42 Stress Relief Gifts Because Self Love Is The Best Present In 2021

42 Best Gifts For Stress Relief When You Need A Reminder That Everything Is Temporary

November 9, 2020 Updated April 7, 2021

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We’re all feeling a little extra stressed this year (oh my god, is it STILL 2020?!?) which means we’re certified experts at choosing the best relaxation gifts for stressed out moms, sisters, teachers and friends. Since the best relaxation and self-care presents are off the table for now— we mean spa trips, girlfriend getaways and anything that involves a weekend and wine— we’re sending the gift of relaxation direct to our girlfriends‘ front door.

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If you want to make their lives easier, give the gift of ready-made dinners and tea subscriptions. If they need a good laugh during a sh*t day— send over a Dammit Doll or Calma Llama Stress Toy. Surprise them with self care gifts like matcha masks, essential oil diffusers and cozy pajamas. There is nobody, man or woman, who doesn’t need something to make them forget the daily grind of life these days— not to mention the news cycle.

And if you need a moment of de-stressing yourself, just ask your new work-wife, Google Assistant, to help out. While it can’t officially babysit or pack you for a beach vacation, it can remind your husband to take out the trash, play you soothing spa music, find a step by step recipe video and even help with nightly story time. Yes! It will read to your kids so they can leave. you. alone.

Best Stress Relief Gifts

Ravensburger 1500 Piece Puzzle- One Dot at a Time

Just take it One Dot at a Time and this puzzle will have you relaxed— or at least refocused. You can’t help but forget all of the day when you’re sorting these gorgeous colors into groups and then finally putting them into place. The satisfaction that comes with completion is mind-blowing, and totally G rated.

$26.99 AT AMAZON

Drift & Dream Roll-On CBD

We love Sagely CBD products because we know they’re made with high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD and infused with essential oils like geranium, lavender, rose, and Roman chamomile which also help de-stress and ease anxiety. Just roll some of this one your temples and wrists and feel your worries melt away.


Pacifica Lavender Moon Bedtime Lip Treatment

With its dreamy packaging and lavender rose scent, this overnight lip treatment is just the thing for lips that are on the parched side. If you haven’t been drinking enough water, or are dealing with especially dry weather, you’ll need a healing balm like Pacifica’s, which features soothing ingredients that are free from petroleum, parabens, and phthaltes.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

Animals Drinking Coloring Book

Why yes, that is a llama enjoying a cocktail on the cover of this coloring book. Spend some time coloring whimsical scenes of animals drinking. We promise you’ll at least feel a little bit more relaxed in 30 minutes or less.


Aromatherapy Stress Relief 3-Wick Candle

This time of year, we usually can be found at Bath & Body Works, smelling all the lotions and candles and hoarding some for ourselves. Since going to the mall isn’t the same this year, it’s OK to skip the experience but still stock up on your favorite Bath & Body Works candles. We love this Eucalyptus one from their Aromatherapy line, since it makes us feel as though we’re at the spa again.

$23.97 AT AMAZON

Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub is here to make life simpler for all mamas. Just yell at it (and don’t even feel bad) to get the weather, cooking videos, your schedule and even a video call to your bestie. Need some relaxing music? Just say, “Hey Google, play relaxing spa jams.” Don’t stop there, use Family Bell to get your kids school schedules in order and Megaphone to call all family members to the kitchen when you actually want them there for dinnertime. Need a laugh? It tells jokes, too.


It Will Be Alright Again Mug

In case you need a reminder (we all do) while you drink your morning coffee or tea. Remember: This is all temporary.


RENWER Essential Oil Diffuser

If you don’t have an oil diffuser at your desk, (or living room/bedroom — wherever you spend the most time) you’re missing out. Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to ease stress and anxiety, and with just a few drops of your favorite essential oil (this is our favorite starter set), this humidifier (which comes with a remote control!) will contribute to a totally different headspace.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

No bath? That’s okay, we gotchu. This set of shower bombs provides the same aromatherapy as a bath bomb or bubble bath would. This set includes the following scents: lavender, menthol/eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit and peppermint.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Nightly De-Stressing Face Cream With Lavender and CBD

Bota is our newest CBD skincare obsession. Infused with potent ingredients like CBD and lavender, this natural face cream reduces redness as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Research suggests that CBD may play a role in helping reduce overall inflammation, including skin. Whether you’re dealing with a breakout or just seasonal irritation, CBD could be the key to bringing that down and giving you bright, nourished skin. It’s important to do your research and buy the most highest-quality CBD products though. We can vouch for Bota’s formula and effectiveness!


