Yup, People Are Actually Freaking Out About This Memory Foam Bath Mat

bath mat

Normally, a bath mat isn’t something to get super excited about. In fact, it’s usually pretty rare that anyone even thinks about their bath mat, to begin with. But with nearly 27,000 five-star reviews, this memory foam bath mat is clearly something to write home about. So, naturally, some investigating had to be done.

The Genteele Memory Foam Bath Mat comes in a whopping 21 colors and eight different sizes ranging from small (17″ x 24″) to extra large (72″ x 24″). But the stuff on the inside of the mat is what has people raving. The mat is made with “comfortable polyurethane memory foam” that cushions your feet like your favorite gel insoles. It’s covered in a velvet-feel microfiber, which enhances that super-soft cushioning effect. And the non-slip perforated bottom helps cut drying time in half.

Plus, when it’s time to wash your bath mat, simply throw it in the washer with cold water and tumble dry on low (or air dry).

“This is well made feels soft and dries quickly plus we don’t slip getting out of the shower with wet feet,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “I liked this so much I ordered one for under the sink in the bathroom. I like that this is made in the USA and you couldn’t find this quality for these prices. I highly recommend.”

Another person wrote, “I love how my feet just sinks into this mat. It almost feels like its air filled when it goes down, and it pops up again like new.” And another five-star customer wrote that they’ve since bought several, including one for the bedside—”A nice warm, soft start to your day when the floor is cold.”

Sure, bath mats aren’t usually something to get hyped about. But this memory foam option is the exception—and starting at $12.99, you will not be judged if you buy in bulk.