This Air Fryer Is Only $60, But Looks (And Works) Like It's Expensive AF

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Katie Bingham-Smith/Scary Mommy

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on an air fryer, but *literally* cringe at the sight of the common $100-$300 price tag that hangs on it, then I’ve got some great news: I’ve found a quality air fryer that’s under $75 and is worth every penny. After buying the Magic Bullet Air Fryer myself, I had to share. It’s the perfect addition to my kitchen and has forever changed my life when it comes to quality cooking. It’s a mini fryer, so it’s great for a smaller family or if you just want to make a batch of fries or veggies as a side dish.

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The Magic Bullet Air Fryer keeps things quick and easy (my preferred method). It features a 60-minute timer, goes up to 400°F in temperature, and has a 2.5-qt capacity. But the best part? The detachable fry pot and crisping tray is made of non-stick aluminum, so it’s super easy to clean.

It’s a high-rated Amazon secret with a 4.7 rating! Reviewers love it for many reasons, but I’m particularly obsessed with the sleek design and love the fact that it’s small enough to stay on the countertop without taking up too much space. It can easily fit in a cupboard or pantry if you want to tuck it away, too (amazing, right?). Even my three teenagers can handle it, which means they can fend for themselves for the easy stuff. It makes frozen fries and nuggets taste like you just sped through the drive-thru, and it’s perfect for heating things up like leftover breadsticks, pizza, or bacon.

If you want to get fancy, this air fryer allows that too! My daughter and I have made steak and salmon in it several times — and let’s just say I’m never using a grill again. The knob in front features suggested temperatures and times for specific food, taking all the guesswork out of cooking. Not to mention it cuts down the cooking time, too!

Source: Rob Lee/Amazon

Amazon reviewer Fred said, “This magic bullet air fryer is very easy to use, pretty easy to clean, and it does a better job making things crispy than any other option I have. It makes things like potato buds and fries nice and evenly crispy without needing to flip. Cook time is also faster than any of my other options.”

Happy customer Emily E wrote, “It is super easy to learn to use with only 2 dial controls- time and temperature. As long as the unit is not overfilled then things cook great! I am very pleased with this air fryer. I am only cooking for 2 usually and I have a small kitchen so this is perfect…I have enjoyed this addition to my kitchen and would suggest it for anyone with limited space or only cooking for two.”

“So easy to use,” said reviewer Am. “It is super easy to use, very lightweight, portable, and has been a huge hit at the office. The dials make it very easy to choose exactly what you need to either cook food or simply reheat it. Everything comes out so perfect. It would be nice if it were bigger, but that would take away from its portability. Cleaning is a breeze. Nothing seems to stick to it and all it takes is a little bit of soap on a washcloth and it wipes right off. I highly recommend this air fryer for office use, college dorms, campers, or anywhere that you would like an air fryer but don’t have much space. It works so incredibly well.”

The days of eating soggy leftovers and cooking for hours are over!

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