Get Excited For Sweata Weatha And These Upcoming Fall Books!

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Scary Mommy and Amazon

Get a hot cup of tea ready, because we’re dropping our 10 most anticipated novels for Fall 2021

Is that the very slightest cool breeze that just blew through the yard? Did a single yellow leaf just go skittering past you on the sidewalk? Are those Halloween decorations you just saw in the seasonal aisle? Holy crap, fall is coming.

Yes, we love reading on the beach and by the pool. Yes, we read a big old pile of light, fluffy, fun, happy books over the summer. But now it’s time for our real favorite time of year to have our nose in a novel: fall.

What do we look for in a great new fall release? After a summer of easy reads and happy endings, we want some meaty, substantial stories—and maybe a few things that lean a little darker. We want the perfect book to hide under a blanket with, to read next to a fire, or to enjoy with a hot drink.

Here are our favorite book picks for fall—the ones everyone will be talking about.

Our fall favorites book list


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