Best Bug Zappers & Insect Repellent Products 2020 According To Mom

10 Bug Zappers, Plants & Tools To Keep Mosquitoes Away The All-Natural Way

Bug Zappers All Natural

Nobody wants to be bit up this summer while camping with the family. Same goes for spending movie night outdoors swatting away at pesky winged critters the whole time. But so many insect sprays and mosquito repellents on the market use harsh chemicals (ahem, DEET) to encourage bugs to get gone. What if you could deter bugs from entering your home or yard without the chemicals?

We’re talking bug zappers, UV lamps, and mosquito repellent plants like citronella (AKA Mother Earth’s natural mosquito repellent). After all, when it comes to repelling bugs — mosquitoes, flies, gnats, spiders or whatever else — there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to keep these little sh*ts away. Seriously, if we could buy a forcefield for the patio area or the whole house, we would.

If you’re looking for an all-natural, nontoxic fly repellent or the best mosquito repellent, these no-nonsense products are what’s up. After all, why show a tiny pest mercy, Mom? They’ll just bite you up at night or leave welts on your skin post-gardening. It’s time to treat unwanted buggies with the same savage disregard they show us. Cue 10 ways to keep bugs the f***k away.

INTELABE Bug Zapper, Mosquito Killer USB Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter

OK, so this electric fly swatter may not actively repel bugs but trust us, it certainly shows them who’s boss. It only takes one little witness to see what happens when you turn this thing on and zap their friend. They’ll go running (flying) back to their other buggie friends and tell them never to cross the threshold again! Anyways, this highly efficient bug zapper features a 4,000 volt grid that eviscerates bugs in a literal flash. With this zapping fly swatter-on-steroids, there is absolutely no need for dangerous chemicals or insecticides. So long as you can keep up with the winged intruder and swat at it, the swatter’s three layers of mesh offer double the insurance for you and its effectiveness. (It keeps your hand safe and away from the high voltage grid!) Once you’ve got the little f***er in your grasp, press the power button to fire away. It also features an LED light and LED flashlight, which can be removed and used as an emergency flashlight if need be.


Clovers Garden 2 Large Citronella Mosquito Repellent Plants

If you’re a mom moonlighting as an enthusiastic plant lady, then this all-natural bug-away is for sure going to be your favorite on this list. Believe it or not, simply planting the “right” plants around any outdoor area where you frequent is the key to staving off mosquitoes. (And therefore ensuring that you and your little ones don’t get bit up at night!) Citronella is the essential oil base you find in most anti-mosquito candles and non-toxic sprays, and there’s good reason for that. Why not go straight to the f***ing source and plant a bunch of these babies? Their scent is stinky to mosquitoes, therefore working as a natural mosquito repellent surrounding your yard, patio, pool area, front porch, or even driveway. The more citronella, the merrier! These plants give off their extra lemony scent as far as 10 square feet away, so any nearby radius should be kept clear of bloodsuckers!


LiBa Bug Zapper Electric Indoor Mosquito, Bug, Fly Killer (2 Pack)

When it comes to mosquitoes, don’t take any f***ing chances. And with the LiBa Electric Indoor Bug Zapper, there is absolutely no chance in hell any bugs are making it out alive. Equipped with a 2800 volt grid and emitting a 365 nm wavelength – which has been scientifically proven to attract insects – flies, mosquitoes, and other flying insects have to go into the light. You know, kind of like that scene in Finding Nemo when Marlin and Dory swim toward the pretty light that actually ends up being a killer fish. This is exactly like that, only with bugs! Because the LiBa is outfitted with wavelengths and volts, it’s a natural, chemical-freeversion of pest control that keeps humans safe. Safe for any indoor setting (but no, not for outside), the LiBa electric zapper eliminates your bug problem and also eliminates the need to ever buy another citronella candle again in your life. You go for the gold and bring the LiBa home, we’re confident that you’ll never need to purchase another insect repellent product for indoors.


Zevo Electric Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit

If you’re the type to kick back and relax and want all the work done for you, you’re going to absolutely love the Zevo. This insect control product is the lazy man’s insect repellent. You don’t have to spray, specifically target insects, or really do much of anything. Once you get it, just plug it in and it works pretty passively, thanks to its BioSelective Techology that targets the nerve receptors in bugs – and bugs only. Zevo never uses harsh toxic chemicals; in fact, its active ingredients include essential oils like Geraniol and Lemongrass, and these oils also work in tandem with a combination of blue and UV light to attract bugs. Once stuck inside the Zevo plug-in, buggies will remain trapped forever. Well, at least until you empty out the cartridge, and honestly, the Zevo’s clean-up is another one of its most tantalizing features (aside from the way it passively traps bugs). Inside, the bugs become tacked on a sticky (non-toxic) cartridge, but you never have to worry about your hands getting sticky. The cartridge simply pops out right into the trash and you can replace it with a new one every 14-30 days. There’s no odor, no insecticides, and no freaking mess! Plug it in your kitchen, living room, garage – or wherever else you see bugs flying around on the regular so you can be #WaySmarterThanBugs.


