10 Best Overalls For When The Kids Don't Want To Get Dressed

by Rachel Aschenbrand-Robinson
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Old Navy Kids Overalls

Fact: Whether you’ve got babies, toddlers, or bigger kids, overalls will always be a must-have in your kids wardrobe. These one-piece wonders have been a kidswear staple forever (seriously, if you didn’t rock at least one pair of coveralls as a kid, did you even have a childhood?) and, well, they’re not going away any time soon.

When you think about it–and we have–it’s easy to see why, at least for kids, overalls have never waned in popularity. They’re the one-and-done piece that has your littles dressed and ready quickly, all while requiring minimal thought or effort on your part. Seriously, it’s amazing how much time you save when you don’t have to scramble to find a matching top and bottom for your kiddo to wearand for parents is there anything more precious than time? Spoiler alert: No, there isn’t.

In addition to simplifying the process of dressing your kids, overalls also just make practical sense. They keep everything contained and covered, allowing for all kinds of activities like running, climbing, and general romping without the worry of pants slipping down or dresses blowing up. Heck, they were invented as protective clothing–and they’re comfy! Needless to say, for your pre-tween or your baby, overalls work.

There’s also the undeniable fact that, in overalls, kids just look like kids–and there’s a lot to be said for that. So in the interest of letting them be little, and dressing them accordingly, we found the 10 best pairs available online now. Scroll on to shop: From big kids to baby, we’ve got you covered.

Best Baby Overalls:

Best Kids Overalls:

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