The Best Knight-Themed Toys For Your Camelot-Obsessed Kid

by Megan McCarty
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Knight toys: You can almost hear the clanking of armor and clashing of swords now, can’t you? Or maybe that’s what you always hear coming from your toy room/basement/every room with your little ones pretending to be knights of Camelot nonstop. On top of the required metal ensemble, your kiddo needs shields, dragons, and super cool castles to set the right scene in their imaginary medieval fight! Throw in some cool fun facts about old legends and tales of medieval times and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool and educational set-up.

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We’re here to help…or enable, however you want to look at it. Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorite knight-themed toys, from medieval costumes to action figures, and more. Scroll on, but be warned: with a new knight-themed toy, you might be roped into playing the princess in distress again. Or you can switch things up and have the princess be the one to save the day (we like the sound of that much better).

Best Knight Toys

Best Knight Action Figures


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