Gift Ideas For The Best Friend You Haven't Seen Since Quarantine 2020 Started (Or Longer)

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long distance best friend gifts

Looking for gifts for your long distance best friend who either lives far away or is socially-distance thanks to COVID-19? For long distance best friends, the struggle is real. Even though you can stay connected via FaceTime, text, social media, postcards (remember those?), and periodic visits, it can still be a challenge showing your best friend how important they are to you—primarily because they live so stupidly far away. That’s where gifts come in. Sending long distance best friend gifts is the most reliable way of saying to your best friend, “You’re the shit. I love you, and I love us.” Whether you have a friend who loves candles, needs some stress relief gifts, or is more into novelty gifts that suit her quirky, unique personality, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to send a gift that’s thoughtful, impactful, and makes for damn sure your best friend won’t forget how awesome you are, here’s a pretty solid list of options.

Long Distance Best Friend Bracelets:


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