The Best Flashlights For Kids To Light Up The Night

by Kate Antoniades
best kids flashlights

Are you searching for the best flashlights for kids for camping, indoor fort playtime, outdoor hide-and-seek, bedtime reading, or soothing your kid who’s afraid of the dark? (Or even for just power outages?) A flashlight is definitely a backyard camping essential and a handy item for “real” camping — and a flashlight projector is a fun way to light up your kid’s room and can teach them a thing or two as well.

These flashlights are fun, colorful, and come in various sizes. The ones for the youngest kiddos are designed to be easy to hold (although most of these are pretty sturdy, so no worries if they’re dropped). We’ve also found both bright and semi-bright options for those moments they make a game of shining it in your eyes — you’re welcome, mama. A few of them even feature your kids’ favorite characters!

A quick note about safety: If you have very young children who’ll be using a flashlight, make sure that the battery compartment requires a screwdriver to open so that little ones can’t access the batteries (or make sure they’re supervised when they’re using it).

Bring some light to your kid’s life with the best flashlights for kids!

Best Kids Flashlights

Best Kids Flashlights Projectors