The Fam Can Take A Hike (Literally): Here Are The Best Kids Hiking Shoes

by Alesandra Dubin
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best kids hiking shoes
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If you’re in the market for kids’ hiking shoes and boots … well, congrats! We know it’s a feat, Mama. It means you’re committed to triumphing over the inevitable complaining and perpetual snack requests that can discourage some parents from even setting out for a day on the trail with the littles. (Or maybe since screen time has become your biggest pet peeve, you’re more motivated than ever to literally take a hike … #survival.) However, if you’re prepared with the right family hiking essentials — including kids hiking footwear that’s comfortable and safe — taking the fam on a scenic trek will be a walk in the park — uh, woods. And since you’re doing your research (like, right now), you’re setting yourself and your little explorers up for success. You got this!

The right kids’ hiking footwear can banish some of those kiddo complaints before they even start, keeping little feet stable, dry, and comfortable for successful and fun adventuring. Before you buy kids’ hiking shoes, consult our guide for some of the most popular and best-reviewed options out there, from trail-worthy toddler shoes to hiking boot styles for older boys and girls.

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