MYXfitness The MYX Plus At-Home Bike System

There’s nothing more relaxing than how you feel post-workout so we’re bringing the gym to you! The MYXfitness Plus is not just a stationary bike, but an at-home fitness studio. Join motivational coaches to get you through a sesh of cycling, cross-training, floorwork or mind-body classes. Yes it’s a lot less pricey then that other brand, plus nowhere near as intimidating. You’re not competing against anyone else with MYX, this is all for you, mama.


Vitruvi Stay Diffuser

You don’t need to be in a spa to savor the light scent of essential oils flowing through your house all day. The Stay diffuser works for up to 18 hours in spaces up to 700 sq ft. Your home office, bedroom or entire apartment can smell like Sleep, Boost, Dusk, or your own choice of peace and calm.


LensDirect Amber Nighttime Glasses

It’s hard to put down the screens, even at night and even though we know we should. LensDirect’s Nighttime Glasses have an amber tint, which helps block blue light (more than blue lenses) and relax the eyes. Their virtual try-on feature makes online eyeglass shopping simple (and fun) so choose your frame and go with amber for your night-time wind-down routine.


Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Barefoot In The Wild Throw Blanket

That Barefoot Dreams robe you are in love with also comes in a blanket just in case you take off your robe for a few minutes from time to time. This company owns the term softness with their CozyChic knits, which feel so good, you can bet all the family members will try to snag these for themselves. The soft animal print marks it as yours, although you can go for alternate prints and solids for the others.

$172.50 AT AMAZON

No, Thank You (CBD) Night Mask

If a brand could capture our true essence, it would sure be “No, Thank You,” a beauty brand that sells self-care essentials. One of our favorites is A Mask for Night, which is a light, CBD-infused overnight mask that leaves your skin hydrated, plump, and dewy the next day. We gave this a whirl for a few days during an extra stressful week, and noticed that the next morning we didn’t have bags under our eyes and that our skin really did look brighter and happier. We may *feel* stressed out, but we surely don’t have to *look* stressed out.


Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Coconut Milk Bath Soak

Sprinkle a few spoonfulls into your tub and get ready for a relaxation moment. Herbivore’s Coconut Bath Soak smells so good (coconut and vanilla) and leaves your skin feeling ultra soft thanks to the coconut milk powder. This all- natural product has none of the bad, lingering ingredients found in other bath products, so you know it’s safe, effective and 100% ethical.

$22.00 AT AMAZON

Madefor 7 Day Hydration Kit

When the founder of Tom’s founded Madefor, his hope was that we could all join him on a 10 month journey to wellness. We may not be ready to start the voyage (although we’d really like to), but we can certainly get started with this Introductions Kit. Through the challenge of hydration comes a few moments of mindfulness in our otherwise busy days. Use the beads on the water bottle to show your water success and by day 7 you can feel the awareness of how being hydrated helps you feel better and yes, more relaxed.


The Original BUDDHA BOARD Relaxing Water Painting Kit

There’s a reason we’re seeing so much of painter Bob Ross these days, painting is relaxing and we all need some of that. The Buddha Board gives you the zen feeling of painting with watercolors, with no mess or clean up. Fill the stand with water, dip in your bamboo brush and start painting. You create rich, Japanese looking images that disappear just as they are complete (when they dry). The Buddha Board teaches you the art of letting go, but we think it’s about getting to try again. You may not be Bob Ross quality, but here you get the fun and relaxation of painting without having to hang not-so-great pieces all over your house.

$37.95 AT AMAZON

Neck, Shoulder, and Foot Massager

If it’s been close to a year since you’ve last went out and treated yourself to a professional massage, bring the massage to you with this neck, shoulder, and feet pillow massager, which really works on those sore and ache-y muscles. It heats up, too, which helps loosen up tight muscles and soothes while it massages.

$36.99 AT AMAZON

Hey Girl Herbal Tea Sleep Aid

If you’re looking for a nightly tea that’ll help wind you down after a stressful day, we love Hey Girl’s herbal tea which has powerful (but all-natural) ingredients like valerian root, catnip, and chamomile which will help make you very, very sleepy.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

LUMI Keys 1 Wireless Keyboard System

Whether you’ve seriously (or not so seriously) been wanting to learn to play the keyboard, you can now do it stress-free and totally from home. No teacher required, you can choose from hundreds of your favorite songs (Beyonce to the Beatles) on the Lumi app and get started with the light-up keyboard. There are also more than 150 interactive lessons to learn chords, notes and scales. Sit back, relax and start playing— on your own terms.


