The Best Kids Phone Plans That Are Stupid Cheap & Super Convenient

by Keri Pina
best phone plans for kids
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Modern kids are booked and busy, and the best kids’ phone plans make managing those packed calendars a little less daunting. It might feel like just yesterday that you were baby-proofing your house or pushing your kid around in a toddler stroller (*sniff*), so choosing a cell phone for your kid (who was playing with a toy phone not too long ago) might feel a little premature. And as those social obligations start to pile on, you might feel like your kid’s secretary if all the communication is coming through your personal device. If your kid has their own phone, a lot of that planning is taken off your plate, and you can go back to scrolling your feed as God intended.

There are a million reasons why your kid might want to contact you — they need a ride, or forgot their homework, or got weird vibes at a sleepover party and want to leave — and giving them a phone means they don’t have to bother a random adult or track down a phone booth. (And when is the last time you saw a phone booth?) It’s up to you to decide when your kid is ready for the responsibility, but knowing they can reach you whenever they need you will give you major peace of mind.

Of course, the number one reason to get your kid a phone is safety, but on the flip side, your kid with a phone might sound like a cellular nightmare waiting to happen. You might be asking yourself what type of phone to buy a kid who maybe isn’t so good at resisting the temptations of the internet. However, you’ll be happy to know that some kids phone plans have the option to only talk and text with a list of pre-selected contacts, so your child won’t be chatting away with randos. Other plans that include data have the option of blocking certain apps and sites so your kid won’t accidentally go viral for the wrong reasons. Once you determine your own family’s needs, there are plenty of plans ready to meet them. And lucky for you, many of these prepaid plans are cheap AF, so you can try it out without making some insane financial commitment.

So say hello to the best cell phone plans for independent kids and conscientious parents.

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