Lancome Just Brought Back Juicy Tubes For A Hit Of 00’s Nostalgia

by Leah Groth
Juicy Tubes

Lancome has rereleased their nostalgia-inducing Juicy Tubes lipgloss

Flashback in time to the early 2000s. Britney Spears and ‘NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake are the Queen and King of Pop, J.Lo is rocking her Juicy tracksuit with stilettos, Nokia cell phones are like, the coolest, and Paris Hilton is clubbing with one of her many chihuahuas. Whether you were a tween or in your twenties during the glorious Y2K decade, exposing way too much of your midsection in those painfully low-cut Frankie B flared jeans, your lips were likely slathered in shiny, slippery, and totally poppin’ Lancome Juicy Tubes lip gloss. If there was one beauty essential that defined the decade it was those little tubes of gloriousness the cosmetic giant brilliantly launched in 2000. For whatever reason, Lancome decided to discontinue them in 2018, but guess what? They must have realized what an epic mistake it was, and they are back at the beauty counter.

In honor of the 20-year anniversary of the cult beauty item, Lancome rereleased the incredibly popular collection of lip gloss on May 1 — meaning we can all get our wet lips on, like NOW. The original Juicy Tubes — I mean, they look exactly the same — have returned to and for $20 a pop. They are available in 20 shades — both new and OG flavors — plus, you can opt for the original classic shimmer and sparkle finishes along with some new jelly and creamy colors as well.

If you are just looking for a little gloss, you can score a tube of their popular Clear Gloss. Or, if you want to try something new, there is a hot pink hue dubbed Miracle. In the mood for a creamy nude? Try Fig Hit. Other shades include Birthday Confetti, and Creamsicle, baby pink in a cream finish. Pure pretty close to what it sounds, a jelly clear gloss, while Grape-Arcade is a bold sparkly purple. We are guessing they are going to smell as great as they look, because that is what made Juicy Tube all the rage, after all.

Currently, you can only grab a Juicy Tube (or twenty) on or And, because the nostalgia is so fierce, we are guessing they are going to sell like hotcakes.