8 Best Tween & Teen Summer Book Series— Drama, Angst, & Intrigue (Rolls Eyes)

by Anna Baboval
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YA Teen Book Series

Just picture middle school… The f*cking worst, right?! Drama, social cliques, academic challenges, all the makings of a great book plot, but actually a living hell. We survived (barely), but as an angsty teen it’s so much more fun to read about other people’s worries and drama rather than live it ourselves. Escapism and social emotional development are two of the most popular reasons kids crack open a good book (even if they don’t know it). Literally turning away from the world and getting lost in another— it’s no wonder that sci-fi and fantasy books are extremely popular with teens (today’s reality isn’t that much crazier, right?). When you introduce an awesome YA or one of the best fantasy book series, our kiddos are set up for a summer of self exploration through reading.

We know the tween and teen years is a huge period of brain development— not to mention personality development. We promise the eye rolling and acting like you are the bane of their existence is just how teens work on separating their identities from those of their awesome mama. (It doesn’t make it any easier!) Getting hooked on a book series that focuses on this stage of development will help our not so little ones navigate this new uncharted territory. Teens gravitate towards books focused on issues they personally are really grappling with, whether or not we’re ready for it. This is where the shift from learning to read to reading to learn truly occurs.

There’s no easy formula for choosing a book series that works for every kid, but we’ve rounded up our favorites for older kids and teens that are sure to be a hit. Even the most reluctant readers will engage with at least one. And when all else fails, hand them the Harry Potter series, who doesn’t love that?!

Best Book Series for Tweens Ages 10-12

Best YA Book Series for Teens Ages 13+

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