint Custom Kids Face Mask

You know Vistaprint for its business card flair, and now your kids can show off their artsy side with zany kids face masks design. They can choose from fun styles, or upload their own creations—weekend project! These stretchy face masks fit just right, like a favorite T-shirt. Brownie points for latex-free straps.


Snapfish Custom Face Mask

Snapfish is known for their photography gifts like photo books and calendars. But now you can turn any photo into a face mask through their website. In need of a fun weekend project to do with your kid? Let them have fun in the custom mask tool by designing their own custom mask with pre-made designs or starting from scratch with uploading their favorite photo.


Best Kids’ Face Masks Worth A Splurge

Paige Lauren Adult and Mini Me Mask Set

If you want to match with your mini-me, this mask set comes with three pretty, gray tie-dyed options. These masks are extra soft and comfy, made with 50% Supima cotton and 50% Micro Modal. These are selling *quickly*, so get ’em before they’re gone!


Best Kids’ Face Masks For Basic Protection

VECO Cotton Fabric Face Masks 5-Pack

Get a pack of five when you order these masks which come with a three-layer defense system that’s made from high-quality cotton and breathable fabric. Plus, their innovative Nano Silver cloth helps keep your mask clean. “Fabric is soft like a tee-shirt, I have sensitive skin and these work amazing. The middle doesn’t cling to the face, so it doesn’t feel like you can’t breath,” says one reviewer.

$38.00 AT AMAZON

Green Sprouts Reusable Face Mask

Green Sprouts’s child face masks are built with a water-resistant outer layer and moisture-wicking inner layer, which is great for outdoor activities. Because no one likes wearing a mask in the heat that just holds all the sweat against your face. Talk about gross.


Grifil Zero Kids Mask

If you’re looking for extra fun masks, these ones from Amazon come in all kinds of designs, including cat faces, a mustache, and more. One reviewer wrote, “Very cute! My 7yr old daughter loves it and it actually stays on her face. Never thought my kid would need a mask on a daily basis but here we are. Definitely going to buy a few more.”


Best Kids’ Face Masks Filters

Activated Carbon Filters 10-pack

This material is made of non-woven fabric, activated carbon, and advanced filter cotton. The masks have  five-layer filtration that is made to double your protection when you’re wearing a mask. They also come in a 10-pack and at about $7 a pop, no need to sweat it if your kid leaves this behind somewhere (because chances are, they probably will). These filters are also great to use for kids who suffer from allergies.


Best Kids’ Face Masks Disposable Option

Kids Single Use Disposable Face Mask 50-pack

These truly disposable face masks are a blessing for those of us with little ones who will *for sure* leave their cloth mask behind. If you don’t want to invest in fancy masks if they’re going to end up left on a playground, this is an awesome option. These masks come in a pack of 50, and are made with sturdy material designed to protect wearers from germs. “I bought these for my kids – one pack for the girl and one pack for the boy. My kids are 6 and 8, and these fit them perfectly. We had tried using hand made cloth masks with them and they didn’t like them, these are much more comfortable for them, one Amazon reviewer said.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Now that you’ve got kids face masks to last you the whole year, see what other kid gear you might need ASAP.

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