Nest the Easy Breather Adjustable Bedding Pillow

You’re never going to feel relaxed with a crappy, old pillow. Nest’s adjustable pillow means you can customize the fill to your liking— soft or firm, high or low— you do you. The filling is a proprietary blend that mimics down and feather pillows, making it 100% hypo-allergenic.


Out Of Service When Lit candle

Sometimes you just gotta say no, “mom is out of service”.  This candle comes in scents like Go-Ask-Your-Dad Vanilla, Zen AF, The Next-Best-Thing to Clean Laundry, and more sassy scents. Light the candle, lock the door and do you. Alone.


UGG Ansley Slipper For Women

When your family and friends ask what you want for the holidays, send over this link and color choice. There’s no way you can relax if you’re not in your coziest slippers, which very well may be your WFH shoes of the year. UGG’s Ansley slipper is furry and warm, with a rubber outsole just in case you do need to step outside of the house.

$99.95 AT AMAZON

Unicorn Puzzle

Zen out and spend a few hours a day working on this fantastical unicorn puzzle. Ravensburger creates some of the best-selling puzzles around, so you won’t be disappointed when you finally finish this one up. Not only will you be feeling the weight off your shoulders, but you’ll have a masterpiece you may wanna frame. Seriously!

$13.49 AT AMAZON

Hatch Restore Sound Machine, Smart Light and Personal Sleep Routine

Yes you can use this for basic “white noise,” but it does so much more to help you relax. With multiple settings (app based) you can set the sounds and color to help you get and stay sleepy. Perhaps you’d like 10 minutes of wind chimes during nighttime reading before a meditation walks you to sleep? Or maybe ocean waves for turn-down with a light blue glow to the room? You customize your routine, which can also include a beautiful faux sun-rise to perk you up before the winter sun actually does.

$129.99 AT AMAZON

Rocketbook Panda Planner- Reusable Daily Planner Executive Size

Don’t stress about your schedule— it’s all written in your planner! Think it’s old school? No way, not here. This reusable planner is the last one you’ll ever need to buy. Write on the pages with the included Pilot FriXion pen and erase when the day/month has passed with the microfiber cloth. Take it a step further by scanning your pages and you’ve got your notes in the digital cloud. Almost 2,000 reviewers give this a 4.6 rating— they love the ease of use and the stress-free uploading through the Rocketbook app.

$35.00 AT AMAZON

Wildling Body Gua Sha Aura Collection with Dry Brush

Based on the brand’s best-selling facial gua sha system, the Wildling Aura Collection is the ultimate self-care kit for every woman you know (yourself included). The four-part system includes a dry brush, body serum, body oil and the Aura Stone. Scrub off dry skin and all your stress next shower and you’ll get why this brand’s best seller- the facial gua sha system- has sold out on Credo 10 times. This 4,000 year old traditional Chinese medicine technique still works wonders.


LEGO Art Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

LEGO Art was especially designed for adults to de-stress and relax. We already know it has soothing powers on the kids, so now it’s our turn. The four LEGO Art sets let you re-create images of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Star Wars The Sith and Marvel Studios Iron Man. You can listen in on custom-created soundtracks along with each one. After you complete the set, display it as art work in your house. This is self-soothing at its best, and something you can appreciate or re-create again over time.

$102.00 AT AMAZON

Lanz of Salzburg Classic Flannel Pajama Set

Lanz of Salzburg has been cozying us up with their flannel pajamas for over 50 years and their Tyrolean pattern (seen here) is a classic. These pajamas are so soft that they may become your winter WFH staple (they’ve got pockets!). Sorry to your honey if they were hoping for more skin— this is so not about them, though.


iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Sometimes shower time is the only time we get to relax, so let’s make it a long one. Suction this wireless, bluetooth speaker and listen to anything you want (no Kidz Bop here). This speaker can also be used outside and anywhere else, but let’s make each shower feel like the spa you used to visit back in the day. More than 8,000 reviews attest to the 4.5+ rating of this little gem.

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Nutrition for Longevity Ready Made Meal Delivery Kits

Full days of meals delivered? Now that’s a real gift. Once you sign up for Nutrition for Longevity’s meal plan of choice (vegan or pescatarian), you can relax and know fresh meals will be waiting for you in the fridge. The Ready Made meal program offers three full or partial days of at least 10 servings of fruits and vegetables, 25 grams of fiber, and less than 30% of calories from fat daily. We love the ease, simplicity and amazing taste of these breakfast, lunch and dinner meals (plus snacks) that give us less cooking time and more time to relax.