Murphy's Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense Cones

What if we told you that the incense-burning kick of your teenage years was not all for naught? In fact, you were totally onto something! Bring back the incense in 2020, only this time, pause the Norah Jones music and make sure it’s Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent Incense. The incense cones are highly concentrated with powerful essential oils: rosemary, peppermint, citronella, lemongrass, cedarwood, and bamboo – AKA all the scents a mosquito desperately hates. But while the skeeters might loathe the scent, it’s not nearly as offensive to us. This unique, mosquito-fighting essential oil blend is actually quite light and refreshing smelling, thanks to all the lemony undertones. Each Murphy’s Naturals tube comes with 36 repellent cones and one ceramic dish in which you can burn the cones safely. Plop the dish (and the repellent cone) on your outdoor table when eating dinner on the patio, near the pool, or even bring it with you camping to let mosquitoes know that around you, it’s a no-squito zone!


GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb 2 in 1 Fly Killer Lamp

This anti-mosquito, anti-moth, and anti-fly LED blue-violet light bulb by GLOUE takes no prisoners. And the best part? It’s as simple as screwing in a lightbulb. Listen, if you’re going to be roasting s’mores over the fire pit or eating dinner outside as the sunsets, you probably have an outdoor light set up anyway. You might as well outfit that thing in a light bulb that’s going to do all the anti-bug work for you. Using advanced LED technology, this seemingly normal lightbulb is anything but – as instead of just radiating light, it also emits 365-420 nm wavelength that features a fatal attraction for bugs. It kills mosquitoes and other insects that work on that wavelength, too, by drawing them in and zapping ‘em up. It’s chemical-free, made of eco-friendly materials, and doesn’t cause a mess. (Think: no stick, no messy poisons, or sprays.) It attracts them with light, then zaps them with high voltage. To clean, just use a brush or dry towel to wipe her down!


Pic Mosquito Repellent Coils (16 Coils)

OK, now we’re just getting straight-up creative AF. The Pic Mosquito Repellent Coils may look like something out of the garden in The Shining, but that’s exactly what we want, right? At least, for the mosquitoes, not for us! Similar to how a citronella candle or anti-mosquito incense works, a coil burns for up to five to seven hours, repelling mosquitoes as it does. Now, we don’t recommend setting fire to a box of 10 coils all over your yard, but if you are working with a confined space that is particularly buggy – say a camping tent, docked boat, or gazebo – setting fire to the rain – er, coil – is certainly not a bad idea. Mosquito coils are full of insecticides and aromatic natural substances – like non-toxic essential oils – that will kill or dissuade mosquitoes from biting. However, you’re still lighting this thing on fire, so don’t forget that. While it will work wonders to keep mosquitoes out of your way, you’ll be inhaling the mosquito coil smoke. If you have asthma or other sensitivities, you may want to stick to a smokeless option.


Black + Decker Electric UV Bug Zapper & Attractant

Protecting your house from mosquitoes and other flying pests is important, but if they can’t even get in your yard, then there’s no worry about them getting in your house! The Black + Decker Bug Zapper does just that. This high-voltage outdoor bug zapper hangs innocently from its included ring and chain or can be mounted to a wall. Depending on where you see the most bugs, the Black + Decker UV Bug Zapper can go in an enclosed patio, garage, deck, or near the garbage. It’s even safe to use around kids and pets! Chic in design, the Black + Decker Bug Zapper looks more like your standard cosmetic matte white light fixture than a heartless (mosquito) serial killer. But, oh, honey, don’t be fooled! This zapper uses a non-toxic UV light to lure in bugs, then zaps them immediately. It works day and night and emits a kind of comforting blue glow so you’re not left entirely in the dark while sittig outside.


Liquid Pet's 2X Strength Citronella Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks

Turn your home into a military-grade, anti-mosquito fort with Liquid Pet’s 2X Strength Citronella Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks. Similar to incense cones, these sticks burn eliciting a scent repugnant to mosquitoes (but pleasant to us)! A few incense sticks can be placed around the yard for the most effective results. After all, one box comes with 20 nature’s defense incense sticks that work best when placed around a perimeter. Line up your patio or deck in an anti-mosquito moat of sorts and your late-night dinner or backyard movie night won’t be interrupted with the sound of, “Ugh, I’m getting bit up!”

One Amazon shopper said, “I read some reviews about these sticks protecting a backyard from mosquitoes without having to use any sprays/ aerosols – which is exactly what I was looking for. The mosquitoes are really bad this year in southern CA but these sticks did a fantastic job of keeping the bugs away.”


Thermacell MR300 Portable Mosquito Repeller With Fuel Cartridge

If you are really not f***ing around when it comes to repelling mosquitoes, then you may want to invest in this portable, handheld mosquito repeller from Thermacell that crates a 15 foot barrier between you and the bugs. The Thermacell MR300 is DEET-free, scent-free, and works without the mess of any sprays, smells, candles, or fire. There’s also no chemical-to-skin contact you have to worry about, so it’s safe to use around pets and children. The Portable Mosquito Repeller uses fuel and a heat-activated repellent mat to form an invisible protection zone. And that’s not all – that invisible protection zone lasts a while. Up to 12 hours per refill, making it perfect for fishermen, hunters, campers, hikers, or anyone who plans on spending most of their day outdoors. The Thermacell MR300 isn’t something you have to constantly hold or wield in order for it to work. After loading up the fuel cartridge and mat, just press the power button, set it where you need it, and wait 15 minutes for the shield to be put in place. Then, you’ll be working, living, camping, fishing, hiking, or just sitting in mosquito-free peace!


Now that bugs will never go near you again (we hope), check out more must-haves in home & kitchen!

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