Tea of the Month Club

No decisions = no stress, right? This monthly tea box shows up right at your door with two unique, hand-crafted tea flavors each month. Receive 20 tea bags of each type, and enjoy day after day of quiet, relaxing tea-drinking before bedtime. (We can’t guarantee the quiet, but at least some great varieties of tea.)


Whish Blue Matcha Restoring Face Mask

Talk about stressed skin…this mask detoxifies, moisturizes and smooths thanks to ingredients like blue matcha, cupuacu seed butter, and cucumber extract. Apply this generously anytime you need a pick me-up and don’t worry about forgetting the time— the blue fades to let you know your skin is ready.

$58.00 AT AMAZON

Safety 1st Stay Clean Air Humidifier

Stress is coming from everywhere these days, including our air. You can breathe free at home with this top notch humidifier from Safety 1st. This compact, cool-mist humidifier requires less cleaning and stays cleaner longer with help from antimicrobial LED technology that kills 99.9% bacteria and prevents mold growth.

$49.99 AT AMAZON

Tommy John Unisex Dri Release Hooded Terry Robe

Tommy John is known for comfort (the best men’s underwear hands down), so this unisex robe is a welcome addition for both of you this season. We love the hood and the pockets (hello!), as well as the tie-front close and glasses loop (you know who you are always losing your glasses). It comes in two colors so there’s no confusion over whose is whose, so mark us down for one of each navy and grey.


vVardis Oral Care Regimen Set

Do not stress about getting to the dentist— you can take care of daily oral care and teeth whitening at home. vVardis’ new oral care set, made in Switzerland, is the first FDA approved whitener that’s good for your teeth. This set comes with a toothbrush (made from Alpine Beech), toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash and whitening gel created to safely fight cavities, whiten teeth and protect from acid erosion.


Bella Programmable 6 Quart Pressure Cooker and Steamer

Home cooked meals has us all stressed out these days— just when you finish one it’s time to start prepping for another! For those of you who haven’t tried a pressure cooker yet, trust us, it’s a stress-reliever. Throw everything in, lock up that lid, and let it cook (quickly). Need some dinner ideas? Tiller & Hatch has pre-made pressure cooker meals freezer ready— meaning there’s literally no work involved in making a great family-sized meal.

$66.46 AT AMAZON

C'est Moi Sugar & Butter Bath Body Set

Who wouldn’t enjoy a Sugar & Butter body scrub and body butter set? Nobody! Teacher, friend, sister, mom, daughter…they’d all love a little luxury from C’est Moi with a gift set that will leave skin feeling smooth and bathrooms smelling delicious.


Savino Wine Saver Preservation System

Don’t worry, your wine from the other night is still fresh! If you’re like most of us who can’t finish a bottle of red or white at one sitting, Savino’s carafe will be your life-saver. Pour your remaining wine into the carafe, lower the float, and add the cover for ultimate preservation. This keeps your vino fresh for up to 7 days. Whether a bottle lasts you a day or a week— we don’t judge— we know you want it fresh.

$28.95 AT AMAZON

Custom Photo Sherpa Blanket by Collage

Add a custom pic to a yummy blanket to relax with every chance you get. This sherpa blanket (also available in fleece or a woven) is super cozy and luxurious (yes, we’ve snuggled with them ourselves). You can create a collage of family memories or of your favorite travel locations— all of which will make you feel happy and relaxed.


Bioeffect Imprinting Hydrogel Face Mask

Made in Iceland, these hydrogel masks provide ultimate hydration for stressed out skin. Put the gel coated mask on and let it soak in while you’re in the bath, reading a book or washing the dishes. Pair it with the EGF super-hydrating serum and moisturizer for serious skin soothing 24/7.


JUDY Emergency Preparedness Kit - The Safe

If 2020 put someone in your life especially on edge, providing them with some *actual* peace of mind might be the best gift you can give them. While you can’t plan for everything, you can prepare for the unexpected, and for that, there’s JUDY Emergency Preparedness Kits. The Safe is expertly curated with emergency gear that’s super simple to use and access (think: first aid kit, meal bars, a hand crank radio, waterproof matches, water pouches, and so much more). The items in the waterproof, easy-to-spot box are designed to sustain a family of four for up to 72 hours in the event of an emergency.

For families at risk of or who fear being evacuated, consider the portable JUDY Mover Max kit, which is packed in a heavy-duty backpack. And since every home should have an emergency kit, consider getting a JUDY for your family, too.

$250 AT JUDY

Don’t let gift-giving stress you out— we’ve got mom approved gift guides for all your family and friends.

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